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Bug Eyed Sprite

31 May

Every heard of a Bug Eyed Sprite?


Well, let me explain with a picture:

Austin Healy, a British car company,  created possibly one of the awesomest cars ever: The Bug Eyed Sprite!

And this is just the beginning….

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30 May

Please take a moment to view the following video:

😥 That was beautiful.

Yes, this seems very very very obscure. BUT IT AIN’T!!!

I mean, is that not the best timing EVER?

Let’s end with some ‘Wars.

Oh geez…watched a bit of a Star Wars movie from 1999 today. (IMDB tells me it was “The Phantom Menace”) AWFUL. IT WAS SOOO STUPID!! Sorry Joey and my other Star Wars lover friends, but…it was awful. My mom and I both agreed that because they overused CGI and green screens, and it wasn’t even good CGI and Green Screens (But what are you supposed it expect? It was 1999.), that it had a cartoony feel. STUPID!

Algebra Pirates and Spats

30 May


I’ll start off with shoes.

Me and my dad are on our way to the store to grab some stuff. We see an interesting yard sale…And we attended!

We poked around a bit and my dad laid eyes on these babies…


Are those not the most GENIUS SHOES EVER?! 😀

I love them as much as my dad did. Those shoes are like $200+ dollars and my dad got them for like a buck. SHWEETNESS!!

I posted this picture on the Redwall Wiki, but it’ll probably remain on there for a week or two and then it will be deleted because pirates in Redwall don’t take Algebra. 🙄

Yes.  I am wearing a NEON ORANGE tank top. And that is the back of my head in the mirror.

Like the new background? No more green lamp and a piano. Now there’s a mirror and a napkin holder. 😀 WOO!

God bless!!

–Agent M

Oh Geez…

30 May

I come to show you what about two and a half-to-three hours hard work and some Coldplay music can make.

This is for a girl on the Wiki who is cool and draws stuff and is cool. I drew her a picture so very long ago…I think it was the 3rd one I drew.

Such a small image has such a hard time drawing. Lots of overlapping stuff and the legs were a pain (Even though you end up seeing about 2 inches of them :|)

And that is just the beginning.

You might be going,

Wow! That looks absolutely nothing like what LPG\Agent M draws, ever!!

Well…You’d be riiight….

Got up this morning and drew this while listening to an orchestra remix of Coldplay’s “Trouble” (Wow…That’s ironic :P) AND IT WAS TROUBLE!

Back on Wiki World Central, the girlie who asked this of me is one of my fairly active repeat customers. I like her character: she’s nice, has a cool outfit and a pretty stinkin’ wicked sword.


If you were to scroll through my life’s work on the Wiki, you’d find that about, oh, 98.9% of the stuff I’ve drawn on there has human anatomy. I’m not going any further than that. FIGURE IT OUT.

I am comfortable drawing animals with human-like anatomy. That’s how I draw Nicholas and Roxanne, and for you Redwall Wiki-ers, that’s how I draw Kailee, Rodney, and basically every other character I’ve drawn.

Tara likes the more animalistic (Made that word up 😉 ) approach to anatomy. So…I have to go out of my happy corner…I don’t like leaving the happy corner….Eh…Eh…Eh..Eh……

So, that mess up there was created.

And because I am so used human anatomy, it was rather hard for me to make her look obviously like a girl (Like the flower in her hair? 😆 LAME!)

And, because it’s Redwall, I can’t just stick her in a bathing suit or a pencil skirt or a blousy top or something. I have to put her in a tunic. The tunic design for this girl is GREAT, but I have a beef with tunics.


I mean, it’s hard to tell who’s a boy or a girl if your animals are animally and they’re wearing tunics. It’s almost as hard as trying to figure out who’s a boy or a girl on Naruto! (I don’t watch/read it, for the record, but my friend showed me about eight or nine AMVs with the characters all chibi-ish, and she was having to tell me that all the Atataski or whatever the heck they are called are all guys…even though some have really girly hair…)

Tunics are BORING. Sorry, but they are.

When everybody else was dressed up in tunics for a Renaissance Day at school, I dressed up in a poofy pink dress and wore one of those big, pointy princess hats.

That has to tell you something about me…I was also carrying a frog, but the IDIOTS at my school thought I was Cinderella. Let me reinact.

Boy: “Hey! Hey! Cinderella! Hey, Cinderella! Cinderella! Hey, hey! Cinderella!”

Agent M: (Thought) “Cinderella bout to smack you!”

No. I didn’t actually say that. I value my permanent record enough to keep my mouth shut.

Wow…I’m really far off topic… 😳

So, to recap:

  1. Squirrels sitting sorrowfully suspicious are hard to draw
  2. I like drawing human anatomy
  3. I am awkward drawing animal anatomy
  4. I like Tara’s outfit
  5. Tunics are weird
  6. People at my school are so ill-informed that they can’t even tell the difference between Cinderella and The Princess and the Frog (NOT THE LOUISIANA DISNEY VERSION!! THE STORY BOOK VERSION!!

The End.


29 May

I got a new bike yesterday! I haven’t had a bike in AGES!! It’s a Schwinn Legacy. It’s red.

That’s the picture of it on Amazon. And I put a bell on it and I got a BRIGHT red helmet! It’s AWESOME!! I love it. My dad and I have been riding around and since it’s a Cruiser, it goes really fast and just feels like your constantly gliding. I got it at Target and it was like $120, which is bad for a bike. GREAT BIKE!!

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

28 May

I am betting Kelsey is laughing right now. But this is for a completely different reason, Kelsey. Not Picard. 😛 Or David Tennant.

Sooo…I have had TWO ROMANTIC PICTURE COMMISSIONS. Let me explain.

I AM NOT A ROMANTIC. I am not as romantic as some, not as violent as some, so I’m sort of in the middle. But definitely favoring the explosions and time warps and revolvers.

So, when people ask for romaaantic stuff, I sort of go, “Okay…I guess I can do that…” and accept and either speed through it or forget about it. I sped through it. Here they are!!

Awww. It’s Martin and Rose.

Originally I was going to do something like Rose kissing Martin on the cheek, but I was having such a darn hard time, I scrapped it and did this. Yeah. Love. Woo. Enjoy.


The request-ee of this wanted kissing, but I asked to do an Eskimo kiss. An Eskimo kiss is when you rub noses, so I did this. And yes, I know the heart WITH ROSES is SOOOO cliché. 🙂 Heh.

So, finished a few commissions. But I got two more commissions…so the number hasn’t decreased. 😛 Of course, I requested to do the commissions… xD

My Things to Do Today

28 May

I am going to try to get a lot done on my first day of Summer Vaca. Here’s my Friday To-Do List:

  1. Sketch out as many commissions as humanly possible
  2. Paint a commission or two (Probably the easier ones :P)
  3. Go to Target and get a new PS2 controller.
  4. Make mom set up PS2.
  5. Play ”Grun Turismo 4” with my dad and race him around the Nürburgring. The Nürburgring is a racetrack in Germany. I think it’s on Top Gear a lot, so we want to race around it. I’m probably going to get that little Atom car and race my dad who’ll probably be driving a Lotus or a Aston Martin or maybe a Beamer or  a Mercedes Benz. I’ll probably end up crashing like Richard Hammod did in 2007. Go look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about.
  6. Watch Doctor Who! It’s the 2nd part of a Two-Parter. Not my fave episode(s), but good. It’s about them being on “The Impossible Planet”, which is a planet that is orbiting a black hole. Fun!

I have a question for all you gamers out there, too. Can you watch DVD movies on a PS2? I don’t know if I can have my mom set up the DVD player and the PS2 today, so if PS2s can view movies, that’d be nice.

There’s a Tiny Little Crackle on the Telephone Line!

27 May

I found a new, genius, Coldplay song.

The Goldrush.

A happy Coldplay song. Very up beat and sort of random, but very awesome. Off the “Life in Technocolor EP”. possibly the awesomest song they’ve made. I’m singing along currently. 🙂

I’ve been SMLAARGG-in’ so long I ain’t never seen sun!

(“The Goldrush” by Coldplay)

–Agent M


27 May

Today was a dreary, cold day with some showers. Brr.



So, I will be powering through my commissions as soon as I ingest some lunch. I’m very hungry. FEED ME!!!



26 May

Dunn dunn….Dunn dunn….Dunndunndunndunndunndunndunnndunndunn *SCREAM*!!!

Back at the Redwall Wikia, where I have been known to sometimes inhabit, I have been faced with a problem of WAAAAYTOOMANYCOMMISSION-itis. I am a repeat victim of this horrible disease that runs itself in an almost-never-ending loop. Let me explain.

  1. Victim gets bored and wants to do some commissions.
  2. Victim over-advertises commission status as “OPEN”.
  3. Multiple people ask for commissions simultaneously. This is caused by the Supply and Demand scheme that plagues the victim; commissions open for a short time and then are closed. Many rush to the scene to get their drawing.
  4. Victim takes accepts too many commissions, some which he/she is not capable of fulfilling.
  5. Victim suddenly realizes he/she hates being stressed and thus, becomes stressed.
  6. Victim slowly goes through commissions, sketching, scanning, showing, coloring, and posting. This stage can take anywhere from a few days to several months.
  7. Victim finally completes all commissions and is overjoyed by the prospect of freedom.
  8. Victim gets bored. This follows very shortly after Stage 7.

And it repeats from there. SEE?!? SEE HOW I AM PLAGUED?!

Yes, so my stress level has reached such heights that my brain is sending out strong EM pulses that are interfering with radio signals and causing small earthquakes in Sacramento, Beijing, Reno, Tokyo, Moscow, and Kuwait. Freaky. I mean, radiation is spilling out of the Stress Module in my skull and causing minor earthquakes. Sheez.

But, happily, I have finished three of my…12? Yeah, 12, I think, commissions. But if you were to count the finished ones, that’s 15 commissions. :O

Yes. Now, my brain and spinal column will explode. Why? Brain because of stress. Spine because of uncomfortable chair. End of story.