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Monday Monday

28 Feb

So good to me!


Okay. Sort of.


Firstly: I just wanted to say there’s a new header. You probably already knew that. But oh well.


Today was pretty good. I wanted to be a bit more optimistic today (I was in a bit of a rut recently. And for me that means not being smiley and overall happy. So not really a rut.) and it worked out pretty well! I have a pretty busy week or so coming up, but it’s alright.


Unfortunately, I was partially thwarted in my Monday Happiness. So, I have 1st period P.E., and they’re repainting the numbers, (We sit on numbers in class and they are SUPER faded) so we played kick-ball today. I LOVE kickball. I played it all the time in elementary. Now, granted, I’m not very good at it. And I was really cold. It was forty degrees and I was in shorts and a t-shirt (Our gym uniform) and I really regretted not wearing sweatpants. But it was alright; I made a triple! Towards the end of the period I had a little bit of a headache, though. Not to worry; I get them occasionally after a run or when it’s been really windy and/or cold.


So I go to Geometry (My next class) and the headache doesn’t go away.


Each class is an hour.


An hour of math with a really bad headache is pure torture. But never fear; I did end up getting over it, (Thanks to my mom and some Ibuprofen) so Science was alright.


But other than that, a pretty good day.


I’m trying to stop myself from complaining so much. I feel like I’ve been complaining a lot recently. And that ticks me off. I hate listening to someone gripe about every single stupid thing in their life, (most of the time; there are exceptions) and I realized I’m probably getting a bit annoying as well. So, happy happy joy joy for me! 😀


I should really go and write my second paragraph for my research paper. I’m doing it on contrasting women’s fashion of the 1700s to that of today’s. Not too hard, but that kind of writing is a bit tiring and I’m a procrastinator. I’ll do it in a minute.


Speaking of writing…


I have a writing test tomorrow! Woo!! Persuasive essay….Not too hard. Writing is fun and I’d rather do persuasive than literary analysis or synopsis. Don’t know what the topic is though…Hmm…It’ll just be a surprise, I guess.


Also in writing, I have a blog up for the comic I’m writing now. I’ll post a link in the blogroll. Check out “Star Trek: Nova Official Website” because that’s what it is. And after that look up “The 90s Girl” on the blogroll. Because that’s my friend’s blog. She’s awesome. She’s the one who’s illustrating my comic, actually. (If you’re from the Redwall Wiki it’s Merlock’s blog, by the way.)


Well…Off to procrastinate some more! And then write. I promise I will. It’s on my To-Do list…So it will be done.


God bless,


~Agent M



26 Feb

So, it sleeted for about five or ten minutes today in my hometown. And it barely ever RAINS here. So everybody was excited. I got some pictures:




There was a TON of ice on the car


A bit of the TONS of sleet that was on my front lawn

Busy Busy Busy Bee

24 Feb

SOMEONE’s been busy.


And it wasn’t you.



Are cousin Stephen.


It was me.




Yeah, I’ve been kind of busy. Ironically, on probably the most homework-devoid week of my life since Kindergarten. But, busy all the same.


I have two current projects in school right now, a geometry project and an english project. In geometry, we have to build a candy box-thing made out of two of the following: a prism, a pyramid, or a cylinder. It’s due the 11th of March, but it had been assigned for a long time, but I put it off because I had other projects that were closer in due-date. And then I finished all those…And procrastinated. 😐


But luckily, I revived my project-working mindset (briefly) and worked out some potential designs for it. I figured out what I’m doing, and I’ll probably try and draw out the stuff I need to cut out. Did I mention I was going to build a prism and a pyramid? No? Didn’t think so. But yes. I have a cardboard box in my closet (Don’t ask why…I don’t properly remember myself) and am going to disassemble it and cut it and work some magic with some construction paper, rubber cement, and duct tape. Just call me Ms. McGuiver.


The English project is a research paper. I’m not too psyched about it, honestly. I like English and all, but…yeah. It’s not that I don’t like writing (Why the heck would I get a blog if I hated writing!?) but it’s that I don’t like writing reports. I’d rather come in wearing a corset and a six-foot-wide dress to my sixth-period English class and explain to them with a mixture of visuals and witty comments why women’s fashion on the 1700s is nothing like women’s fashion of today. Not via a dry, wordy, long report. I tend to write reports rather dry and wordy.


So, I’ve been putting off the impending doom- I mean projects- by working on yet ANOTHER blog for a comic I’m writing. It’s not quite finished and since I really don’t think anybody wants to read 20 pages of “Coming Soon!”, I’ll post the link once it’s done. So look out for that.


Recently, it’s been a bit chilly in the bit of California I call home. Well, chilly for me anyway. People are like, “Oh, it was warm today. It got up to -17 degrees. Celsius. I got out my bikini and went polar bearing. It was so relaxing.” And then I’m all, “IT WAS SO DANG COLD TODAY. THE HIGH WAS 40. OH MY GOSH. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO TURN INTO A POPSICLE.”


But I guess I’m not even the epitome of hyperbole. Because last night I looked on the dashboard of my computer (It’s a Mac thing) and the Weather app said it was going to snow on Saturday.




When the lowest recorded low on that day was 36. And that’s from the 1980s. The average high on February 26 is 70. Yeah.


I got excited, of course.


But I just checked the app now. It says it’s supposed to rain tomorrow (there’s a 80% chance at noon) and then thunderstorm Saturday. says it’ll just rain, and it’ll stop at 3pm. But I hope it thunders. If I can’t get snow, I would like to get a thunderstorm. They’re fairly rare, and are completely harmless out here. So, to quote Elmer Fudd, “Funda! Wighning! Smog!”


I do hope it doesn’t rain at lunch tomorrow, though. We’re going on a field trip. And we NEVER go on field trips. And we’re supposed to eat outside if it doesn’t rain. And I want to eat. Well, we probably will eat even if it rains. I dunno. I just want to eat lunch.


Well…That’s about the end of my critically acclaimed, super-interesting life.


God bless and have a good Thursday,


~Agent M


15 Feb

I’m sick.


I missed school today and finished reading “Prince Caspian”. I’ve been on a bit of a Narnia-kick recently. And, right now, I’m watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, ‘cos we got Netflix for the Wii recently. LOVING it! I’ve watched Monty Python and Black Adder and 2001: A Space Odyssey (That movie is so weird) and Doctor Who and even Princess and the Frog last night. That’s a good movie!


I had a good restful day today, though, and am most likely going back to school tomorrow (I half-like, half-dislike staying home from school. Gives me time to catch up on my reading and feel better, but it also leaves me with a bunch of homework) since I’m feeling alright. Well, I had a fever today, but it’ll probably be gone tomorrow. All I’d end up doing tomorrow is read Voyage of the Dawn Treader and play Solitaire on my iPod. 😛


I learned something rather depressing the other day; I think I’m allergic to chocolate. 😦 It makes my throat hurt, and since throat-allergy-stuff is really bad, my mom says I should lay off it. I don’t want it to kill me! :O


Well, that’s about it. Off to go watch some more of “The Killer Shrews”!


~Agent M

RIP Brian Jacques

7 Feb

A crop of Image:Brian Jacques.jpg, Brian Jacques

Image via Wikipedia

Brian Jacques, author of the hugely popular series, “Redwall“, died on Saturday, and word has just reached the online community.




Mr. Jacques is one of the best writers I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. He’s been a lot of an influence on how I write today. His books are great, and I hope they become classics as they should deserve.


If you haven’t ever read them, you really, really should.



Finally DONE

5 Feb

Woo, sorry about not posting for a while. I’ve had a lot of projects and haven’t had the time to write a blog post. But, now that it’s Saturday, I can! Yay!


So, on Thursday of this week, we had at our school, a thing called History Day. Everyday grade has a day after school to come and bring a history project and present them, and you can win medals. I decided to go with my project, “Fashion of the 1700s”. 11 people showed up. In my entire grade level. Yeah.


So, I eventually got to present my little thing, telling the teacher who was ‘interviewing’ me about how fashion of the 1700s changed a lot. By the time I finished with that, they called all the teachers together and then announced the winners. I got second place! 😀 A couple of nice boys from my class got first (they weren’t working together; they tied). The next day, I got up and told my class about it. I don’t think they were quite as interested, but no matter. 😉


I’m going to a party thing tonight! Wee!


Well…That’s about it I guess.


Have a nice day,


Agent M