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Art Class and Kaelin

30 Mar

So, my buddy Kaelin and I were sitting in art class. I had my sketchbook and we had some free time, so we doodled. It’s pretty funny. 🙂 We talked about what ferrets looked like, and then had an argument about who’s squirrel was more realistic.

The ferret above "KAELIN'S FERRET" is Kaelin, and the squirrel at the bottom left is her's, too. The rest is mine. I wrote all the Rick-Roll-age around her ferret. It's name is Egburt.

Ferretsferretsferretsferretsferrets. Fun!!

And then, we had an art showdown. I drew a line on my sketch book and gave us each a side. I told her to draw whatever she wanted to, but our cartoons were waging war against each other or being funny or something. But my really stupid scanner is being an IDIOT!!! 😡 It won’t upload it. I’ll try again later. 😦

I always feel like, SMLAARRRGGGG is watchin’ me….

(“Somebody’s Watchin’ Me”…Rockwell, I think.)

–Agent M


Happy Post Time!

28 Mar

Okay, I decided to have some fun.


1) Commenting Fun

I was looking at my map (Click the little walking-guy in the box up in the sidebar; you can click on a tab that says “Map” and see where people who look at the blog live.) and I saw that apparently I get a good deal of traffic from people in the North-Eastern area of the USA and in the UK.

So here’s what you do. YOU COMMENT ON THIS POST! Here’s what you do:

Name: Your Nickname or Handle. If you want to put your real name fine.

Email: Put your email; the only purpose it serves is so WordPress can tell you, if you opt to, if your comment has been responded to, and I can look at your email while approving it and stuff. If you do not want to put your real email or you don’t have one, make one up.

Website: You don’t have to put this but if you have a blog, link it!

Comment: In here, post why/how you got to my site. And tell me if you liked it at all and if you have any other comments/suggestions. If you want to say, “I like in NY” or “I like in the UK”, go ahead. But you don’t have to if you are not allowed to say where you live.

(NOTE: If you have a WordPress account like me, just log in and put your comment.)

I look forward to reading your comments!

2) Request-y Fun

Okay, so do you know what a request is? I’m not talking commissions, I’m talking something a little easier on me.

Requests are sort of like suggestions for an artist from the general public. Like, say, if you would like to see a picture of the new Doctor from Doctor Who, or Vilaya from The Sable Quean (GREAT BOOK!!), then you could comment, “Hey, Agent M, you know, I think I would like to see a picture of Matt Smith as a chibi, like how you did David Tennant,” or, “Agent M, could you draw a picture of the Sable Quean? I’d really like to see that.”

But here’s the fun part…


Meaning, you have to persuade me to draw something. So, fill out those comment boxes like so:

Name: Whatever your screen name or username or whatever you want to put.

Email: Put in your real one, make one up, or use your parents (If that’s okay with them. I promise there is no spamming from WordPress. It’s only used to contact you about new comments and new posts, but ONLY if you want them to. Also, this will not be published publicly, if that helps at all.)

Website: Optional.

This is how your comment should look so far:

Yes, that’s one of my emails. Don’t ask how I made it up…

Now, we move onto the comment box!

First, put down who you want me to draw. Be sure to check out the rules (Scroll down)!

Second, put down what style: Retro, Chibi, or Manga. I have all three represented lower down in this post (Scroll Down to see them).

Next, put the reason why I should draw them. Make them good reasons, please, not just, “He’s cool” or whatever. PERSUASIVE ESSAY CONTEST, basically, except its not an essay and its actually fun. 😛

And then push “Say It!” and your done.


  1. Only clean artwork. No nakedness or anything that would have a rating of PG-13+ (Meaning don’t ask me to draw it if you wouldn’t want to show your little brother/sister it.)
  2. Please keep it either Fan Art related or any of MY original characters (Like Agent M). I MIGHT draw one of your characters, but you have to really convince me to do it.
  3. I will do humans and anthros, BUT, I will only do humans as chibis or in my Retro-style (Retro style is how I draw Agent M). I’ll do anthros in those two or manga-y.

Three rules. That’s all! 🙂

Winners Will Get…

If you can persuade me to do your drawing, you will receive ONE of the three prizes:

Grand Prize: A fully photoshopped drawing, full shading, and a background.

Second Place: A photoshopped drawing with flat colors (no shading) and a gradient background.

Third Place: An inked sketch colored in colored pencil.

So get commenting! You could win a picture! 🙂

(NOTE: If you give me your real email, I will email your the JPEG image of the drawing when I’m done.)

Request Deadline: April 14th! The winners will be announced on April 15th at 4:30pm, Pacific Time.

The finished pictures will be released on May 1st!


Internet Rant

24 Mar

I need to rant. Sorry.

People who cuss on the internet really bug me. I don’t cuss on here, and they shouldn’t either. I just want to go on look at your art or your blog or whatever and I really don’t like being bombarded with cussing and inappropriate things. People ask me to join deviantART, and the reason I don’t is because you get a bunch of moody people who just cuss to their heart’s content on there. Or maybe they draw icky things with animals, which I think is rather sick-minded. When I have to go through a bunch of cussing or icky stuff, it makes me really not want to read your blog or your whatever your write on. It bugs me a lot to read people cussing; I hear enough of it already in the real world as I go about my day and I really don’t need my mind further corrupted by your lack of anger management. Get a life. 😐

I really hate it especially when people who draw or write really good stuff do that, because it makes me not want to look at or read your art. It ruins the whole thing for me.  Your stupid cussing is really bugging me. And if you notice, I don’t use dirty language on here. I want ten year old kids to be able to come on here as well as kids in tenth grade and read my stuff and look at my drawings without my blog being blocked by their safety firewall.


I use this blog to post my art so I can post whatever art I want to and so I don’t have to risk seeing idiots who apparently know only how to type bad words. It isn’t necessary and it really takes away from how much I enjoy the art and how high of  a standard I have for you.

Cussing bugs me enough in real life, and the pointless and idiotic use of it on the internet is very agrivating for me. And because of my strong Christian beliefs, I don’t do it and I don’t want to read it. After a while of having to read you saying the big one over and over and over and over again…I stop liking the art and the person. I might give you a second chance or two, but then I stop. I’ve had it up to my neck with internet cussing, so I think I am going to stop viewing people’s stuff with cussing on it. End of story. Boom. 😯

So knock it off Internet Cussers. 😡

I’m sure I’m not the only kid out there who hates Internet Cussers, and by hate I mean hate the fact that you cuss, because of melodramatic-ness and your stupid urge to cuss on the internet.

Anybody out there agree? 😕


21 Mar

Trying to come up with a new character because I have an evil plan. An evil plan which will be unveiled later. Wanna help? Okay. Criteria:

  • Has to be an anthro-type animal
  • Has to be a girl
  • Has to be a mammal. I don’t do fishes and stuff. Sorry.
  • They’re a good guy

I (personally) am leaning towards a mouse or a cat or something, but I’m open to suggestions. 🙂

I’m having a rather hard time with both aspects of this; the design part and the actual drawing part. So I may go and sit and watch TV and try to draw. :S


15 Mar

Well I need to upload some stuff. I have been at the old drawing board for a month or so and have quite a good stack of stuff to show for it. Here we goes…

Nick takes Roxanne back to the 1700s. She doesn't do dresses. She just...doesn't. She is not happy with having to wear a big flouncy pink dress, saying, "I hate this thing!" (hence the title) Nicholas is trying to tell her she looks fine and stuff..but Roxanne ignores him. 😛

Hold on. The scanner was being an idiot and I have to rescan stuff…stupid scanner…

All better.

In an odd turn of events, Nicholas is turned into a six year old kid. Chaos insues.

Look up the Twilight Zone (I said TZ for short) episode "Nick of Time". You'll see William Shatner (<3) and this lady. I stole the dress and put it on Roxanne. 😛

Eh. It's an okay picture. Their expressions are stupid though. 1960's theme, kudos to Agent S, sent via text. 😀

Picture I did for Merl0ck (Look at the Blogroll on the side). It's her character. Drawing is © Me, Shadik is © Merl0ck.

Last but certainly not least (It's my fave of the bunch!) is a picture I have spent a month or more on. It's a chibi version of the tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant (<3) on the BBC show Doctor Who. Drawing is © Me, Doctor Who is © BBC, and that awesome background is © whoever made it. I got it off Google, so...yeah.

Well, that’s all, folks! I’m sitting at my computer chair occasionally coughing, listening to Oasis, and probably going to go off and get a sandwich and read “The Sable Quean” or draw.

By the bye, if you need me to explain the Roxanne and Nicholas (Or I sometimes say Nick), comment and I’ll explain it in full. 🙂


(Thriller – Micheal Jackson)

–Agent M

One of the best quotes ever

8 Mar

The Doctor: Any number that reduces to one when you take the sum of the square of its digits and continue iterating it until it yields 1 is a happy number, any number that doesn’t, isn’t. A happy prime is both happy and prime. Now *type it in*!
The Doctor: I dunno, talk about dumbing down. Don’t they teach recreational mathematics anymore?

“42” – Doctor Who, Series 3

What other shows do you know of that talk about aliens, math, and guys with really awesome hair? And that’s why I like Doctor Who. Ahh, David Tennant, how we will miss you so. 😦


–Agent M


3 Mar

I have a short story.

So, I have a KOL account I made when I was like, five or six, and I use it for personal email purposes. Whenever I log out, it takes me to the KOL homepage and there’s games and stuff. I see an ad for some Batman game where you get to find out the identity of Batwoman! Ohh…So, I decide to play. I have nothing better to do…So I try it, forget how to use the grappeling hook, and try another two times and fail. The final time I get to The Penguin, who has Batwoman!! :O I beat him then I get this little video clip of Batman going, “Who are you?” or something, Batwoman trying to slap/kick him, and then telling him, “You’re such the great detective, you find out! Gotta jet.” and then procedes to jump off the building or whatever. I PRACTICALLY GAVE MYSELF CARPAL TUNNEL USING THE ARROW KEYS FOR THE FIRST TIMES IN YEARS, AND I HAVE TO BUY SOME STINKIN’ DVD TO FIND OUT!? Sheez.

My hands hurt. Ow. Ow.