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Information Overload

13 Aug

So sorry it’s been practically FOREVER since I posted… Fail on my part. I’ve been busy.


Well, my summer is basically over. On Monday I return to school…….Duhn duhn duhn! I’ll post up my schedule later, once it’s set in stone and whatnot. 😉




Fiat 500 presentation in Turin

Image via Wikipedia


Really, not much all that interesting going on. I’m ready for school and pretty darn excited! Oh, I have found out that I think I want a Fiat 500 for my first car. They’re inexpensive for a car, and they’re super cool. Check ’em out.







I have done a buttload of drawing though…so here’s a little art dump:





Oh, one more thing; I think I’m scrapping the Quorra costume thing. It’d be too much effort. I think I’m going to just buy an original Star Trek dress thing, and then wear some leggings with it and borrow a pair of boots from a friend. Much easier. 😉


Well…That’s all for now! Promise to have a bigger update when I have more news… 😛


God bless,


~Agent M


That’s Gotta Hurt

5 Nov

Dear Willow Smith,


Sorry I couldn’t be in your music video. I just did not have enough hair to sufficiently whip back and forth.


Music Meme!

5 Aug

What it says if you can’t read my handwriting:

1) Get Back – The Beatles
(Nicholas is yelling “GET BACK!!” at somebody)

2) Mr. Roboto – Styx
(Data saying, “Technically, I am an *android*. Also, I *am* an android *without* emotions.” That’s based on the lyrics, by the way. I know it says stick to one fandom/character, but I couldn’t resist!)

3) Something – The Beatles
(Nicholas looking lovey dovey)

4) The Masterplan – Oasis
(Nicholas thinking, “I’m taking a risk, but maybe it was meant to be…” and saying, “May I have this dance?” That’s based on the lyrics.)

5) 8 Days a Week – The Beatles
(Nicholas saying, “Roxanne, you will never comprehend how much I need you.” Based on lyrics/content of song)

6) I Need Some Sleep – Eels
(Nicholas…needing some sleep…)

7) D’You Know What I Mean? – Oasis
(Two pics; Nicholas saying, “I honestly don’t care what you think”, and in the other saying, “Well?! Get up!! I’m not, unlike you, going to kill you while you are down!” Both are based on lyrics.)

8) Rise – Owlsey
(In the song it’s about somebody waking up as the sun goes down…which is what Nicholas is about to do!)

9) Holding Out For A Hero – Frou Frou
(That’s Roxanne holding out for her hero, Nicholas. Awww! :B)

10) Do Ya – Electric Light Orchestra
(Nicholas saying, “Roxanne, I’ve never met a women, past, present, or future, quite like you!” It’s based on the lyrics.)

The End. 😉 That made me sweaty keeping up with the pace of three minute Beatles songs and then a five minute Oasis song.

What Does Not Kill You Makes You Kim Possible

22 Jul

Splicing two rants together into one…interesting, at best, title.

I am very aggravated with the Walt Disney Apparatus presently. And Kanye “Idiot” West.

First, Kim Possible.

Back when Kim Possible was on, it was my favorite show. I watched that show pretty much through it’s entire run. I really, really liked it. I had a Kim Possible Halloween costume.

You get the picture.

Well, Disney no longer airs it! It’s no longer on the website! No games! No shows! No nothing! 😥

I absolutely LOVE that show. 😦

But, I’m probably going to buy some episodes on YouTube. 😀 Disney is smart enough to do that.

Speaking of intelligence…Kanye West rant time.

Kanye West is a complete and utter, song-butchering, swearing, idiot. He MURDERED “Harder Better Fast Stronger” by Daft Punk, using very bad expletives, and Coldplay’s amazing song, “Lost”, was butchered in “Lost@”  with more unnecessary expletives.

I mean, and what kind of mindless moron does the whole Taylor Swift, “Imma let you finish” stunt?

Idiot. He’s a stupid idiot.

This is why I don’t listen to rap music. Too many curses and sexual content.

There are actual artists and musicians who have brain cells that write songs that are called, “Clean”. Wow! Somebody should tell Mr. West about music WITHOUT swear words! Wow, that’s just mind blowing. You can write a song without dropping swear bombs or talking about sexual themes? 🙄

Almost all of the stuff I listen to is clean. If it’s not, it’s more of the minor swear words, nothing like stuff used in Kanye’s “Stronger”.

Kanye’s not worth the 99¢ they charge for his songs.

Well, end of the rant. I’m probably going to try drawing something now. 🙂

There’s a Tiny Little Crackle on the Telephone Line!

27 May

I found a new, genius, Coldplay song.

The Goldrush.

A happy Coldplay song. Very up beat and sort of random, but very awesome. Off the “Life in Technocolor EP”. possibly the awesomest song they’ve made. I’m singing along currently. 🙂

I’ve been SMLAARGG-in’ so long I ain’t never seen sun!

(“The Goldrush” by Coldplay)

–Agent M

Epiphany of Music

24 Jan

So, I like Coldplay. I LOVE Coldplay. I have something that all the crazy little kids out there will like. Well, maybe not. I don’t know. The String Quartet has done a beautiful tribute to Coldplay. All instrumental, all orchestrated-rock type stuff. It is just amazing! I bought songs that I don’t have the Coldplay versions of! I urge you to go on iTunes and check it out; its called “The String Quartet Tribute to Coldplay”. Let your ears be happy.

I can’t do a parody because the music I’m listening to has no lyrics. 😛

Agent M