History of SMLAARG

Hello! I’m Agent M!

I run this small establishment of an art website that is called SMLAARG. SMLAARG is the Super Magnificent Laboratory (I pronounce it funny, like Dexter did in Dexter’s Lab) of Awesome Art and Random Greatness. I post my art stuff on here so I can share it with the world. Let’s here how it all began…

I had been drawing since before I could remember. I started getting really interested in it in about third grade. I got a book on how to draw manga from a book catalog from school and tried on-and-off at it. I’d work at it for a few weeks then get very frustrated and stop for several months, rediscover it, and start the cycle again. I bought another book in fifth grade, after I got rid of the old book, and worked and worked at it. I started drawing some stuff I thought was amazing, but looking back, was pretty awful. I seriously thought I drew better than the author of the book, Chris Hart.


And then I met Alyssa.


In sixth grade, I was after school (I think) one day and saw this girl drawing. We sat down and chatted, and I saw she drew amazing stuff! She had a book, and she told me about it and I decided to go buy it. I bought it and started drawing some more and got a little bit better. I still was arrogant about my art and yet didn’t draw too well, but I had improved a little. At about the same time, I started getting really into the book series “Redwall” by Brian Jacques. So, I decided to join a website about it and draw. I was requested to draw something my first day, and people seemed to like what I drew, because I became immediately swamped.


Even though I don’t look back upon these times too fondly now, I realize that without that period of time, I would certainly not have progressed as far as I am today. But let’s continue:


I was improving little by little, and within a few months I had done many commissions. However, I was really the only person there to draw manga. It was an on coming fad which I was a fore-runner for in that rather secluded corner of the Internet, and a couple of users there did not really like my art. These users were fairly respected (One you could probably say was worshiped in the fan-artist section of the website) and long-time users of the site. I kept diligently working, but I did get a few comments which I found offending. People disliked my blending of human and animal anatomy, and didn’t like the Japanese style at all. One such person wrote an entire essay about how ‘awful’ the fan art had gotten. I found it very hurtful because some of the things seemed to be targeted at me. How can you expect a twelve year old to draw like a professional?


But that’s not the end. The admin (Who I think never really liked me) commented on this essay and went on the delete several pieces of artwork from me and a friend of mine who went under the username of MERLOCK. I sat at the computer and cried for a few hours, because this was the only place to post my artwork. He had deleted stuff of mine in the past, including a satire/spoof of the book set in modern times, and always without my knowledge until after the fact, when it would be lost forever.


I was sad, but more importantly, I was very angry. It took me a while, and then my dad gave me some really good advice: “Why not just make your own website?”


So I did.


I was having a really hard time coming up with a name for my future blog, though. Then, MERLOCK helped me with the name; I was talking to her on a chat box and I yelled out, “SMLAARRRGGGGGG!!!” because I yell out random things when I’m frustrated. She said, “Why don’t you name your blog that?” GENIUS! So I did. The end. Now your here reading this. And hopefully enjoying my art. 🙂


Roughly a year and a half have past since then, and I’ve moved on from manga. I don’t hate it, but it doesn’t do much for me. I was noticing I started disliking my own drawings, and I wasn’t really improving. So, I set to work on learning to draw cartoons. I still stick to that (roughly), although I now draw slightly more realistic cartoons. I also post a lot of editorials, reviews, and more recently, podcasts, vlogs, and other videos.


3 Responses to “History of SMLAARG”

  1. Richardo October 10, 2009 at 8:44 am #

    FINALLY! PROOF THAT AREA 61 EXISTS!!!!!! So, your charactrs are real? that can be kinda creepy, like if you got ahold of a picture that I drew of a spider eating a bus. pretty big spider……………..


  2. ReadersHeaven September 25, 2010 at 9:26 pm #

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  3. Bluestripe August 20, 2011 at 4:04 pm #

    Hey, I didn’t deserve a mention? D: 😉

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