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Finally! An Animation!

16 Sep

Yes! Yes I did! Check it out!




9 Jun

Mycroft Holmes

Image via Wikipedia

No, not a new branch of Windows’ operating system, silly.


(This’ll be quick because the post yesterday was very long. Sorry I got carried away.)



Mycroft was Sherlock Holmes’ brother. Brother?! Brother. I know. I was weirded out too.


Funny thing was in the show (“Sherlock”) he’s all skinny and kind of annoying. In the books he’s fat and kinda lazy.








Back to inking a Ferarri.

Hey Vegeta? What does the scouter say about his (blogger) power level?

28 May

That is all.

(If you’re confused, look at the number of hits.)

This Brightened My Day

28 Mar


Just happened to pop up right after publishing a page on my website for Star Trek: Nova.




(You should go check out that website by the way because it is pretty awesome.)

Some Forced Optomism

2 Jan

Well, tomorrow is the start of the Spring semester at school…!!


Normally, I might be inclined to quibble about how I was tired and wished school wasn’t going back and how I needed to get more things done…





One of my three New Year’s Resolutions was to be a happier, more optimistic person. Normally I am pretty happy, but recently I’ve been a bit grumpy and have been getting angry/sad/depressed easily, and I really hate when I’m like that because I hate when other people are like that, so I’ve decided to have a happy year! So I’ll tell you what I’m excited about!


I got a lot done over my two week break; I got rested up and I had a lot of fun. I saw TRON: LEGACY and I hung out with friends. I got a Wii and have exercised, which is really good, because usually I don’t do any physical activity (other than typing) outside of P.E. I had fun with family and I got some awesome gifts for Christmas, too! I got a lot of writing done (I am writing a comic and have a good chunk of the scripts out of the way!) and I even got some new ideas for a new story.


Today, I’m going to watch some TV and relax a bit. I still need to get at least one (But really need two or three) scripts done for my comic, and I’ll try and get myself to get it out of the way and have fun doing it. Later on I plan on going to the mall and getting a chain for my pocket watch, shopping at Old Navy (I got some gift cards for Christmas, and they always have good t-shirts and jeans that fit there), and maybe selling an old game I don’t play at GameStop. Maybe I’ll get some shirts online that I didn’t get for Christmas with some of the money I have.


Tomorrow when I go back to school, I’ll be sporting some sweet new clothes and plenty of fun stories (Like playing 100-pin Wii bowling with a friend and getting four strikes in a row, and seeing a laser light show, and getting a Captain Kirk ornament for Christmas). I have a few gifts to give to friends at school (One late-Christmas-present-cum-Art-Request, one text-message-inspired-silly-picture). I can tell my P.E. teacher about how I worked out of the break, tell my English teacher that I’m writing a comic (And ask her if she got the email I sent her of a story I won an award for), and ask my History teacher if my dad can chaperon on a field trip.


I’ll give another present to another friend. Who I completely forgot about until about four seconds ago. But I’ll draw something another for him.


I can look forward to Toaster Strudel in the morning and peanut-butter-jelly and silly people at lunch. I can look forward to new seating charts and new people to sit by. I can look forward to being able to schedule days to hang out more easily and probably goign over to a friend’s house to watch Star Trek in the near future.


I can look forward to a happier semester.


And encase you were wondering, my other two New Year’s Resolutions were to be healthier (STRONG CORE BAYBAY) and to write a short story a month, at least.


Oh, forgot one: To post on here once a week, too!


Lookin’ forward to a brand new year,


Agent M


P.S.: What were your New Year’s Resolutions?

Back From the Brink

29 Dec

I was struggling with a post name for this one.

Anywho, I decided last night while trying to get to sleep (This area is actually when I have many genius thoughts, almost as frequently as when I shower), I decided to try and do a post on here every week. Doing a post everyday would be difficult, and I’m sure that not that many people care about my mundane, publicly-educated life, and I’m busy after school nowadays, so I figured a once weekly post would be nice.

But enough about that, you’ll probably want an update on life.

Christmas was great at my house! I got:

  • A soda from Sweden (LOL)
  • Head and Shoulders (I have bad dandruff and we had run out )
  • iTunes giftcard
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss (LOL)
  • A how to draw book on realism and faces
  • A ‘Tangled’ how to draw book!
  • A Trix (the cereal) shirt that’s gonna have to be returned because it’s two sizes too small (I wear X-Larges in kids sizes because I’m tall, but it’s a medium. I returned it and got a shirt with Mickey and Minnie on it.)
  • “Awkward Family Photos” (It’s a REALLY funny book)
  • Sock Monkey salt and pepper shakes
  • Alabama University sweatshirt (Most of my relatives are in AL)
  • A How to draw Tinkerbell book (LOL I LOVE IT. Seriously.)
  • Two sets of pajamas (One from Justice that my mom bought that are Snowboarder monkeys, one my dad got and the bottoms are POCKETWATCHES!! and the top is blue.)
  • A bunch of shirts (I bought them with money my grandma sent; one has Belle, one has Snow White, and one has Kermit the Frog)
  • Black corduroy pants
  • A Captain Kirk ornament (ITS AMAZING.)
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Bacon Bar (It tastes AMAZING)
  • A Unicorn Pillow Pet
  • TRON: LEGACY soundtrack with poster (It’s in the mail)
  • A sketchbook
  • Some dark chocolates
  • Star Trek drinking glasses (With Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and McCoy and various quotes from them.)
  • Hedgehog ornament (Spiney Norman, anyone?)
  • A Barbie calender (It’s fashion drawings of Barbie outfits and it’s REALLY cool)
  • A Wii!!!!! And a WiiFit!!! With Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, WiiFit games, and Just Dance! (I played WiiFit for a really long time. It says I’m underweight and it wants me to gain seven pounds. I’m gonna do it…WITH PURE MUSCLE!! Lol.)

So, a very, very nice Christmas! 😀

Yesterday, I saw TRON: LEGACY. The theater I saw it at had a Lightcycle replica in the lobby (It was AWESOME LOOKING) and then there was a laser light show before the movie. I’d never been to one, and I really liked it, even though my eyes were having a hard time following it all.

The movie itself was pretty good. I think there were things Disney should have dropped (Jeff Bridges, AKA Kevin Flynn being a hippie, these things called Isos that were described as being basically gods that just kind of POPPED up on the Grid one day, all of the “I’m gonna change the human condition and make a digital utopia, man!”), but all of the stuff in it is stuff that is regularly in Science Fiction anyways. Sci Fi seems to dwell on Darwinist or Eastern philosophies, and I (and my dad) think that as long as it stays as a story, not where it’s being taught as fact but just being presented as a story (Like how Rapunzel isn’t taught as a historical figure in world history or whatever), then it’s okay. Annoying, weird, and sometimes even stupid, but alright, whatever.

I thought that overall it was a good movie. And Daft Punk is amazing as score writers, and I hope Disney gives them lots of money.

I got a T-shirt on the way out. 🙂

But, I skipped some really good parts.

Daft Punk, for instance, makes a cameo at one point in the movie as DJs at a creepy club ran by this really freak-ish, blond, British program (OR IS IT?!) who seemed kind of swishy to me (Just sayin’!). At one point I lean over to my mom and say, “Daft Punk…works at a club…inside a computer.” That got a giggle.

I also had this running through my head throughout the entire movie.

So whenever something happened in the movie that was in this, I leaned over to my mom and whisper-sung it. I said “JEFF BRIDGES!!” about fifty times.


EDIT: Forgot about the ending. Spoilers, by the way.


So, after this epic light airplane/jet/thing chase scene, some running and throwing of Disc/Frisbees, Young Sam Flynn and his hot Iso girlfriend make it to the portal to get back to the regular world and off the grid. CLU wants to tag along (And commit planet-wide genocide, seeing as he killed off nearly all the Isos so that the Grid would be more perfect), but Jeff Bridges does some 1337 hacking at the last minute that makes a big wind start up, and CLU comes hurtling back to him. As Sam and Kora (Iso with the best haircut ever. Which I will steal.) are being…portal’d the heck out of there, CLU get sucked into a big ole bear hug with Kevin Flynn.


And they hug it out.


And the Grid explodes.


I’m dead serious.


I leaned over to my mom and whispered, “……What?”


The ending was a bit weird in that way. I thought it was cute that Sam did get the Iso-girl in the end, and that they got to watch a sunrise. D’aww.


I must admit though, I knew Jeff Bridges was going to die. I thought it was going to be more epic, like CLU kills him and then Sam killed CLU. But no. Just some bro hugs and a giant explosion.


Ahh well.

End edit. End spoilers.

I’m thinkin’ that that’s about it…I’ll try to post another update on life as soon as something interesting happens!

Enjoy your last few days of 2010,

Agent M

The Best Story EVER

27 Aug

A belgian waffle.

Image via Wikipedia

We had to do an interesting bell work today in English. We wrote the opening sentence to a story,and then passed it to the person behind us. They wrote three sentences, then the person behind them finished it up with two. Here’s mine (first sentence is of my own…the rest is the two funny boys behind me!)

The moon shone down her light upon the darkened town, with a camouflaged young man sprinting stealthily through the streets.

He was sprinting accelerated through the darkness and puddles. Then he saw it. The building. The old abandoned waffle house. He approached it cautiously.

“Aww” he whined. “These are waffles not pancakes. Waffles give me an acute pain in my stomach.” As he beat the waffle machine, a crevice opened in the tub. There was waffle batter everywhere. He was never heard of again.

Enlisted in Starfleet

26 Aug

Got my Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform in the mail yesterday. I ordered it off of Amazon…LOVIN’ IT!! It’s yellow and it fits almost perfectly. I set it up just like Data‘s uniform. 😛

I’m getting a haircut today…Yay! Want to see the picture?

Yes…Star Trek screen shot! I’m going to tell the hairdresser that I want that haircut EXACTLY.

So…yep. Going to go and work on my project for Geometry and my Science/English homework now. FUN! 😐

Vote Please?

4 Jul

Just wanted to redirect some peepz over to a contest I entered. I’m Long Patrol Girl/LPG on there, so look it up and VOTE VOTE VOTE! 😀

I entered a user’s contest on the Wiki with a DVD Cover I made for English last year with a buddy of mine. The same buddy who commissioned this:

And this:

And that is a BOY character…not a girl…I don’t know how somebody could find him in any way feminine, AT ALL, so…that is a boy’s tunic. They make them long sometimes…

Moving on…

Remember this?

Okay, maybe you don’t…but this is it.

It was supposed to be a DVD cover, and so here’s the back:

I’d like to give full credit to the synopsis to my partner, who you may call Agent J. He wrote that, I edited it only slightly. I came up with the actors though…Now before I am hung by the neck until I photoshop those people out, this was for a school project and I thought it would be better to cast people that were more well known then just random people. I probably would change this now with some still fairly well known but probably better fitting voice actors, but please, no flaming. I wasn’t actually planning on making this a movie…

*dodges rain of tomatoes and bits of shale coming from audience*

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

11 Jun

Yes, very famous song.

I had…four? Yes, four dreams last night. All were pretty good dreams too. I’ll go in order:

I had a dream that I was in a room, like a set or an after party or something. I’m looking around the room, wondering if I’ll see David Tennant (I know, random, right?). And lo! and behold, who do I see? David Tennant. So I run up to him and say, “I LOVE YOU!” And then I got my picture taken with him, but it was on him phone, so I wanted him to text it to my phone and my email. But it was a hassle. And he talked kind of funny; not how he normally talked.

Second dream was that I was in a movie with William Shatner. AKA Captain Kirk. And it was a Star trek movie. That was cool. I like William Shatner. Like I told my mom while watching Star Trek: Generations, “Meet, Captain Kirk! He’s, like, 40 years old and still looking HOT!!!!”

I am weird….

Thirdly, I had a dream that me an a bunch of my classmates (All I remember were my friends Shannon and Joey) were in a sequel to a movie. It was something around the premise of “Cheaper by the Dozen” or some funny, family/kids movie. But…What was weird was, that number one, my friend Joey had been in the original one. So, then, the set burns down. Okay. But, the set was in a residential area, and the movie people are all, “Joey, remember where the other set is? Go show them and find it.” So here me and 15 some odd kids are wandering the streets, having Joey look for a set house. Yeah…

Lastly, I had a dream that I rode my bike to the summit of Everest. IF that’s not enough, I was wheelying the entire way. I was the second fastest bike-wheelie-er-to-the-summit, and that some organization was going to invite me to a little luncheon thing for doing it. And still, the guy who got first place was kind of disputed, because apparently he witnessed somebody attempting suicide, but didn’t stop and help, and that somehow made him faster…? Oh, and at the summit was an Indian village. Meaning India Indian village. Yeah. And there was this girl who was named Elizabeth was was hiding out there and being called Mia. I forget why. And then something happened and I was walking with a bunch of people and there was a tiger in there, and it freaked me out.

So how was your REM cycle?