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Information Overload

13 Aug

So sorry it’s been practically FOREVER since I posted… Fail on my part. I’ve been busy.


Well, my summer is basically over. On Monday I return to school…….Duhn duhn duhn! I’ll post up my schedule later, once it’s set in stone and whatnot. 😉




Fiat 500 presentation in Turin

Image via Wikipedia


Really, not much all that interesting going on. I’m ready for school and pretty darn excited! Oh, I have found out that I think I want a Fiat 500 for my first car. They’re inexpensive for a car, and they’re super cool. Check ’em out.







I have done a buttload of drawing though…so here’s a little art dump:





Oh, one more thing; I think I’m scrapping the Quorra costume thing. It’d be too much effort. I think I’m going to just buy an original Star Trek dress thing, and then wear some leggings with it and borrow a pair of boots from a friend. Much easier. 😉


Well…That’s all for now! Promise to have a bigger update when I have more news… 😛


God bless,


~Agent M


Human After All

2 Aug




This was my project for a few days. I spent a really long time sketching this for a few days, and then like…four to six hours. On the computer doing the line art, color, and the ‘special effects’ and the background.


I’m pleased with the outcome! 🙂






Trapped Inside

8 Aug

No, that’s not me. No, I’m not sad. No, I don’t feel like I’m trapped inside a piece of lined paper.


This is what happens when Agent M listens to a lot of Coldplay and decides to draw something. 🙂

Music Meme!

5 Aug

What it says if you can’t read my handwriting:

1) Get Back – The Beatles
(Nicholas is yelling “GET BACK!!” at somebody)

2) Mr. Roboto – Styx
(Data saying, “Technically, I am an *android*. Also, I *am* an android *without* emotions.” That’s based on the lyrics, by the way. I know it says stick to one fandom/character, but I couldn’t resist!)

3) Something – The Beatles
(Nicholas looking lovey dovey)

4) The Masterplan – Oasis
(Nicholas thinking, “I’m taking a risk, but maybe it was meant to be…” and saying, “May I have this dance?” That’s based on the lyrics.)

5) 8 Days a Week – The Beatles
(Nicholas saying, “Roxanne, you will never comprehend how much I need you.” Based on lyrics/content of song)

6) I Need Some Sleep – Eels
(Nicholas…needing some sleep…)

7) D’You Know What I Mean? – Oasis
(Two pics; Nicholas saying, “I honestly don’t care what you think”, and in the other saying, “Well?! Get up!! I’m not, unlike you, going to kill you while you are down!” Both are based on lyrics.)

8) Rise – Owlsey
(In the song it’s about somebody waking up as the sun goes down…which is what Nicholas is about to do!)

9) Holding Out For A Hero – Frou Frou
(That’s Roxanne holding out for her hero, Nicholas. Awww! :B)

10) Do Ya – Electric Light Orchestra
(Nicholas saying, “Roxanne, I’ve never met a women, past, present, or future, quite like you!” It’s based on the lyrics.)

The End. 😉 That made me sweaty keeping up with the pace of three minute Beatles songs and then a five minute Oasis song.


3 Aug

There’s been a need of one for a while…When I changed the theme the old one got all weird.


Agent M needs to discover a face cleanser. 😛

Well…Working on getting the requests page up and running. Also, I’m working on a secret project… 😀 It will be unveiled in a short amount of time. 🙂

Been working on designs for Human Nicholas…I don’t know what his hair color should be but a good friend who drew him as a human used reddishy-brown. So will Nicholas be a ginger? YOU DECIDE!!

And if you don’t think he should be ginger, PLEASE comment what color you’d like. Normal things, please, he IS from the 18th century (Yet he’s 6 foot tall…Odd…Oh well xD)

Have a nice day!!

Agent M


27 Jul


If you don’t watch TNG or if you dare see the Data spoilers,  scroll down!!

  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Almost there!!

Ookay. 🙂


You tiny little lifeforms!

You precious little lifeforms!

Where are you?

– Data’s Lifeform song (Star Trek: Generations)

DATA CHIBI!! Although I like him a little bit better when he didn’t have the emotion chip, that scene is absolutely HYSTERICAL!

I want that on a shirt SO BAD! :3


26 Jul

…Because I’m a fangirl of a mouse Sherlock Holmes. I’m cool like that.


18 Jul

Giftart for PsychoAngel51402 on dA

Art trade with the same girl as above

Request. Doctor Who (10) and the requestee.


4 Jul

I need to do some art dumping.

Art Trade

Art Trade

Art Trade

Request from one of my loyal request-ers!

Meme I did

Meme I did

Meme I did

Doctor Who Drawing

Dalek Drawing. Proud of this one. 🙂

Little Comic-ish Thing I did out of boredom. And humor. 😛

An ID I made for dA. Fun. 🙂

I'm so proud of this. 😀

Goofy little self-portrait of myself being a princess. Used color holds! 🙂

self portrait in the Disney style, a style I have found to like.

My dog. What she does when she gets me up at the crack of eight o' clock. She's going INSANE right now. All she does is squeak squeak squeak...

And they'll have fun fun fun till her Daddy takes her Time Lord away....I don't know. That just popped into my head. Any Whovians/Beach Boy fans will get that. 😛

Slight redesign in Roxanne. My fave is the full body shot.

Nicholas doesn’t like wearing suit and tie stuff. But Roxanne is dragging him to her (unusual) friend’s wedding…thus, cummerbund time. 😀

An alternative outfit for Nicholas. Suspenders and a nice, green striped shirt. I like how this came out.

I need to color this one. It's actually another alternative outfit, because it's gone from vest to waistcoat and the colors are different. Will color later.

Tried a bit of perspective. Turned out nice.

Vote Please?

4 Jul

Just wanted to redirect some peepz over to a contest I entered. I’m Long Patrol Girl/LPG on there, so look it up and VOTE VOTE VOTE! 😀

I entered a user’s contest on the Wiki with a DVD Cover I made for English last year with a buddy of mine. The same buddy who commissioned this:

And this:

And that is a BOY character…not a girl…I don’t know how somebody could find him in any way feminine, AT ALL, so…that is a boy’s tunic. They make them long sometimes…

Moving on…

Remember this?

Okay, maybe you don’t…but this is it.

It was supposed to be a DVD cover, and so here’s the back:

I’d like to give full credit to the synopsis to my partner, who you may call Agent J. He wrote that, I edited it only slightly. I came up with the actors though…Now before I am hung by the neck until I photoshop those people out, this was for a school project and I thought it would be better to cast people that were more well known then just random people. I probably would change this now with some still fairly well known but probably better fitting voice actors, but please, no flaming. I wasn’t actually planning on making this a movie…

*dodges rain of tomatoes and bits of shale coming from audience*