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Crazy Awesome Idea

28 Dec

Okay, so remember this picture?:


So, I have an idea for him. :3 Here it  is:

Nicholas (Last Name Pending) is a raccoon from the 1780’s. He is a genius, a scientist, and a Time Traveller. His father was a watch maker, and after Nick’s mother died while he was very small and his father remarried, this step mother leaves Nick and his father with little money and a bit heartbroken. His father sends him to an All Boys Boarding School with the last bits of money he has, and with a single, golden pocketwatch. He stays there via Scholarship, because he is exceptionally bright, and at age 18 is released. Nine years later, he finds a large chunk  of  a hard, glowing blue substance that fell of a comet. He experiments with this piece of blue material and finds that when he puts a small piece in with a fish, his fish is carried into a worm hole. He believes that if he can configure his father’s pocketwatch correctly, he can travel through time. He adapts it so that on the other side of the watch there is a dial to chose a year, and when you press the dial, you are transported to that time, the place you were thinking of at the time of pressing it, and at the time of day as the watch. He tests it and ends up in 2004 with a girl named Roxanne, who is from the line of his step mother’s (Who remarried after being divorced with his dad). They go on adventures after this. I have some ideas for little stories with the two of them, but I am going off the computer now, so I’ll update this later. 😀


What I Got for Christmas…

25 Dec

  • A Redwall Hat, Scarf, and Keyring
  • A Redwall Readers Club Membership
  • An Exersize Trampoline
  • An iPod Docking Station
  • Some portraits of animals in suits
  • Woodland Critter Candles
  • Coldplay Pins
  • A Sketchbook
  • Some FineLiners
  • A scarf, mittens, and hat set
  • Some pencils and erasers
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Toothbrush
  • A Tribble Toy (WITH SOUND EFFECTS!! :D)

I hope you all have a splendiferous Christmas! God Bless!!

Merry Christmas!

24 Dec

I want to shout out to all of y’all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

God Bless!

Agent M

Doctor Raccoon

22 Dec

Let me explain before posting this picture.

My mom and I have just found this AWESOME AMAZING British show called “Doctor Who” on BBC America. I don’t live in Jolly Ole England so we have to watch it on BBCA. Yeah. Anyways, if you don’t watch it, let me explain. There’s this guy called “The Doctor” who’s the last of a race of aliens called Time Lords who can go back in time and into alternate realities and such. AND HE’S AWESOME. And like 900 years old. Anyways, the Time Lord’s can ‘cheat death’ by regenerating when a human would normally die; The thing about regenerating is that they get a completely new appearance, costume, personality, etc. And the current Doctor is really cool. His name is David Tennant. He has possibly the coolest Sci-Fi hair EVER. EVER. Seriously. Google him. Or I’ll put a picture or something.

That's David Tennant. And his amazing hair. Oh, and the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space)

Ok. So I’m geeking out about it. CAUSE ITS AWESOME!!! So, I am in total geek mode and was also trying to come up with an idea for a raccoon character I was playing around within my head; and I wanted him to wear dress pants and a vest and a nice dress shirt and a tie. So…

VOILA!! And, MUAHAHAHHAHA!!! It’s, like, Anthro Doctor Who. My mom calls him Doctor Raccoon. I  wasn’t planning on this, I promise, but it may just be really really awesome…Doctor Who is owned by BBC I don’t own it. This is fan art. Because I love the show.

I must say, there is a resemblence…seriously…Look at them…compare…It’s AWESOME! Heh. Doctor Raccoon. HEH. HEH. And no, I am not the first person to draw a Doctor Who furry…I found another one of Art Spots. 🙂 I am an insane Sci-Fi geek, sorry. But he has really cool hair. Bottom line. Period. End of story. I mean, it totally beats Star Trek, Stargate: Atlantis, all their hair.

Doctor Who is the longest running Sci Fi show, EVER, by the way. It’s been on since any two of you reading this have been alive, put together. Try, 1963. Yeah. Pretty awesome. 😀

Once there was a manakin, staring out the window, watching the SMMLLLAAAARRRRRG, living for today. (“Under A White Star”- Rusty Anderson)

–Agent M

“The time has come for horseplay!” the manikin exclaimed. “Show me how to, SMMLLLAAAARRRRG, how to play your game!” The geeky girl was speechless, then she did reply. “Star watching Doctor Who. It’s a very nice show.”

(Parodying sorta the same song.)


21 Dec

I found this music video. I must say that it is the coolest video I have ever seen. There is nothing like it. Watch it.

“Strawberry Swing” by Coldplay. I bought it. I love you, Coldplay.


18 Dec

I’m sick…AGAIN!!!!! Geez. This time its just a stupid little inferior cold though. I’m not brain-dead, at least. I just ate a Dum Dum somebody gave me, too, so yeah, I’m better for the moment.

Well, I have an editorial and some sad news. Sad news first:

I am doing a Secret Santa via the internet, and I finished that, right? I save it. Everything is fine. Then, I go and spend like 30-45 min finishing a very hard pic (Yes, your’s, Silverfalcon, you know who you are.) and I was COMPLETE!!!! HAHA!! I go to save it and it keeps telling me the Start-Up Disk is full. I am not a techy-wiz-kid, so I started deleting unneccasary stuff on my flash drive and on my computer. Close, but no cigar. We have 100 gigs of back up on our computer, so I am going to BEG my momma to delete it. But, so sad is me, I think I may have lost the complete project. I don’t know, but I’m going to check on it in a minute after I finish writing this. PRAY FOR ME!!!

Second on the agenda, I watched the Star Trek movie last night. PURE AWESOME ON A STICK!!! I LOVE that movie. It’s. Just. Plain. Awesome. !!! If you like Star Trek, or not, watch it. It’s PG-13 for sci-Fi Violence and ONE scene, nothing super icky, and its about 7 seconds long so you can skip past it (Like I did). Nothing hard-core, but a very well done movie. Synopsis follows:

The movie is about a Romulan named Nero basically messing up everything. He comes through a tear in the space-time continum and creates an alternate dimension where Captain Kirk’s daddy dies right as he’s born. Thusly, EVERYTHING GOES POOP. Spock and Kirk aren’t friends (AT ALL) in the first part of the movie. So, this Nero guy takes this thing called “Red Matter” which basically is a big red blob of Black-Hole waiting to happen. He sends it into the core of Vulcan and destorys it, committing genicide and killing almost the entire 6 billion vulcans. BUT NOT SPOCK. Or Spock’s daddy. Anyways, Kirk ends up on this highly dangerous, icey class M planet and finds Original Spock (Who’s old and played by none other than LEONARD NIMOY!!!! :D) and Jim finds out that Nero is getting back for Spock; Spock promised to save Romulus from a Super-Nova-going star by creating a black hole using Red Matter in the middle of it. He comes too late, Romulus is destroyed and Nero’s wife bearing his child is killed. I’m not going to tell you the ending, though. :B

So…pray for me to get better and get more memory for my family’s computer. And that my picture isn’t gone. Dx

I saw your face in a pretty SMLLAAAARRRRRGGG. (“Shiny Magazine” by Jet)

-Agent M

Der Erlkönig!

7 Dec

Yes. Don’t ask. Just watch it now. It’s clean, so show it to your mom and friends and little siblings.

This is a young German group called Jungen Dichter und Denker, or JDD, which means Young Poets and Thinkers (Philosophers).  This song has been put into the Pop machine. It as a poem (Folklore) about a little boy who is riding through the forest on horseback with his father. He sees Der Erlkönig (The Elven King), who’s this fictional figure who kills children. He tries to tell her father, but his dad doesn’t see the creepy elf king, just saying how is the “Vines so green” and stuff to that extent. As it nears the end, Der Erlkönig yells out, “Ich lieb dich, mich reizt deine schöne Gestalt, Und bist du nicht willig, so brauch ich Gewalt!” which is, “I love you for your beauty of course,
If free you’ll not come, I will use force.” He touches the kid and he dies. The end. Very happy story. NOT. But, an AWESOME poem/song. Aren’t you glad you watched it? JA!

I was learning Duestch (German) at one point a summer or two ago, but I forgot about it and school isn’t helping. I hope I could take a German course later on. Its a really cool language, in my opinion. Ich sprecken sie winzig Duestch, nicht kennen Sie Grammatik. Ach ja. :\

Umm…nothing new today. It was rainy. I’ll upload a thing later.

If you want to see the whole shbang, check out this link. Its the poem/lyrics with translation. 😀

Guten Aben!

~Mittel M


6 Dec

Sorry for not posting in forever!! Okay, I haves tons (Or tonnes, depending on where you live) of news!!

1) I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox. I’ll have a review below.

2) I’m swamped with commissions for Redwall Wiki. Ah. D:

3) I GOTTA TABLET!!!! I got one factory refurbished for waaay cheap. Like, 54% off. 😀 Its great.

4) I have a pic or two to shop y’all.

Yes, yes. I am aware that the pose is an awkward one. :T Whoopsie. That is EXACTLY what I was wearing on Friday. A short-sleeved T-shirt with a white long sleeved one under it and my big, black jacket with fake fur inside. And some Bear Paws. COZY! To the left, I was thinking about how I read some “Pearls Before Swine” (A comic) earlier that day and tried drawing kind of like that. Then a very cartoony random cat, and lastly a character I’m working on. He’s a fox. I’ll upload his pic, too.

This is Commodore (Spelled it wrong in the file name) Maryann Redd, known as Mary to most. I made her up by taking my Pirate name, Red Mary the Kidd, and messin’ with it. She’s Commodore in the Royal Navy and HATES pirates. She’s one of a handful of women in the navy or something like that. I am still playing with her story. I had it where her parents where murdered by pirates, but I was thinking about…I dunno. :\

And I forget the tail. x( Anyways, I was thinking of naming him Ryan…a lot of my male cartoony chars have names that are ‘R’ names (Rodney, Rocky, Ryan…) WEIRD. What is it with me and R names?!

I’ll put in the editorial after reading Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl. I got it yesterday at Barnes & Noble. I’ll read it after I finish a pic somebody commissioned for me. First commission tablet’d!! This could take a while…. :T I may also make some editorials on the final episodes EVER of Monk and on BBC America, Robin Hood. Both made me cry, FYI. I’ll also talk about White Collar.

Let the SMLAARRRGGGG set you free, be who you wanna be, make no excuses!

(Let’s Get Loud, Jennifer Lopez)

Agent M