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I Just Now Found Fireflies

30 Sep

Wicked music video!! I’m going to go buy it now. 🙂


So I Heard You Leikz New Postz?

25 Sep

Sorry for not updating. But I made a mudkip reference in the title, so everything is cool.


My voice sounds weird with helium. Just ask Shannon. Then tell her to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow“. Then restrain her from killing me.

Hmm…What else…

Welll, somebody at the RWW decided to make a page about Blue+LPG (That’s the main admin and ME)…I don’t really know what it’s about. So I’m laughing, very confused, and a little bit angry. Sigh. Here it is:

Blue + LPG!!! I Jest Not!

Yeah. NO. 😐

Well, I’m going to change into some normal clothes instead of jammies and am going to try and stop my palms from sweating. That and feed myself and upload some photographs.


God bless!

LPG/Agent M/May/Rias

Stig Scam Saddens Supporters

1 Sep

Ben Collins at an autographing session at Red ...

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Top Gear, the hugely popular BBC car show, is facing a hard blow from their own symbol. Or so is believed.

Ben Collins, a British race car driver, has claimed that he is the iconic Stig of the show. The Stig is a mysterious being who appears always masked figure, the “tame racing driver” that test drives cars for various reasons.

But, it seems Collins is not the first to make such a move. The former Stig (Known as the Black Stig because of his outfit), portrayed by Perry McCarthy, did a similar move.

Recently, when Collins tried to publish an autobiography, HarperCollins, the Stig, and the BBC were soon in a court battle. The BBC attempted to stifle the book and make sure it was not published. The BBC lost.

They feared that the money making Stig image would pass to the publishing company, but it seems like it might not be.

From some comment-skimming on Facebook, I doubt that BBC has anything to fear. Really, it is Ben Collins who erred.

Fans all over the web are enraged at Collins. Here are some sample comments:

…No glorious death in flames, just shameful walk away from the studio to be run over by a G-Wiz.

…why not kill the White Stig off by showing him at a book signing with NO-ONE in the queue!!!!

…And then for the death, well we need something thats good and somewhat funny. So a pile of his very own books hitting him and killing him to death. Then burn it and have a prius drive over him.

…Hang the Stig by his ankles and lower him head first into Jezzer’s V8 blender and turn him into a Stig Smoothie.

…In case people with no sense of humour don’t remember, the original Stig (aka “Black Stig”) was “executed” by driving a modified Jaguar XJ-S off the flight deck of HMS Invincible during a stunt and landing in the sea. That happened after Black Stig revealed his identity (Perry McCarthy) in his autobiography in 2002.

So all people are asking is for the current Stig to be dealt with in the traditional Top Gear fashion.

You would think that Collins would have learned from his predecessor, who was ousted for the same reasons. Collins really has put his shiny white foot into his visor covered mouth.

And, it was not as if the BBC did this unfairly. There is a clause in the Stig’s contract hat if his identity is EVER revealed, he WILL be fired.

So, in a way, the BBC was trying to make it so that Collins would not have to be fired…But he and the publishers prevailed, which won’t necessarily be a good thing.

Facebook groups have been popping up, Anti-Collins groups and many groups boycotting the autobiography and the publisher. The time spent in court to get it released is going to be lost, because now the British public (and some of the American public) despise him for doing such a dubious act.

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