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Yet Another Commission

31 Oct

I did this for the Redwall Wiki. Here it ’tis!




There it is! 😀


IN OTHER NEWS: I dressed up yesterday at school for Friday, not Halloween, Friday. I’m not dressing up today, but I dressed up yesterday for Friday. I came up with an idea at 8:00pm Thursday: A Mouse Burglar! You know, cat burglar…mouse burglar…cat…mouse…yeah. I wore all black, mouse ears, and I had a black mask, nose, and whiskers painted on my face, but I have P.E. 1st period… so it kind of died and I had to wash it off 😦  But it was still a cool costume xD


Have a happy, safe Halloween! 😀




-Agent M 🙂


Drawing I Did.

29 Oct

Here’s something I drew today. I was bored so I created a rabbit-persona for me. Those of you who know me from the Redwall Wiki will probably think this looks like my character Kailee, but no, they are NOT the same rabbit-person. I’ll show you the sketch and then the hour-and-a-half-to-burn-sits-down-on-Photoshop-wearing-Snuggie-and-finishes-picture version as well.


Kani Lapin Sketch


Here’s the sketch. I wrote “YESSSSSSS!!!” because I was happy at how it turned out :3




Yupperoo! Her name is Kani (NO RELATION TO KAILEE, YA HERE ME REDWALL WIKIERS!) which I derived from the Dutch word for rabbit that had “koni” in it and changed it to “Kani” cuz I liked the way it sounds. This is mah bookmark 😀




-Agent M

Check Out This Picture.

25 Oct

I was bored. I had written a story in English about a girl who had the perfect life, but she finds out that really, her entire life has basically been ‘enginerred; by scientists who were looking for a weapon to use against the rebelling people of the future. So, this girl, who’s name is Scarlet, has been chosen to be this ‘weapon’, she’s intellegent, an athelete, and follows all the orders she’s given….accept she doesn’t WANT to be this weapon. She’s commanded to asasinate the leader of the rebellion, who she finds out is her real dad. So, she’s fighting herself to rebel against the bad guys. Anyways, here’s the picture:

Scarlet Doodle

Look how they SMLAAARG FOR YOU!!!!

–Agent M

Yet Another Picture!!

25 Oct

I finished yet another commission. Here it is:

Celn the AvengerLPG

I figured it would be more -cough- responsible -cough- to actually DO commissions that people have been waiting on for weeks than to lie in bed and listen to  Coldplay in bed and draw.

I’m tired now!!

Doing this made me ponder my drawing style: I am kind of getting bored and sick of drawing manga stuff…it seems that every kid out there who draws draws manga…I mean, manga is good for drama…but…I’m not a drama person. I’m more of a hyper glass-half-full, wacky kid. So perhaps it is time for me to practice traditional animation and make me a style from that. It takes so much time to do manga and then if the eyes don’t look right or you have to make sure that the tunic goes down a certain length…you don’t have to do that when your not drawing hybrid-esc-anthro stuff. I mean, I can do cartoony stuff, but I think perhaps traditional styles are the path for me.

On the non-Philosophical side, I found a new song by Coldplay that ROCKS MAH SOCKS!!!!!!!! It’s called “X & Y” (Nothing with math variables or anything else like that…the song has nothing to do with the title) and you should check it out. It’s really pretty. While your doin’ that, listen to “Yellow” by Coldplay and “Robot Rock” and “Technologic” by Daft Punk. I bought all those songs yesterday. YAY!!!!

…And every SMLLLAAAARRRRGGG was yellow!!

A Happy Little Update!

24 Oct

Sorry for the wait on my updation. School is sucking away my time…So, I’m listening to bordering-on-punk-rock-electronic music. How I lovez you Daft Punk! Sigh… Well, I finished my picture for Layla Goldeneyes on the Redwall Wiki. Because their image sever has bit the dust (for a little bit) I’ll post the picture here. Here it is:

Frodo the Cat

Yeah. I do commissions, thanks to lil’ ole Photoshop Elements Macintosh 4.0.1. I do it for free, but hey, you wanna pay me? Go for it…help me get a tablet xD I want one baaaaad.

In other news, I made a new character! 😀 His name is Rocky Raccoon, and yes, like the old Beatles song. But my character IS a raccoon. Here’s the sketch.

Rocky Raccoon

If you’ve never heard the song, I suggest you look it up on youtube. I really like the song 🙂

Lastly, here’s a picture of me,  totally geeking out.

M <3z Star Trek

I LOOOOOVE Star Trek. Me and my mom saw the movie and we usually watch it before bed. But now we’ve watched practically every episode…sigh.

Well, that’s all for now! See you around!


-Agent M

A Random Little Update on Life

17 Oct

Yesterday, a friend of mine told my mom about an Aime Club at the local library. Me, liking manga/anime/Japanese drawing styles, thought it would be cool to try it out. So in a mad dash to check it out, we got there. We watched a movie by the famous Hayao Miyazaki, the guy who did “Spirited Away”, “Kiki’s Devilery Service”, and a bunch more, we watched this movie called “Howl’s Moving Castle”. It was pretty good, but I liked the animation in it better than the actual plot line. I also thought the main dude character was…really girly. I think if they made a movie with Japanese animation but a more of a western-culture plot line, that would be cool. So, after watched Japanese animation, it made me want to get back on my Manga train. I sketched out something, will upload later.


-Agent M

I Drew Something…

14 Oct

I was bored and came up with a new character. She’s a cat (Hybrid) and her name is Friday. (Came up with that in the shower… :P)

I did a sketch and photoshopped it, and so here it is! 😀

Friday Cat Picture

Eh, not the BEST picture ever, but I liked the way it came out, still. 🙂


–Agent M

Oh, wow!

12 Oct

I just realized I have hit over 100 hits. In three days! xD That’s amazing. I should do a picture in honor of it. Thank you for being so caring about me and my art! D’aaaaw!! 🙂 You guyz are great!!! 😀


–Agent M


12 Oct

A few months ago, I entered two pieces of art into the LA fair. Well, I got them back today…here’s what I won 😀

Photo 31

Photo 32

Now, if you can’t read the ribbons, the first one (The mermaid one) own First Place for America’s Kids in the L.A. County Fair, Pomona, California, 2009. It also own “Outstanding Use of Theme” (The theme was underwater or something along those lines.) The second one, the watercolor otter, own Second Place. (The award system is based on each individual work, not comparing it to everybody else’s.)

I was so excited!! 😀 This is the first art award thing I’ve ever own!

By the way, this is the original mermaid one. I spent like, 2-3 hours on photoshop and the sketch took a long time and several drafts, too.

Sorry, I don't know why it's on its side...

Sorry, I don't know why it's on its side...

So, thought the bloggers would like to know that. It was a very good day today, I mean, winning first prize doesn’t happen every day! 😀


-Agent M

Portraits of ME!

11 Oct

I was watching BBC’s “Robin Hood” last night with my mm and dad, and decided to draw me a few times. So here I am:

Self Portrait

I really like this one. Me in my oh-so-formal little suit. 😀

Agent M Hangin' Outside Area61

I have to wear my black sunglasses outside of Area 61 so my identity is safe. And you GOTTA love that oversized bowtie. I mean, we’ve all secretly wanted one at one point in our lives…or maybe not…

Well, hope you enjoyed that! I may photoshop them soon, since they’re so easy to color.


-Agent M