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This Brightened My Day

28 Mar


Just happened to pop up right after publishing a page on my website for Star Trek: Nova.




(You should go check out that website by the way because it is pretty awesome.)


I’m a Fail

28 Mar

Yeah, I never did a podcast. Sorry. 😦


I was SUPER busy this last week and was feeling a little under-the-weather, but I will try to get one out this week! 😀


I don’t have a whole lot of fun stuff to talk about today, so maybe tomorrow something awesome will happen. The one interesting thing that happened today was I can sort of do a round-off and a boy in my class started talking about a beetle today in science and it was hysterical. 😛


So…see you (hopefully) tomorrow!


~Agent M

Rain Rain

23 Mar

Came today!


It’s been COLD!! And it started raining right at 3:00 when I got out of school. 😛


But I like the rain a lot. It’s supposed to rain until Friday (It’s Friday Friday Friday…Gah have that stuck in my head…) and then stay cold until Monday.


I have a busy rest of the week! Tomorrow I have rehearsal for a play a class of kids is doing on Friday (Kickin’ in the front seat…) and then I’m going over to family friend’s while my parents go somewhere. Then on Friday (…sittin’ in the back seat) I have the play, and running lights for it means I get to miss first period (P.E., where we’d probably be playing dodge ball, so I’m not weeping) and a bit of the next class. After school I have a choir rehearsal. And sometime in the middle I have to write a light cue for a competition the choir’s going to on (Tomorrow it is…) Saturday (…after that comes Sunday, Sunday) which I don’t have to go to.


Hopefully I won’t have to postpone the podcast AGAIN, but I’m gonna be pretty busy… :\ I know what I think I’ll be talking about, but still, it all comes down to finding a quiet moment when I can record.


By the way, the comic I’m writing with Merlock, Star Trek: Nova comes out this Friday (Fun, fun, fun, fun)! Just another thing that’ll eat up my time. 😛 The link to the website’s in the blogroll, so if you could check it out, I’d like that. 😉


Well, gotta jet!


~Agent M

On the First Day Since Spring Break…

21 Mar

My true love gave to me,

A good bit of hooooo-me work!


I figured I hadn’t posted ‘just ‘cos’ in a while, and why not post one today!


So, today was the first day back from spring break. We had a week off last week (sorry for not saying anything about it!) and it’s always so hard to go back to school after any break. But today was fine; I had more homework tonight than I normally have (Geometry, Science, History, and English!) but I got it done. Except English. And that’s not due till Friday anyways. 😉


Over Spring break, I watched two Sean Connery movies! I watched “From Russia with Love” and “Search for Red October”. I only watched bits of the latter because my room was kinda messy and I needed to take a shower. That’s a good movie…I wish I had watched all of it. AND GATES MCFADDEN IS IN IT. WHAT. That Dr. Crusher for any of you people who watch TNG. I didn’t like her very much. Sorry. :\


Anywho, I also got a caricature done. It was really fun! I haven’t had one done since I was in 3rd or 4th grade when I went to SeaWorld with my aunt. I also redid my binder cover! This one’s a mish-mash of a bunch of different things, things in my room and on my desk and random things too. It has my name on it though, so I probably won’t upload a picture. 😛


Well… I’ve ran out of things to say! :T I’ll try and do another more interesting blogpost later in the week!


Stay hip,


~Agent M

ESP Episode Three!

19 Mar

Check it ouuttt! It’s a day delayed because this one is super-extra-special. 😉


Podcast Delay

18 Mar

The podcast probably won’t get posted today because I’m not done with the audio stuff and I’m doing something special for the video bit. But it’ll be up by Saturday or Sunday. 😉

Time-Lapse is My Friend

13 Mar


I time-lapsed myself drawing and this is what happened. 🙂

ESP Episode 2!

11 Mar



Some Fun Today

7 Mar

I had a pretty good day today. Had a quiz in math that was somewhat tricky, but not too hard.


I’m about to go check my grades online hold on.


AAUUGGGH she hasn’t posted scores! I’m scared! D:




Other than being a bit stuck on lateral area, all was good today. This is my last week before Spring Break, so I’m pretty happy. But it’s going to be a busy week. Choir is doing two lunch-time concerts, which means I’ll be doing the lights, and then I have one project due Friday (I’m nearly done with it) and I’m turning in another for extra credit. Because I’m insane like that. Two weeks early. Ohhhhh yeah.


Then I came home and did Geometry homework, sewed up a hole in the sleeve of one of my shirts, made my bed, put away clothes, and made a new outfit for my sock monkey. In the fourth or fifth grade I spent one Monday I had off and made a sock monkey from a kit. His name is PJ. His old outfit was getting a bit ratty (And it never was really any good. His pants were always sagging.) so I decided to take thirty minutes and make him a new ensemble. Here is my handiwork:



The purple-striped socks had recently gotten a hole in them, and I found the brown sock which is now his silky turtleneck. I’m pretty much like the Prada of Sock Monkey High Fashion. This ensemb will be ALL the rage in a few days. Just watch.


Recently my friend inspired me to do something rather time consuming but it’ll look cool in the end. See, I make these little paper origami stars and I have some in my pencil pouch. My friend said, “[Agent M], you should get one of those penny jars and fill it up with paper stars! That’d be like, a lifetime achievement.” So, I found this old, clear, purplish plastic box I had with school supplies in it, and I’m going to fill it with paper stars. It’s about a tenth of the way full because I poured two star-boxes-full of stars into them. That’ll be a long-term project. But I’ll upload pictures when I’m done.


I’m going to have a busy spring break! I need to work on my Doodle 4 Google entry, and a boy from my school asked me to draw a picture of him. That, and I’ve decided I’m going to finish learning how to play “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay on the piano. I know about half of it, and then I stopped learning it. So I’ll do that over spring break.


Well, I should probably go and finish up writing my business letter for math.


God bless,


~Agent M

ESP: Extra Special Podcast!

4 Mar

You guessed it!



Pretty quick, aye?


I’ll try and get another one up as soon as I can.