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Human After All

2 Aug




This was my project for a few days. I spent a really long time sketching this for a few days, and then like…four to six hours. On the computer doing the line art, color, and the ‘special effects’ and the background.


I’m pleased with the outcome! 🙂







Of Mice and Holmes And…

1 Jun

I bought two new books yesterday. 😀

They are:

Missile Mouse #1 The Star Crusher


The Adventurers of Sherlock Holmes

I’ve started reading Missile Mouse and it’s sort of a mash up of James Bond, Star Trek and Redwall. It’s like this super agent for the space equivalent of the U.N. (Except they aren’t trying to force us into world governance or indoctrinate the children.) who have spies, so it’s really more like the space CIA, that are trying to protect the worlds from bad guys. There’s a bunch of aliens, and then there’s Missile Mouse, who’s a Mouse. YESH! He’s sort of like Space Martin the Warrior…I guess. He kicks bad guys butts with his space explosives and stuff. Haven’t finished it, but expect a review coming later.

I know that the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a bunch of short Holmes’ stories and I CAN’T WAIT to read it. Review comin’ you way as well.

Oh, and I also am going to make a new header because of the theme change. I sketched out a bunch of random stuff, so here it is:

My personal favorites are the self portrait, the scared ferret, and the FAIL shooting star. :mrgreen: Prepare for a new header shortly.

Algebra Pirates and Spats

30 May


I’ll start off with shoes.

Me and my dad are on our way to the store to grab some stuff. We see an interesting yard sale…And we attended!

We poked around a bit and my dad laid eyes on these babies…


Are those not the most GENIUS SHOES EVER?! 😀

I love them as much as my dad did. Those shoes are like $200+ dollars and my dad got them for like a buck. SHWEETNESS!!

I posted this picture on the Redwall Wiki, but it’ll probably remain on there for a week or two and then it will be deleted because pirates in Redwall don’t take Algebra. 🙄

Yes.  I am wearing a NEON ORANGE tank top. And that is the back of my head in the mirror.

Like the new background? No more green lamp and a piano. Now there’s a mirror and a napkin holder. 😀 WOO!

God bless!!

–Agent M


26 May

Dunn dunn….Dunn dunn….Dunndunndunndunndunndunndunnndunndunn *SCREAM*!!!

Back at the Redwall Wikia, where I have been known to sometimes inhabit, I have been faced with a problem of WAAAAYTOOMANYCOMMISSION-itis. I am a repeat victim of this horrible disease that runs itself in an almost-never-ending loop. Let me explain.

  1. Victim gets bored and wants to do some commissions.
  2. Victim over-advertises commission status as “OPEN”.
  3. Multiple people ask for commissions simultaneously. This is caused by the Supply and Demand scheme that plagues the victim; commissions open for a short time and then are closed. Many rush to the scene to get their drawing.
  4. Victim takes accepts too many commissions, some which he/she is not capable of fulfilling.
  5. Victim suddenly realizes he/she hates being stressed and thus, becomes stressed.
  6. Victim slowly goes through commissions, sketching, scanning, showing, coloring, and posting. This stage can take anywhere from a few days to several months.
  7. Victim finally completes all commissions and is overjoyed by the prospect of freedom.
  8. Victim gets bored. This follows very shortly after Stage 7.

And it repeats from there. SEE?!? SEE HOW I AM PLAGUED?!

Yes, so my stress level has reached such heights that my brain is sending out strong EM pulses that are interfering with radio signals and causing small earthquakes in Sacramento, Beijing, Reno, Tokyo, Moscow, and Kuwait. Freaky. I mean, radiation is spilling out of the Stress Module in my skull and causing minor earthquakes. Sheez.

But, happily, I have finished three of my…12? Yeah, 12, I think, commissions. But if you were to count the finished ones, that’s 15 commissions. :O

Yes. Now, my brain and spinal column will explode. Why? Brain because of stress. Spine because of uncomfortable chair. End of story.


15 Mar

Well I need to upload some stuff. I have been at the old drawing board for a month or so and have quite a good stack of stuff to show for it. Here we goes…

Nick takes Roxanne back to the 1700s. She doesn't do dresses. She just...doesn't. She is not happy with having to wear a big flouncy pink dress, saying, "I hate this thing!" (hence the title) Nicholas is trying to tell her she looks fine and stuff..but Roxanne ignores him. 😛

Hold on. The scanner was being an idiot and I have to rescan stuff…stupid scanner…

All better.

In an odd turn of events, Nicholas is turned into a six year old kid. Chaos insues.

Look up the Twilight Zone (I said TZ for short) episode "Nick of Time". You'll see William Shatner (<3) and this lady. I stole the dress and put it on Roxanne. 😛

Eh. It's an okay picture. Their expressions are stupid though. 1960's theme, kudos to Agent S, sent via text. 😀

Picture I did for Merl0ck (Look at the Blogroll on the side). It's her character. Drawing is © Me, Shadik is © Merl0ck.

Last but certainly not least (It's my fave of the bunch!) is a picture I have spent a month or more on. It's a chibi version of the tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant (<3) on the BBC show Doctor Who. Drawing is © Me, Doctor Who is © BBC, and that awesome background is © whoever made it. I got it off Google, so...yeah.

Well, that’s all, folks! I’m sitting at my computer chair occasionally coughing, listening to Oasis, and probably going to go off and get a sandwich and read “The Sable Quean” or draw.

By the bye, if you need me to explain the Roxanne and Nicholas (Or I sometimes say Nick), comment and I’ll explain it in full. 🙂


(Thriller – Micheal Jackson)

–Agent M