About Agent M

Somewhere out there, in the magical land of California, USA, a girl sits at her computer, typing like a mad man. She remembers she shouldn’t be wearing her glasses for the computer and takes them off. She leans back in her chair and massages her aching neck. She reads what she has just written. she turns her head and tries to stretch her neck and continues writing.

I am the girl who has used so many many Pseudonyms. The most recent of these is Agent M. I’ll go into a bit about myself.

I love drawing, writing and reading. I love Netflix. My favorite foods are spaghetti, chili, chocolate cake, and peanut-butter-jelly sandwiches.

I am a conservative Christian. I have very strong beliefs and will probably share them with you at some point or another. Usually I can get along fine with people who I disagree with in the way of religion or politics; usually. Although, hey, if you want to have a debate, I’ll throw myself in there!

My favorite bands are Daft Punk, The Beatles and Oasis. I had a TON of favorite songs.

My favorite TV shows are Star Trek, Star Trek: Next Generation, Doctor Who, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, The Secret Show, Corneil and Berney (If you’re from France you might know what I’m talking about.), Pink Panther, Scooby Doo, Secret Squirrel, Stargate: Atlantis, Huckleberry-Hound, Tom and Jerry, and Top Cat.

My favorite actors are David Tennant (Don’t agree with him politically, but he is a very good actor and is one of the best Doctors from Doctor Who!) and Matt Smith. Yes, the Doctor, numbers 10 and 11. 😛 I love them…I also like Chuck Norris, who is bomb and I agree with him on religious/political issues.

My favorite movies are The AristoCats, Jungle Book, Cars, The Incredibles, UP, Toy Story 1, 2, and 3, Tangled, Inception and Napoleon Dynamite.

My favorite books are the Redwall series, the Gideon Trilogy, the Phantom Tollbooth, the Series of Unfortunate Events, anything Sherlock Holmes, and Doctor Who novels.


I love to write stories and draw. That’s about it. 😉


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