Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

28 May

I am betting Kelsey is laughing right now. But this is for a completely different reason, Kelsey. Not Picard. 😛 Or David Tennant.

Sooo…I have had TWO ROMANTIC PICTURE COMMISSIONS. Let me explain.

I AM NOT A ROMANTIC. I am not as romantic as some, not as violent as some, so I’m sort of in the middle. But definitely favoring the explosions and time warps and revolvers.

So, when people ask for romaaantic stuff, I sort of go, “Okay…I guess I can do that…” and accept and either speed through it or forget about it. I sped through it. Here they are!!

Awww. It’s Martin and Rose.

Originally I was going to do something like Rose kissing Martin on the cheek, but I was having such a darn hard time, I scrapped it and did this. Yeah. Love. Woo. Enjoy.


The request-ee of this wanted kissing, but I asked to do an Eskimo kiss. An Eskimo kiss is when you rub noses, so I did this. And yes, I know the heart WITH ROSES is SOOOO cliché. 🙂 Heh.

So, finished a few commissions. But I got two more commissions…so the number hasn’t decreased. 😛 Of course, I requested to do the commissions… xD


One Response to “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?”

  1. Bluee May 29, 2010 at 4:31 pm #

    Ah! The Martin & Rose pic you were telling about that you said was so difficult turned out pretty good!

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