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Clay Thingie

22 Nov

It’s a long story to explain how I made this…and I’m going to skip over that and show you this clay thingie I made.




Look, up in the sky! It’s a raccoon! No, its a cat! NO, it IS a RACCOON.


It was supposed to be a raccoon, but I didn’t have enough clay/time (We had like 13 min…I probably used about 3 of that and then we ran over and we were allowed to work longer) and besides, it was a quikkie little thing.


It’s a clay bust/head of a character I have. He doesn’t have a name yet. His working name is Rocky (You know, “Rocky Raccoon, checked into his room, only to find Guideon’s Bible!” It’s a Beatles song, okay?) but I don’t know if that’s it. My dad suggested Bentley. I’m horrible with names. xD


Here’s a sketch thing I did before doing the clay thing. The clay thing had no reference to this… :T



UGGGH parts got cut off. 😐 Still awesome pic (Bottom one, not top) if I do say so myself.


He looks like a lawyer. 😀 This got me thinking last night while I was trying to sleep. I dunno if he’s prosecution or defense. Whaddaya think?



To the right now….to the left! Take it back now SMLLAAARRRRGGGG!!!


-Agent M



And Editorial and a Bird and Some Spinny Lines

21 Nov

We’ll start off with the bird and the spinny lines:




I made the crane last night while watching the 3rd to last episode of Monk EVER (Cries) and White Collar (A show about a criminal guy who dresses AWESOME). I thought this was a cool idea. Cranes now symbolize peace, Sadako Chan, and the Twilight Zone. I don’t know.



Yesterday I went to a club for people who like Japanese stuff. It was fun. We watched episode 3 of Avatar and two episodes of this really weird show called “Wolf’s Rain”. Let me tell you about it:


Its very futuristic and wolves are ‘extinct’. Aparently there’s some legend that paradise, only the wolves will be able to find it. Oh, and wolves are aparently magical…yeah. So, these wolves are basically hiding in the city where they think paradise is hidden or something weird. But they can make everybody see them as people. It was weird, bloody, violent, cussing, PG-13, and WEIRD, but somewhat interesting. Eh. Very cliff-hanger-y. And the plot is just weird. And it bugs me. I’m Christian so a lot of plots of TV shows/movies/books can bug me. I mean…I would like to know what’s going on (Its confusing in the TV show) but I’m not like, in love with it.




Well…that’s it. Small update. I have lots of fun commissions to do. A few biggies, and some normal ones. And a book report. I’m doing a book called “A Taste for Rabbit”. GREAT book. And I’m listening to my Emo playlist for drawing dramatic things. It’s called DRAMATIK. CREATIVE GEINUS! lol. And no, S (Its a girl I know), I know I’m technically using Emo in the wrong context…But some of these drawing I do are SAAAD!! And these people look emo. I dunno…


All that you see, much more than you SMLLAAAARRRG, Bring it o back, bring it on back, bring it on baaaaack!!


-Agent M


18 Nov

I have two announcements. Number one:


The Redwall Wiki Anniversary Contest is over and I am allowed to show y’all what I entered. 😀





So…yeah…I learned she wears a purple robe thing and a necklace of teeth AFTER the voting had already started. 😐


Not my best, sadly. Aah well. I got two votes, I think!! 😀 Hey, two votes is better than one. I would also like to congratulate the winner, Ferahgo, who won air and square and did AWESOMELY!!! Everyone did. 🙂


Secondly, I did this several days ago but never posted it on here. Prepare for your eyes to be blown out of your heads. -Cue 2001 theme-





Commissioned. And AWESOME. One of zee best, mua mua mua mua mua!!


Everybody loves this for some reason. Seriously. Every single person who’s seen this and commented on it has liked it. I am good with cats, apparently. But I am not a cat lover. Cats don’t like me. I was bit by a cat once. 😐 But that cat was eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil. EVIL!!!!! I’m more of a dog person m’self.


Also, I watched the Disney “Robin Hood” last night. You know, with foxes and bears? I give the movie 4/5 stars. Here we go, EDITORIAL TIME:


I liked the movie because, like all old Disney films, the animation was purely stunning. The backgrounds are beautiful and I ADORE their anthropomorphic stuff. The voicing was good and my dad and I could name (Or at least say, “Hey, that was the lawyer from Aristocats!!”) for about half the cast.

Robin Hood-One of the Vultures from Jungle Book

Little John- Buloo (DUH) from Jungle Book

Sheriff of Nottingham- Bloodhound from Aristocats

Prince John-Lawyer from Aristocats


I liked the Rooster narrator-cum-bard. 🙂 And, according to my mother who has read the REAL book of Robin Hood, the whole arrow contest thing was real in the story. She didn’t see the other bit with everyone in jail cuz of taxes, though, so I don’t know ’bout that.


And there was humor. They dress up as lady sooth-sayer-types and rob the Prince. Laughed at that. FUNNY. And love. Maiden Marian and Robin Hood (Cue: AWwwwwww’s!!!) And singing. There wasn’t too much…but they were pushing it… My dad thinks the lady singing was the lady who sang in the Rescuers. He’s probably right. I love foxes even more now, too. I mean, its an old movie with animals in it and its good.


My ONE beef with the movie: Little John=Buloo from Jungle Book. I mean…almost exact same character design. Actually, it IS the same character design. But he’s wearing a tunic. Seriously.


Other than that, good movie. It’s cute and fun and if your little kiddies like Robin Hood but you don’t want them watching the BBC version (Because its targetted more towards adults and is more drama/action and less happy and jolly, which was something I liked about the movie), then go for it. It’s fun to compare the BBC version ( I watch it with my parents) and the Disney version. I don’t know which one I like better…I gotta say…I like foxes. 😀


Join us again next time!!

I’d like to be, under the SMLAAARRRGGGGG, in an octopus’ graden, in the shade!!


Agent M


14 Nov



It’s me. If I were a cat. And maybe had longer hair… 😛 Enjoy.


It’s too late to SMLAARRRGGGGG!!!!!!


–Agent M

I got…

14 Nov

I got Strep. I’ll be frank with ya today. Went to the doctor’s yesterday on a last-minute appointment, they did THREE cultures (One in my nose, two in my throat, one was a mess up) and I have Strep. And I’m on antibiotics. But, its the tasty pink kind.

Doctor: “Can you take pills?”

Me: “Well…yeah…” (Looks over at parents)

Parents: “Do you have a liquid one?”

Doctor: “Yes, would you rather have that?”

Me: “Yes!”


So, its the super yummy pink strawberry kind. 2x a day for ten days. I threw up FOUR TIMES Thursday. You could say I was pretty miserable.


But, on the bright side, I got a stuffed animal fox. It’s been one of my get-better-stuffies. His name is Aerynn. I have like a whole story made up about him. :B


Well, I should probably get back on the couch and watch Twilight Zone. Unless it got canceled and filled in with Langeire Football. I could sue you for False Advertisment, oh channel that shows Twilight Zone!!! YOU MAKE ME SICKER THAN I ALREADY AM WITH STREP!!!! Grr…




-Agent M with Strep

More Commissions

11 Nov

I was off today for Veteran’s Day. Hurray! So, I decided to do a few commissions that were piling up. Here they are:




-Sigh-. Sadness. Emo. Goth. “Apoligize” by OneRepublic. Yeah. This is for Layla Goldeneyes back at Redwall Wiki. I hope she likes it. And…




NIGHT SCEEEENEE!!! I love doing one of these every so often. I don’t do tartan…even though it was requested…too lazy to figure out how it would fold and junk… 😐 I don’t like patterns in clothing. Cuz it looks cruddy if you just use one of the ones on Photoshop…and fill…yeah. There it is. For Awavian, also at Redwall Wiki.


Irica (Fox) and Awavian (Squirrel) are © Their respective owners/users. I don’t own them.


Anyways. It’s nice to have a day off. Even if it is in a really awkward spot in the week…I watched my SECOND football game on Monday, too. It was Steelers vs. Broncos. Steelers won. 28-10. Owch. I don’t do football, but still…that was a big win.


I’m going to stop talking about football now.


Lessee…what to editorialize…? Eh. I’ll do an editorial later. I’m talking about commissions with a buddy right now! WOO!! SALESMAN TIME! (Even though I make no money…I’m a free commissioner.)


Clearly I remember from the windows they were watching as we SMLAARRRGGGG’d…down below…


-Agent M

New Drawing!!

8 Nov

I did this last night and this morning. I needed a new character, so whalaa! It’s a pink fox.


Fox Girlie

Yeah. Its crooked. I put it in lopsided 😛 I don’t know her name yet…I was thinking Stacey, maybe. But, if anybody can come up with REALLY GOOD JAPANESE SOUNDING NAMES, tell me them. I can’t make ’em up 😛


Well, time for food. I’m hungry.


Just because I’m SMLAARRRRGG, doesn’t mean I’m lost!!


-Agent M


7 Nov

Feeling much better this mornin’. Woke up at 8:30pst. I went to bed before 9:00pm…my dad is telling me how that’s almost 12 hours! I usually go to sleep at 11:00 on Fridays… 😀 Anyways, all of the prayers I’ve been getting from family and friends has definately helped! (In case you didn’t know this, I’m Christian and believe in the power of prayers. (: ) I’m going to put up a picture I did while I was sick.

A Blue Fox Named Ryan

I wanted to see what a fox looked like with blue fur. Foxes are very popular picks for characters, too 😀 He may go back to a more normal fox color, Eg: Red, gold, orange, black, gray, etc.


Here’s me trying to decide what Rodney should wear. I wrote a story about him for English and I wanted a new outfit, other than his turtleneck. So, I brainstormed.


Rodney gets some new diggs

Yes. He is singing “Apoligize” by OneRepublic. I tried doing one of him sitting at a piano doing it, but the perspective didn’t look right. When I make a good one, I’m TOTALLY going to photoshop it and make it AWESOME!!


For the editorial piece:

Right now I have a Bienfang sketchbook. Now, if any of you work for Bienfang, listen up: I like your sketchbooks. I need a BIG sketch book cuz I mess up A LOT. Probably more than half of my sketch book is messups. I’ll give them to you in bullets:



  • Big is good.
  • Durable: The metal rings keep the paper is place and won’t go flying. That’s happened to me on several occasion…with others.
  • Small enough for me to put in my backpack/canvas bag.
  • Not overly priced.


Bienfang, if you could just PLEASE do this, I’d be happy 😀

  • The paper is really really really thin. When I scan stuff, if I drew something behind it, you can see through the drawing and at the other one. That’s all.

So, overall, I give Bienfang 4.2/5.


If you’re SMLAARRRGGGG-y and you know it clap your hands!


— A Mending Agent M


5 Nov

Today is my fever-free day! I’m still at home resting because they always want you to have a sick-free day before you go back. And now I am feeling MUCH better. Because of that, I’ll tell you my top 5 favorite oldie cartoons.


  1. Pink Panther- Great show. Funny, and man, you just gotta love Pink! (The Panther, not the color :P) I love the animation, the backgrounds…everything!
  2. Yogi Bear- Boo boo! LOVE that show. It’s just awesome.
  3. Top Cat- The indisputable! Don’t we all love that wacky rogue? I mean, how can you not like street-savvy-multicolored-felines?
  4. Scooby Doo, Where are You!- Classic.
  5. Secret Squirrel- Campy, but its so goofy I love it. Morocco Mole and his fez hat OWN.

So, now go turn on Boomerang and rejoice in the 60’s-70’s greatness.


I don’t watch much TV, but when I’m sick, I usually watch Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Boomerang, because it’s the funny, child-friendly, cartoons I love. But, of course, while watching TV, there’s commericials. Gulpers. So, I caught up on my eye-rolling at the new, stupid things they are marketing towards kids. WARNING: Editorial approaching!


A while ago, they started making the baby dolls that talked, had GIANT, even for baby standards, eyes, and TALKED. Yeah. I said talked twice. BABIES DON’T HAVE BIG VOCABULARIES! But, okay, I could let that slip by. Here’s what is weird: “Mommy, I made a stinky!”




Now, when I was five, I had my little bitty baby and a stroller and a little bed for it and whatever. My bitty baby looked like a baby, if a baby was plastic. I mean, good quality, cute, you can buy sweet little outfits for it. And it didn’t do number one and number two. I mean, isn’t the whole point of a baby doll to, correct me if I’m wrong, be a play thing for little girls who want to pretend they’re mommies, but you don’t HAVE to change stinky diapers? Or feed them? Or wake up at 3am to rock them back to sleep? I mean…I wouldn’t want to be playing with something that goes to the bathroom. They made a Barbie version of this, except it was Barbie’s dog and you fed it snacks and then you picked up after it…


Another thing, I’m not an environmentalist or anything, but, wouldn’t all the diapers for a DOLL be kind of a waste of paper? Just sayin’.


Just because I’m SMLAAARRRGGGGGG-ing, doesn’t mean I’m lost!


-(An on-the-mend) Agent M

Still Sick.

4 Nov

I hit a record today: 103 fever. I was REALLY confused. :S I have also been watching Fox news/Boomerang for much, much too long. :B


In a world where REALLY REALLY lame 1970’s cartoons run rampant, there are some that just kind of…are really REALLY REALLY bad. Here’s my list of cruddy cartoons:

  • The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan- Complete knock-off of Scooby-Doo, except with the family of a Chinese inspector. They have a cat version of Scooby, too! The horror! THE HORROR!!!
  • The Adventures of Gulliver (IN COLOR!)- A cartoon version of “Gulliver’s Travels”. I suggest if you have read the book, don’t watch it. The little people are portayed like little tree elves or something. Never read the book, but a not very good show.
  • Mushmouse and Punkin Puss- HORRIBLE SHOW. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Imagine if Tom and Jerry were complete redneck-hillbillies and could talk. And had rifles. Except Tom wins more than Jerry. I suggest that unless you have NOTHING to watch and/or are forced to, don’t watch this show.
  • Frankenstein Jr.- Horrible. Nothing more to say.
  • Fangface- Worse than Chan Clan. TOTAL Scooby knock-off with a WEREWOLF INSTEAD OF SCOOBY. COME ON?!!? And the dude/werewolf, he’s a complete idiot. Going by Shaggy standards, Shaggy is about 10000x smarter than this guy. Ugggh. That show makes me sick.
  • And to top it all off… THE ROBOTIC STOOGES!- The title says it all: A cheap scam to make money, horrible show and plot line. Only watch it if forced to.

I’ll give you a list of the best oldies cartoons later. Now I gotta go sit back down on the couch and drink my Sprite. Bye.
Everybody SMLAARRRG now!


– An ill Agent M