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Picture I Did

28 Feb

Did this for a book report on “Martin the Warrior”. Lyric cred- Coldplay, “Fix You”. Background pic cred- Rose
by Vokjo Kalan. It’s public domain.


–Agent M


MY Shiny Eye

28 Feb

Anyone who has every read/watched “Redwall” and/or “Mattimeo” MUST watch this. It’s  a video Our Lord Hethrin made. You know, Hethrin? He made the Redwall Abridged Series? Well he is probably one of the most hilariously genius people on earth, and he made this. You will laugh your face off, then it will explode, and then Cluny will sue you for exploding on him.


27 Feb

It’s raining. It’s pouring. My doggie is snoring. She got up, then went to bed again, and probably won’t wake up for a while.

It never rains in California, apparently, is a big fat, seriously. BIG FAT LIE. RAINING. SERIOUSLY. Gurgle gurgle gurgle.

It’s not lightning/thundering though. So that’s a relief.

I take that back. It will be thundering soon, according to The Weather Man. TRUST THE WEATHER MEN!!!! Hmm…that’d be a good name for a band. Randomness.

In other news: Last night I helped out at a church thing for little kids and painted faces/hands/arms. There were three little boys who I gave sleeves to. (If you don’t know what sleeves are, it’s when you see people with their entire arms covered in tattoos.) I drew a lot of masks on people’s faces, a hand full of butterflies and hearts, too. This is all I drew on these three little boy’s arms:

  • Sharks
  • Jellyfish
  • An octopus
  • A lion
  • A tiger
  • (Not a bear!!) A cheetah
  • A semi
  • A racecar
  • An airplane
  • Dragons
  • Water dragon

And, I gave a little boy a curly mustache and sideburns. xD He looked awesome. I even got to paint my parent’s faces! My dad got a Mark-Twain beard and a curly mustache, and I drew whiskers and a little cat nose on my mom. I was also declared the best artist ever (FINALLY! Just kidding) by the little boys with the ‘tattoos’ on their arms. And listen to this.

Boy: “Why are you wearing a purple watch?”

Me: “Because I like to tell time.”

Boy: “So you’re a girl then…?”

Me: *Laugh* “Yeah; thanks for noticing.”

apparently girls like to tell time. Who’da thunk?



–Agent M


22 Feb

LOOK AT THE SIDEBAR!!! I got 1000+ views!!! OH MY GOODINESS!!! I’d like to thank all the little people…just kidding. 😛 Glad you people actually like reading Albi the Racist dragon and my spazz moments. 😀 I could give you all a hug…not really. xD Well I don’t know some of you people!! That’s why you comment… a lot… comments make me haaaappy…

On another note, about schol, I’m busy. 😦 I have to draw 32 pictures symbolizing different events in this book I’m reading (“Martin the Warrior” by Brian Jacwues. By the bye, can’t wait for my pre-order of Sable Quean, comin’ out TOMORROW!!!!! :D). And it’s due the 2nd. Of March. Owchie. Well, only 16 are due, but I want to get them all done. I have 17 or 18, currently. I also have to ink the sketches and color them. Wish me luck!!!

No signing off today; I have to go RIGHT NOW!!! DINNER TIME!!!

–Agent M

Happy V-Day!

14 Feb

So, happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Hope you are enjoying it. Here’s my…err…GIFT to you. Yeah. Heh.

“But you did leave my badly disfigured!” laughed the boy.

These guys are HILARIOUS, but be warned, in some of their other music they cuss. Just an FYI. But they are still hilarious.

–Agent M


10 Feb

Now, I’m not a Lady GaGa fan, but a girl on YouTube made this very goofy, funny video. I would watch it. 😀

Just watch and enjoy the Pop-Culture Parody. 🙂


–Agent M

It’s Raining.

9 Feb

No, the old man is not in bed. And I’m not in Spain. Just another simple atmospheric disturbance. 😛

My feet are cold and wet. When we got out today the rain reached a climax. And I didn’t have an umbrella. And I wore my canvas Vans today. So my feet are wet, but I’m not too wet all around, ’cause my dad has an umbrella. 😀 But it thundered and lightninged. COOL!!

Ohh…cold feet…

Anyways, a few days ago I got some new Inking Pens, because my old ones were old and getting cruddy.  But these ones are SPECIAL!! They’re Faber Castell (I like their pens) and it came with eight PITT (Whatever that means) pens; three are inking, in small, medium, and brush, and then there’s five gray brushy pens. For coloring and shading and stuff. Because the good markers cost about $1000 for a 72 pack (Owch!!) and I wanted to try it. Looks cool, and my test-runs have came out good!!

I have two editorials (Sorta thing) now. First:

Up: The Movie That Everyone Was Talking About Last Summer But I Never Saw

I got it on Demand last night and me and my mom watched it. GREAT MOVIE!!! We cried three times. The animation was awesome and Pixar amazed me with another brilliant plot. I love that company!! I don’t want to give away details, but just go watch the movie. AWESOME!!!!

In other news, I am going to get a Doctor Who novel. I’m excited and want to read one, after my book report, of course. Blech. Reading “Martin the Warrior” for the third time seems much less exciting now. So I’m searching on amazon and Barnes and Noble and probably my library soon, too. Call me a geek. And obsessed. I’ll agree. 😛

Planet SMLAARRRGGGGGGG is blue and there’s nothing I can do…

(Space Oddity by David Bowie)

–Agent M

William FAILS

8 Feb

So, remember my friend “Agent J”? Well, he asked me to draw him a very historical and completely true picture.
So, a long long time ago, in England, there was this guy called William the Conqueror. I think he was from Wales (Correct me if I’m wrong) and something happened and he wanted to invade England. Well, he fought in the big battle with the king of England and it was called the Battle of Hastings. Agent J, my buddy, is doing a report on this. Here’s the story: While stepping out of his boat, William, HIS FIRST STEP ONTO BRITISH SOIL, FALLS FLAT ON HIS FACE. This was viewed as a bad omen by his crew, but he turned it into a good omen by saying he held the Brits in his hands or something. So, I got to draw a very fun, historically accurate, picture. Wow I have too much fun. 😀

And a special thank-you to Agent J for letting me put this on here. Hurray for internet websites!!

–Agent M

This is My Home…I’m Coming Home!

8 Feb

So, for the past like,  hour and twenty minutes, I’ve been listening to Shiny Toy Gun’s cover of “Major Tom (Coming Home)”. Now, if you’re like me and missed out on the eighties music trivia lesson at school, you probably know it better as the song that goes,

“Four three two one…

Earth below us

Drifting, Falling

Floating Weightless

Calling, Falling.”

Yeah, I mean, shoot, I love dem space songs! And it seems around the 60’s-80’s some people like David Bowie (Almost said David Tennant. Geez I’m a geek!!) and Mr. Schilling (The guy who originally wrote Major Tom. But in German.) liked them, too.

By the way, I have a quote of the day.

“Time is basically a ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.”

Doctor Who, The Doctor (David Tennant)

I love that quote!! It’s GENIUS!! In other news: I am planning to get a Doctor Who shirt. A 10th doctor Doctor Who shirt. Man, Cafe Press has some funny Doctor Who shirts… 😛

“Hello Major SMLAAARRRRGGGG, are you receiving? Turn your thrusters on!”

(“Major Tom”)

Agent M

Japan…And France…BREAD!

7 Feb

Umm…yeah. I know. Weird title. Let me explain.

So, for history, we have to do a project. Pictures and paragraphs and a trifold. Weee. Fun. So, when asking my friend, who is named…Agent J, he said I should draw something because I KICK MUFFIN at drawing. He didn’t say kick muffin though. I say that. He just said I draw good. Anyways.

So, I drew this thing. I based it (Roughly) off the cover of Coldplay’s album “Viva la Vida”. (NOTE: That picture isn’t French Revolution related; it is a later revolution.) Now the lady on there is supposed to be personifying Liberty…but her shirt is kind of not on very well. So it is showing non-School-Appropriate-Ness. Plus it has nothing to do with Kind Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette and the gang. So, I redid it so that my lady is wearing her shirt AND is to do with the French Revolution. 😀

So for like, three-four hours, I’ve been photoshopping this baby. ENJOY!

Let me explain while listening to “Paperback Writer”.

This is a woman leading a charge at Versailles (Ver-sai is how its said. The French have odd phonics. :/ ). They are charginf because,

1) They have pretty much no bread and are starving.

b) They hate Marie-Antoinette’s guts. She WAS a bit extravagant…

Photoshop Elements…4 point something, and my bamboo fun tablet are my tools of the trade.

We are the pirates who don’t do anything! (Sorry, listening to my playlist entitled SMLAARG!!)

Yes, the Japanese settled in France. They didn’t like Louis XVI because he banned Naruto and Inuyasha. And Rosario Vampire. And then, he yelled at Miyazaki. So the Shouju girlies chopped his head off. That’s the real story of the French Revolution.

What’s a rooster and mashed potatoes have to do with being a pirate?!

Now, I am also going to have to color Agent J’s picture. I am now being commissioned by real people. I mean people not on the internet. But I still have ten stinkin’ commissions. Oh muffins.

Somebody told her that was a place like SMLAAARRRRGGGG across the water on a 747, yeah we’re living in a modern world! (“Calling America” by Electric Light Orchestra.)

–Agent M