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Lookin’ Like a Fox…Hat…With Sunglasses.

31 Jan

I made this for an Anime-thing in my neighborhood. My dad said the glasses looked cool with it and made me look like a Fox-Spy. So…I had WAAY too much fun wiht Photobooth for like, half an hour, taking pictures. Here’s the cream of the crop:

Oh, and wanna see what I have for my desktop? OF COURSE YOU DO!!!

Time Warping is a very serious buisinness. Just ask Nicholas. By the by, I’m planning on making a page solely about me, as a person, and then about all of my little puppets- I mean characters. I’ve come up with a lot for ^his^ (Nicholas) story. Very fun.


And the SMLAAARRRRGGGG came out of the water, and you’re feeling so bad cuz ya know. And the SMLAARRRGGG hide out in every corner, but you can’t touch them no, cuz they’re all SMLAARRRGGGG!!!!!! (‘Spies’ by Coldplay)

Agent M


Epiphany of Music

24 Jan

So, I like Coldplay. I LOVE Coldplay. I have something that all the crazy little kids out there will like. Well, maybe not. I don’t know. The String Quartet has done a beautiful tribute to Coldplay. All instrumental, all orchestrated-rock type stuff. It is just amazing! I bought songs that I don’t have the Coldplay versions of! I urge you to go on iTunes and check it out; its called “The String Quartet Tribute to Coldplay”. Let your ears be happy.

I can’t do a parody because the music I’m listening to has no lyrics. 😛

Agent M

Doctor Chibi

9 Jan

Yes, I am a Fan of Doctor Who. I admit it. Like, crazed fan. Aaaaaand…I like chibis. I will color later. But its JUST SO DANG AWESOME!!! 😀

And to people who are confused, it is The Doctor (David Tennant) from Doctor Who as a chibi. AND IT ROCKS. SERIOUSLY.

“The End of Time” Review

3 Jan

So, I decided to do a review. This review is on Doctor Who: The End of Time. Because it’s a ‘two-parter’, I’ll give you my reviews on Part 1 and 2 separetly.

Part 1

Airing in America the day after Christmas, this one was pretty dang creepy. It starts out with The Doctor (Played by the amazing David Tennant) talking to an alien race called the Ood, who tell him that “his song is ending”, and the end of time is coming! He heads back to earth with heavy hearts (He has two!) and finds that the master (John Simm) is alive! Uh oh! But, while this creepy cult was raising him from the dead, it was ‘interuppted’ by his wife, who splashed him with some death stuff. So, now you have an even MORE insane Master walking around Britain, eating people. Yeah. CREEPY!! Meanwhile, the Doctor finds Donna’s grandad, Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins), and he tells him that he has been having bad dreams with the Master in them. In the end, we are left with the Master using some alien technology to turn everyone (Except Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), her grandad, and the Doctor) into identical copies of him, dubbing the race of blondies “The Master Race”. We also see the Time Lords, the Doctor’s two-hearted alien race, coming back!! But they’ve been stuck in the Time War, which is a Time Lock (Nothing can get in-out)! Oh no!

This episode was good. It was VERY creepy though, and a bit scary. No bad dreams reported from me, though. Although it did freak me out. Little kids might not like that one, though. The Master turning everyone into himself was done by them all shaking their heads back and forth really fast, and it was kinda creepy.

Part 2

This one was one of the best Doctor Who‘s I’ve seen. Let’s just start off with that. This one is a bit more complex, so I’ll just stick to a basic summary.

The Doctor escapes with Will onto an alien space ship. The Master recieves a mysterious ‘White Point Diamond’, which can only be found on Gallifrey, the Time Lord’s (Now barren) planet. He plugs it into some machine that is boosting a signal of the beat of a drum in fours (The beat of a Time Lord, in reality; imagine your heart beat, then another one beating in the spots it isn’t.) to allow the Time Lords to escape the Time Lock and come to earth. They De-Masterfy the human race, but then turn around and start crashing Gallifrey into it! Bittersweet, much? The Doctor returns via sky diving from an alien ship, crashing through a window, and landing on the marble floor with an old 40’s pistol from Will, but lies there just kind of bleeding. Ow. The Time Lords plan on making a come back, basically destroying the whole of creation so they can become little beings only of thoughts. Selfish! So after debating on who to shoot, the Maser of the President of the Time Lords, he shoots the diamond holding the Time Lords there. And to save the Doctor’s life, the Master starts blasting the President with some super-human strength he got when being brought back to life.


The prophecy of the Doctor’s death is fulfilled! As he is sitting there you hear a knock of four, repeated a few times. He turns around to see Wilf stuck in a radiation containment chamber and can only be let out if the Doctor lets him out by stepping into the other one, trapping himself inside. Wilf begs him not to let him go, but the Doctor cannot stand there while his friend dies. He steps into the other one and absorbs all of the radiation. He is alive…but he finds out that he is beginning the regeneration cycle, which the Time Lords use to ‘cheat death’ by changing their face (And everything) retaining the memories, but that’s about it. It ends with him saving or helping out his friends, which he does as a reward to himself, then limps into the Tardis and regenerates, yelling “I don’t want to go!”. Though, to balance out all the death, crying, and crazy tenseness, they ended on a happy-sort of funny note. Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, feels of his hair and shouts out, “I’m a girl!?!” and so that made me laugh.

I will really miss David Tennant, but I will give Matt a chance and I wish him good luck! The acting in this one was great, and David just…did…it…I don’t know how to describe it. I cried like twice. I almost cried several more time, though. But really, his acting was just great. I’ll miss you, David Tennant!!

The Doctor

1 Jan

I watched six hours of Doctor Who season 1 (Of the new series) today. My friend who likes it, too, brought it over and is letting me borrow it. YESH! HEH!! Its AWESOME! I am planning on watching some more (We’re getting like 40 on DVR) tonight. But tomorrow is when David Tennant’s last episode airs! David Tennant! 😦 We love him! He fits the role so well!! I’m going to miss him so much. But I hope the new Doctor does just as well, I mean, he does have a bow tie! So, yes, a steady diet of Doctor Who and drawing has started off my new year. How was yours?


1 Jan

Well, it is now 2010, meaning we all have to say the seventies were FOURTY, not THIRTY years ago. Doh. I hate math. I don’t have any new magical art but I am planning a possible T-Shirt design. Any suggestions for custom tee shops?

What are you doing the first day of 2010? I am inviting a friend of mine who is equally (If not more!) obsessed with Doctor Who as me, and she is going to fill my mom and me in on all of the seasons we never saw. WOO!! But I must say I am going to miss David Tennant. 😦 He is really really awesome and stuff. AND HIS HAIR!! COME ON!

This is random but, a friend of mine’s little sister said, “Lady Gaga’s ‘Viva la Vida’  is way better than Coldplay’s.” I shouted back, “I ha- no, I don’t hate her. SHE’S WEIRD!!” She replied something about well she’s weird but her music is good. So I say,

“If Coldplay and Lady GaGa got into a fight, Coldplay would win because number one they’re all boys, number two there’s four of them, and number three, THEY’RE MORE AWESOME!!!

I love Coldplay. I have pins on my vest. I want their shirts. THEY ROCK.

So, in their support, this is my signing off:

“What if there was no SMLAAAARRRRGGGG, nothing awesome, nothing really amazing?” (Spoofed from “What if there was no light, nothing wrong, nothing right?” from “What If” copyright Coldplay)

-Agent M, in TWENTY TEN, BABY!