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An Updated Look On Life

30 Nov


It’s been a while since I posted anything about…anything, so I figured I’d post some stuff.

First off, I entered a contest on the Redwall Wiki! I didn’t win, but it was fun. I do wonder what place I got in it… Hmm…

Anyways, check it out on the link below. I did Entry #2. Long Patrol Girl is me. 😀

Redwall Wiki Art Contest 2010 Winner

What else…AHAH!

I saw Tangled over the weekend. IT WAS AMAZING. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a while, honestly. It was animated(?) by the same guy who did other princess movies (Like “The Little Mermaid“), and I really enjoyed it. Disney is pretty darn good at stuff like that. I’d give it two thumbs up and 5/5 stars. People are saying that this is their last fairy tale movie…?? That is INSANE. If Disney wants to make money, which they do (last time I checked they were capitalists after all), then they’ll stick with it.


That’s all I have to say about that. Maybe I’ll post a review? I dunno.

Recently I finished watching all of the ‘Trek movies. From The Motion Picture, to Wrath of Khan, to the one with the whales, to the Lost Country, to Nemesis, and even 2009, I have now seen them all.


All of the episodes? Another story entirely.

I’ve seen all of TOS now almost twice, but I still haven’t seen a lot of TNG. I’m setting it to record on this one awesome channel


Still doing that comic thing with Merlock! Star Trek: Nova will start coming out soon. Here’s a link to it: Star Trek: Nova



Well…I’m off to go draw something! 😀


God bless,


Agent M


Happy Thanksgiving!

25 Nov

To all of my U.S. readers, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful and don’t eat too much turkey! 😉


God bless,


Agent M

I Spend My Weekends Drawing Spaceships

12 Nov


Because I have nothing better to do than watch Star Trek, draw stuff for Star Trek: Nova (comic me and Merl0ck are doing), and drawing fan art. But it’s fun! 😀

That’s Gotta Hurt

5 Nov

Dear Willow Smith,


Sorry I couldn’t be in your music video. I just did not have enough hair to sufficiently whip back and forth.