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Finally! An Animation!

16 Sep

Yes! Yes I did! Check it out!




2 Apr

Sorry, but I had to cancel it.





Okay yes it’s an April Fool’s joke a day late (I guess timing isn’t my strong suit) but I was busy yesterday. I DID record this last night, but it was too late for me to set up all the visual media stuff to go with it. But, better late than never!


Trek verse War

23 Aug

This started with an argument with two of the kids in my P.E. class and I. We were debating whether tactically the Death Star from Star Wars could take on and defeat the Enterprise. Of course, because Joey (my Star Wars-fan friend) who started the argument knows NOTHING about Star Trek (Not even the Red Shirt Expandability Law! Sheesh!), he did not clarify if it which Enterprise it was. So…I say, Enterprise E.


The Death Star in A New Hope

Image via Wikipedia

-cricket- -cricket-

Now, to be fair and to appease my friend, here are the tech specs:

Enterprise E

(Registration NCC-1707-E)


16 Phaser Arrays
Photon torpedoes
Quantum torpedoes


Deflector shields


Impulse engines
Warp drive
RCS Thrusters

(Note, to the non-Trekki, Warp drive is FASTER THAN LIGHT travel. Light speed. Yeah.)


685.7 meters (about 2,250 feet)


445.9 meters (about 1,463 feet)


131.2 meters (about 430 feet)


3,250,000 metric tons (about 7,165,023,521 pounds or about 3,582,512 US Tons)

Okay, now onto the…

Death Star.

Diameter (It’s a big circle):

160 kilometers (about 524,934 feet)


(Taken from the Wookieepedia’s article on it)

The Death Stars, the Galactic Empire‘s ultimate terror weapons, were battle stations several hundred kilometers in diameter and mounting a directed energy superlaser capable of completely destroying a planet with a single shot along with 15000 lasers, ion, turbolasers batteries, and heavy turbolasers in all plus an additional 768 tractor beam emplacements. However, the first Death Star’s defenses were not tight enough to stop starfighters from penetrating them.

I added the emphasis… 😉


(Another quote…)

Facilitating the Death Star’s realspace propulsion were a network of powerful ion engines that transformed reactor power into needed thrust. In order for the Death Star to be a deadly threat, it needed to be mobile. Using linked banks of 123 hyperdrive field generators tied into a single navigational matrix, the Death Star could travel across the Galaxy at superluminal velocities.

(I couldn’t find anything else; not mass or anything! Hmph.)

So, now’s the poll time.


I am NOT a Star Wars hater. I’ve only seen (don’t kill me please) the original three ONCE. I like Star Trek (and Doctor Who, while I’m in the Sci Fi mode) better, but I do not HATE Star Wars. It was pretty good and I cried at the end (which is a good sign, by the way).

But Kirk would STILL beat Luke’s butt in hand-to-hand combat. HE CAN MAKE A BAZOOKA OUT OF DIAMONDS, BAMBOO, AND SULFUR. BEAT DAT! 😉

And Data is bomb as well. 😀 I like R2D2 but I’d go Data if I had my choice. :3

(Oh, and all the funny linky bits are because of a new thing on WordPress. It’s awesome!! :D)


30 May

Please take a moment to view the following video:

😥 That was beautiful.

Yes, this seems very very very obscure. BUT IT AIN’T!!!

I mean, is that not the best timing EVER?

Let’s end with some ‘Wars.

Oh geez…watched a bit of a Star Wars movie from 1999 today. (IMDB tells me it was “The Phantom Menace”) AWFUL. IT WAS SOOO STUPID!! Sorry Joey and my other Star Wars lover friends, but…it was awful. My mom and I both agreed that because they overused CGI and green screens, and it wasn’t even good CGI and Green Screens (But what are you supposed it expect? It was 1999.), that it had a cartoony feel. STUPID!