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A Day of Running, the Internet, and Writing

23 Jan

Makes me sound a bit like Doctor Who, huh?


No, today was a rather boring  day. I got up at about 10:00 and hooked my Wii up to the Internet. About an hour or two later, I went with my mom and did some running. I ran for ten-ish minutes and ran about 80% of a mile, just because it was hot, I was frustrated, and the field I was running on was so small I would have had to run 10 laps to do a mile.


I got home and did some more Wii set-up, chatted with a friend, and did my Geometry homework . I hate parallelograms. Oh, dangit. Just remembered: Quiz there tomorrow! Wee. Anyways, after that I tried getting some work done on my biography project on the Wright Brothers for English; I got a couple more slides written, and then I started planning out and writing my Literary Comparison essay.


Oh, gosh.


Those things are HARD. I’m comparing a book I read to a biographical video I watched on them, and they’re pretty similar. It’s pretty dry stuff. I love writing as much as the next aspiring-teen-writer, but essays…Oh dear.


We’re going to Sharky’s for dinner tonight, so I’d better get off of here and put on some socks.


Oh, one more thing!


A while ago I drew a picture. I got on Cafepress and put it onto a shirt! Check it out!








Enjoy the rest of your weekend or wherever you happen to be in your week when you read this,


Agent M


I’m Still Alive

16 Jan

Had you fooled, right?


No, I’m still alive. I had gotten sick around Thursday, missed school Friday, was lounging Saturday, and did some more work-y stuff today (Sunday). So, figured I’d post and let the Internet know that I hadn’t just fallen off the face of the earth.


In my blog-post absence, I got some new stuff from Amazon! Yay. I got a Star Trek communicator toy (oh yes) and I LOVE it. It’s really cool. I also got a Star Trek shirt, which I plan on wearing Tuesday to school, seeing as Monday is a holiday.


I’ve also been reading up some on the Wright Brothers for a project in English. They’re pretty interesting, actually.


Not much happening, though, so that’s really the end of the post!


Have a happy rest of your Sunday and a good Martin Luther King Jr day,


Agent M

The Postal Service is My Best Friend

12 Jan

Well, actually, it’s more like a friend-of-a-friend, because babysitting money/Christmas presents are friends with Amazon, and Amazon is friends with the USPS.


BUT, this is besides the point.


My Star Trek: The Original Series Communicator arrived today! I’ll take a picture of a video or something of it once I get around to it and once I’m up to it (I’m getting a bit of a cold).


Woo! Beam me up, Scotty!


~Agent M

Shiny CD Case

11 Jan

My Tron: LEGACY soundtrack and glow-in-the-dark poster arrived today!


It came in a really long box.


I’m going to upload the songs into my computer and listen as soon as I can, and hang up that poster soon, too.


But I need to go to the library first and I’m going to a school thing later tonight, but I will MAKE time for that. Oh…and homework. Forgot about homework. Whoopsie.

Despicable Me – Big Stars, Big Plot?

8 Jan

So, I was at home with my sickly mom, and decided on the suggestion of a friend to rent “Despicable Me”. During the opening credits, I was rather surprised by the list of big stars, (Steve Carrel, Julie Andrews, Miranda Cosgrove, Kristen Wiig, John Segel) especially because it’s an animated film.


Now, I’m going to admit, I had very, VERY low hopes for this movie. Okay, basically no hopes. I thought it was going to be one of those really dumb kids movies that makes a profit because lots of six year olds want to go see it because of something stupid and cute. And then I heard people talking about how it was one of the best animated movies of 2010! You’re telling this to the girl who saw Toy Story 3 and Tangled, which really ARE two of the best animated movies, even movies in general, of the year. I’m not a big movie person; I don’t think I saw any movies at all in 2009.


But, let’s continue.


Overall, I thought the movie was cute. It was better than what I expected. I chuckled a few times (I have to admit that Toy Story 3 was funnier, sorry), and I think the movie had a weird, but cute, idea. I was glad that the plot wasn’t completely disjointed (I thought that the Evil-guy-steals-moon-gets-three-little-girls would be a bit…far fetched.) and it actually made sense. I thought that the Vector thing was a bit…unnecessary. I did think that one of the last scenes, with him having the girls jump, was pretty scary (I was grabbing onto the sofa) and it was very sweet.


I honestly thought some of the stuff in it was just kind of random and not needed (Ie: Minions), but I realize that I am a good deal older than the prime demographic of the movie.


Overall, it was cute, and wasn’t terribly gut-wrenching for the parents that have to pay and sit through it. Pretty good, but I don’t think it was the best animated film of the year.

Hurdles Destroy Your Back

7 Jan

And now you know.


And knowing is half the battle.


Anyways (person who can tell me what animated TV show that came from wins an internet dog), today was pretty good. I had a spazzy-flip-out-attack today after school, but otherwise it was a good day.


I mean, it takes A LOT for Friday to be a not-good day. A LOT.


So, onwards with the daily overview.


My mom has gotten sick! She has almost lost her voice and has a fever (And the only prescription is NOT more cowbell), so she told me she sat and read Sherlock Holmes and a book on physics today.


I still went to school. It was a good day overall. We had a funny substitute in Science (she taught like an elementary school teacher, which was kind of funny), I laughed a lot in history, doing the lights in choir was easy, English was sad (We watched a documentary about Anne Frank, which made me cry a little bit), and Geometry was easy and I finished the homework in time. Then, of course, I stayed for about an hour to work at the rehearsal choir had. And then I went home.


I checked the Internet and found that my Geometry grade was 87% (Which is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE by my standards. Which are my straight A+’s standards), and was getting really worked up, but it was because I had made 7/8 on a quiz, which was the only thing put in on the grade-book! Because we just got back from Winter Break! So, after some “OH MY GOSH THIS RUINED MY DAY” type stuff, I eventually (by dinner) calmed down. I’m thinking about retaking the quiz (just to soothe my bruised ego and bring my grade up to my snuff-ing standards), or just waiting till she puts in more grades. I haven’t decided at this point; depends whether she puts in any more grades!


But you’re probably going, “Wait, Agent M! What about all this hurdle talk in the title!” Well, you’re probably not saying that, for a few reasons. 1) You don’t talk to your computer. Or to Internet strangers. Stranger danger! 2) You probably forgot.




This morning (I have P.E. first thing in the morning, every morning), as we have been doing track and field, we did the hurdles today.


I LOVE hurdles.


I’m not very athletic, in-case you didn’t already know. Like, REALLY not athletic. So, when we get to the track and field unit, I always feel a bit…Unmotivated. Because I realize that I’m not strong, a slow runner, and I can’t jump supernaturally far. And seeing as that covers most of the criteria in track and field, I don’t have high hopes (or really any hopes) of getting a medal. Now, keep in mind, you’re looking at probably one of the more optimistic kids in her class (Unless I’m just having a crummy day. Crummy days make me not very optimistic.), but it’s not that I’m being pessimistic; if anything, it’s pretty realistic and it also keeps me from being too disappointed when I’m not invited to the track meet or I don’t win any ribbons, because it’s just not my forte.


What I lack in road-runner like speeds and super strength (and spidey sense), I made up for in two things:


  1. I’m 5’5″, and a little bit taller to A LOT taller than most of the girls I know
  2. I have mad frisbee skills

So, hurdles come easy to me. With my three-foot long legs.


Excitedly I came up to where the races were being held. There were six lanes; two with teeny-weeny hurdles (The ones that are about a foot tall and come up to my shin, like the kind you would use in third grade), three medium sized ones (they would hit me around my pants pockets, so maybe…two and a half feet? I dunno.), and one big one (about six inches higher than the medium ones).


Oh man.


Ohhhhh-oh, MAN!


So, I did a few tries with the medium ones. There were only two hurdles (It was a 50 yard or meter or something dash) per lane, so it was easy. I have a friend who’s in P.E. with me, and she runs like a seven minute mile (I run about a nine minute mile), so she is FAST. She beat me. But I knew that.


I tried one time with the mini-hurdles. I didn’t have to jump. I just raised my foot a little higher than when I normally ran


And then.


I tried it.


The BIG hurdles.


I ran off the block and bolted as fast as my slow, out-of-shape, completely-un-aerodynamic body would thrust me. I came up to the first hurdle. I jumped high, and…





Unfortunately, I clipped the second hurdle while jumping with my non-leading knee. I was a bit disappointed, but oh well.


I ran in that lane again and again, probably about four or five times.


I had a lot of fun! Seeing as most of the other kids who tried it did it as a joke and plowed through/went under the hurdle.


But my ego boost did not go without a price.


I don’t know exactly what I did, but my back (lower left hand side to be exact) hurts like the Dickens! It kind of feels like I overworked or pulled something. But hey, I have a whole weekend to relax and bask in the glory of my own brief, shining moment.


I’m looking forward to the discus as well. Frisbee skills pay off when chucking a rubber Identity Disk, for all you TRON fans.


Well, I leave you to enjoy your well-deserved weekend!


Agent M

Friday is Within Our Grasp!

6 Jan

Yay! Thursday!


Thursdays are my favorite day of the week, usually. Generally there’s not a lot of homework (like on Mondays), and I get to pick dinner on Thursdays! I’m planning on asking for Domino’s. I like pizza. 🙂


Today was a good day at school. I (amazingly) won a 50-yard dash today! I’m a pretty slow runner, but I got ahead during one try. I was very happy.


I had a great day in History, as well. I really like my history teacher; he’s one of my favorite teachers of all time, and he has a really good teaching style, and I find myself looking forward to it everyday. We are learning about Lewis and Clark, and yesterday we had to draw something that Lewis and Clark might had done or seen on their expedition. He showed us a picture that Clark had drawn of him or Lewis (it was hard to tell) getting chased up a tree by a bear. I had spent over an hour drawing a picture of the two of them having a bear sneak up on them, and having Clark noticing and saying, “Umm…Lewis?” And Lewis replying, “I’m busy here, Clark!” I thought it turned out okay (not my best but not my worst), and I happily turned it in to him with a smile on my face (he always seems happy when I turn in coloring and drawing type stuff). He showed the whole class and said, “I really like this. You know, I think I’m going to keep this.” “Yay!” He then said, “And I’ll sell it on eBay when you become famous. Not really. I’m not that shallow.”


The rest of the day passed fairly uneventfully; not bad, just, uneventful. My mom got sick, and I’m really hoping I don’t get sick too.


Hopefully I’ll watch some Star Trek tonight! Yipee!


Have an awesome day,


Agent M


5 Jan

I always have liked Wednesdays. Why? Because Wednesday’s mark the half way point. I started liking Wednesdays when I was at church camp in 4th grade. It was a week long thing, and I was having fun, but I missed home. Wednesday rolled around, and I realized, “Hey. We’re half way done!”


Wednesdays are particularly nice in the school week, because we’re MORE than half way done. Only two days left before the weekend!


Although Wednesdays are nice and chipper, I still faced my normal regiment of homework. Ahh well. I’m not done yet; I still have to write my Quote of the Week essay for English (each week she gives us a quote, and we have to explain it and give our opinions on how true it is. We have one quote a week, and sometimes they’re REALLY hard!) and finish a drawing of Lewis and Clark getting chased by a bear.


In addition, I need to study for my quiz in science about the elements. Woo!


Well, hoping you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday,


Agent M

School’s In

3 Jan

Anybody who can tell me who sang that song gets an internet cookie.


Anywho, school started back today! I, like most of the other children, was rather sleepy and a bit giggle-y. Today was pretty nutty, seeing as it was rainy and we were all still used to being on vacation.


Now, I don’t want to complain…too much…but I was rather bitter at the amount of homework. We had 19 problems in math, and when each one takes five minutes to figure out, even 19 is horrible. I ended up skipping a bunch because I just could NOT figure them out. Ugh! Geometry is tough.


Otherwise, I had a pretty good day. Gave a few drawing-presents to friends, and had a good day overall. 🙂

There Really IS an App For Everything!

2 Jan


I didn’t know this until a friend of mine with an iPhone (Thanks Tim!) pointed this out to me, but if you subscribe to my blog, there’s a nifty little Smlaarg app-ish thing that comes with it, too! And a nifty little picture as well! (That’ll be a different picture now because I just changed it to a better, more recent drawing)


And seeing as everyone has an iPhone (except my family), now it’s nice and convenient to follow my blog! How nice!


In other news; there’s a new header up.


Enjoy your Sunday and Monday and etc.,


Agent M