Talkie Tina Extension

Erik: Don’t you hear that noise?

Annabel: No, what noise?

Erik: It sounds like…(Runs down hall to investigate)

(Erik checks Kristy’s room, and it’s empty other than the sleeping Kristy. He goes outside the room, and the noise seems louder. He runs down the stairs and sees Tina sitting on the couch with a cell phone in her lap, texting.)

Tina: I’m Texting Tina, and I don’t like you!

Erik: Listen, Talking Tina, you woke me up! What are you doing?

Tina: I’m not Talkie Tina anymore, I’m Texting Tina, and I want Unlimited Texting.

Erik: You know that the plan with Unlimited Texting is too much, you’ve already raised our cable bill $50 because you have to watch all your pay-per-view movies. We can’t afford it!

Tina: But I want to be able to text more! I hate this stupid Pre-Paid plan!

(Annabel comes down the stairs as Tina is talking.)

Annabel: Erik, you should let her have Unlimited Texting! We were all kids once.

Erik: What, you expect me to spend more money on her! She’s a DOLL!

Annabel: Yes, but she’s Kristy’s friend.

Erik: Dolls aren’t friends! Especially not psychotic ones…

Annabel: (Shocked) Erik!

Tina: Yeah dad, I want a better cell phone plan. I also want to paint my room black.

Erik: What room? You don’t have a room! You spend all your time in Kristy’s room or lying on the couch.

Tina: (Snorts) Fine, I want a room, to paint it black, and I want to get my nose pierced. Kristy and I are going tomorrow to the mall to do it.

Erik: (Red with anger, he picks up Tina and punctuated his words by shaking the doll.) NO! You will NOT get your own room, and you are not painting it black, and you are not getting your nose pierced, especially not with Kristy!

Tina: I’m Talkie- I mean Texting Tina, and you’re RUINING MY LIFE! GOSH!

Annabel: (Grabbing Tina from Erik) Erik! No need to be so harsh!

Tina: Yeah, dad, you’re totally harshing my mellow! OMG, liek ur sooo over reacting. Take a chill pill you n00b.

Erik: I will not have creepy, living dolls living in my household! Tina, it’s time you moved out!

Tina: (Getting up, she grabs a doll-sized suit case and walks out the door, but she stops at the doorway.) I’m Texting Tina, and FINE! I hate the furniture in here, anyways. (She turns on her heels, slams the door behind her, and walks off. The camera pans over to Erik, who is holding a crying Annabel.)

Annabel: Erik, you didn’t need to be so harsh on her! She’s just a teenager!

Erik: (Sigh) She’s a doll, Annabel, you still have Kristy.

Annabel: They grow up so fast!


Erik: My phone just went off…(He checks his phone) I got a text!

Annabel: What does it say?

Erik: It says, “My name is Texting Tina, and I don’t like you!”

(The camera moves over to Rod Sterling.)

Rod Sterling: Talkie- I mean Texting Tina, a self-centered, teenager doll with an attitude. She drives her parents insane with her demanding ways. Unfortunately, teenage brats cannot be confined to, The Twilight Zone,


One Response to “Talkie Tina Extension”

  1. Bluestripe August 20, 2011 at 4:07 pm #

    That was scary….

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