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New Nicholas

31 Jul


So It Has Begun.

31 Jul

I have begun withdrawing from the Redwall Wiki.

I’ve met a lot of nice people (Most notably Merlock), gotten a heck of a lot better at art, and had fun with other Redwall fans. I’m just kind of sick of the game that is going on with the Images Policy that’s completely stupid, but that’s my opinion, you’re entitled to your’s, but I’ll probably delete your comment if you comment about it because I’m sick of hearing a bunch of Images crap.

I’m now accepting requests through here though! Yay! 😀 I’ll reopen my requests page in a minute. Lucky for you, they’re still free! 🙂

Many people charge for commissions, but I don’t. Want to know why?

I have a rather limited imagination. I get artist block all the time; I get bored and can’t think of anything to draw. So I draw something for somebody else. That’s how I get better, honestly. Competition, the will to get better and amaze people more, that’s enough for me. If I ever get short on cash I might ask for commissions, or might just ask for some money from my mom. 🙂 Plus, then I’d have to open a PayPal account and the demand would go down…So, maybe not. 😉

I don’t want to linger on all the crud that’s been going on the Wiki. It’s weighed done on my enough, so getting it done and out of the way is good. Forgive and forget. Don’t hold grudges. I want to handle this as Christian-ly as possible.

I hope that I’ll still get stuff to do now-and-again, because it keeps me on my toes. I still like Redwall, so never fear, I’m sure to write a review or something on the Rogue Crew (whenever it comes out…) and read it from time to time.

God bless!

Agent M

A Change…?

28 Jul

Was thinking about what if Nicholas Tyme, my raccoon character was a human instead…hmm…?



27 Jul


If you don’t watch TNG or if you dare see the Data spoilers,  scroll down!!

  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Scroll…
  • Almost there!!

Ookay. 🙂


You tiny little lifeforms!

You precious little lifeforms!

Where are you?

– Data’s Lifeform song (Star Trek: Generations)

DATA CHIBI!! Although I like him a little bit better when he didn’t have the emotion chip, that scene is absolutely HYSTERICAL!

I want that on a shirt SO BAD! :3


26 Jul

Another Agent M?

26 Jul

…Before she became an actress, Mitsuki was a secret agent though she later quit after realizing it wasn’t for her.

(View the rest of the article here)

Mitsuki from Kappa Mikey was a secret agent known as Agent M. It’s one of the few shows other than Doctor Who that I set to record. So…just thought I’d post that.


An ID I made for dA. Fun. 🙂


26 Jul

…Because I’m a fangirl of a mouse Sherlock Holmes. I’m cool like that.

What Does Not Kill You Makes You Kim Possible

22 Jul

Splicing two rants together into one…interesting, at best, title.

I am very aggravated with the Walt Disney Apparatus presently. And Kanye “Idiot” West.

First, Kim Possible.

Back when Kim Possible was on, it was my favorite show. I watched that show pretty much through it’s entire run. I really, really liked it. I had a Kim Possible Halloween costume.

You get the picture.

Well, Disney no longer airs it! It’s no longer on the website! No games! No shows! No nothing! 😥

I absolutely LOVE that show. 😦

But, I’m probably going to buy some episodes on YouTube. 😀 Disney is smart enough to do that.

Speaking of intelligence…Kanye West rant time.

Kanye West is a complete and utter, song-butchering, swearing, idiot. He MURDERED “Harder Better Fast Stronger” by Daft Punk, using very bad expletives, and Coldplay’s amazing song, “Lost”, was butchered in “Lost@”  with more unnecessary expletives.

I mean, and what kind of mindless moron does the whole Taylor Swift, “Imma let you finish” stunt?

Idiot. He’s a stupid idiot.

This is why I don’t listen to rap music. Too many curses and sexual content.

There are actual artists and musicians who have brain cells that write songs that are called, “Clean”. Wow! Somebody should tell Mr. West about music WITHOUT swear words! Wow, that’s just mind blowing. You can write a song without dropping swear bombs or talking about sexual themes? 🙄

Almost all of the stuff I listen to is clean. If it’s not, it’s more of the minor swear words, nothing like stuff used in Kanye’s “Stronger”.

Kanye’s not worth the 99¢ they charge for his songs.

Well, end of the rant. I’m probably going to try drawing something now. 🙂


18 Jul

Giftart for PsychoAngel51402 on dA

Art trade with the same girl as above

Request. Doctor Who (10) and the requestee.


16 Jul

Haven’t posted in a while…

I’m currently watching an episode of Loonatics Unleashed on YouTube. It’s a goofy show…sort of all the old Loony Tunes Characters have become EPIC SUPER HEROES!! Woo! 😛

So…Go watch it. It was canceled from ‘normal television’, so now one must watch it on YouTube. I like Lexi a lot. And Ace. And Tech. 😛

I like the animation…too. So, go watch it. There’s lots of puns. I love puns. 😀

I’m bored. And a little hungry. Maybe I’ll eat something soon.

This morning I worked on some character designs for some of Roxanne’s (Nicholas’ friend) friends. She has some odd friends. One is a goth/punk and the other is a total geek (they’re both girls, by the way). XD The goth/punk HAAATES Nicholas and is always slapping him, but the nerd is TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH HIM! Nicholas doesn’t do good with attention, though. 😉

Well, that’s all. Nothin’ much to report, just wanted to update. For pointlessness. 😛