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Information Overload

13 Aug

So sorry it’s been practically FOREVER since I posted… Fail on my part. I’ve been busy.


Well, my summer is basically over. On Monday I return to school…….Duhn duhn duhn! I’ll post up my schedule later, once it’s set in stone and whatnot. 😉




Fiat 500 presentation in Turin

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Really, not much all that interesting going on. I’m ready for school and pretty darn excited! Oh, I have found out that I think I want a Fiat 500 for my first car. They’re inexpensive for a car, and they’re super cool. Check ’em out.







I have done a buttload of drawing though…so here’s a little art dump:





Oh, one more thing; I think I’m scrapping the Quorra costume thing. It’d be too much effort. I think I’m going to just buy an original Star Trek dress thing, and then wear some leggings with it and borrow a pair of boots from a friend. Much easier. 😉


Well…That’s all for now! Promise to have a bigger update when I have more news… 😛


God bless,


~Agent M


Big Update Thing

9 Jul

It’s been a while since I posted anything, so I figured I would give you an update on life and stuff!


Cover of

Cover of Shane



First off, I finished two more books! “The Andromeda Strand” and “Shane.” I’m going to try and make some podcasts about then today. Both were very good in different ways; Andromeda Strand was a Sci-Fi thriller, good but scary. Shane was a Western, and it is now one of my all-time favorite books. If you ever get the chance to read either of them, you should. Very, very good books.



Tron (film)

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Also, my mom signed us up for full Netflix, and I was setting up the cue, and seeing as I wanted to see the original TRON (we just watched the sequel) I put it on the cue! And I got it.





Seriously though, a very good movie! Sure, the effects were lame (It was the 80s!), and the score was awful (It was the 80s!), but how can you possibly get over all the very “It was the 80s!” stuff about the costuming? It was like watching a period drama! Not to mention that Tron was just super awesome. And Jeff Bridges! I LOVED him in this movie. In Legacy he was very serious, but in this one he was more of the goober that I see him being in real life. I liked that.


So of course I do some fan art.






Greetings Programs


And I added a couple of shirts from the movie, which I will be ordering as soon as my mom gives the okay.


I’ve been drawing lots of other things, but I don’t really want to spend ten minutes uploading stuff, so check out my deviantART page. Maybe I’ll post an art dump later, but not now. 😛


In other news, I’m leaving for Alabama on the 12th! My mom has lots of relatives out there, and we try togo every couple of years. We’re staying at my Mammaw’s house. 😉


I have no clue what time we’re leaving (If I could guess, sometime probably around 8:00am), but I do know that we’re arriving at 4:00pm. I know that airports have WiFi, so I’ll probably try and update during a lay-over. Do airplanes have WiFi? Let me see…I think they do. I dunno. My mom just said the airplane takes off at 7:00…And you usually have to get there at least an hours early… D:


But anyways, while I’m in Alabama, I’ll have easy access to the computer. We bought my Mammaw one a while ago, and she never really uses it, so I can check my accounts and I will definitely update the blog. 🙂


Well…That’s really about it! I’ll try and update some more and I will work on some podcasts today.


God bless,


~Agent M


1 Jun

Partying Partying.




Last night I went to an end-of-the-year party last night! It was at a local bowling alley and was a lot of fun. I knew the kids there, and it was a nice, funny batch of people, and we had a blast. The bowling-alley-people at one point turned off a lot of the lights and shined black-lights and colored lights and lasers! It was a ton of fun, and there was a disco ball and everything! It was like being at a bowling rave.


At one point, me and some other people went over to the mini-arcade that was there. I played a car game and then went over and watched some kids playing a different game.


What kind of game?


Oh, most people loathe it.


And love it.


It was…




Duhn duhn duuhhnn.


It seems that everybody hates these games. They say it’s gambling and evil and all that jazz, but…we play it anyways. Most of them are rigged, I will admit, but I think that bowling-alley claw games aren’t. My friend (who won me a toy from a claw game at my birthday party) got one, and another girl got four…in two tries! So, I decided to give it a whirl. I dropped two quarters in and went after an elephant. No go. 😦 My friend tried (with my money) to get it, and no go.


I slipped in another 50 cents. I could feel the other two quarters, my last, jingling around in my pocket. I decided to go for the elephant now, it was positioned pretty well. I fiddled with the joystick, moving the claw around, trying to line it up just right.


I was worried, and I double-checked once more. I decided it was time to commit: I pushed the “Grab!” button.


The claw sunk down, limply laying over the head and stomach of the toy I so badly desired. It gripped, and began to pull back up. It was still hanging onto the elephant, and it started back to the prize tank.


I waited, nervously, surrounded by my peers, cheering me on.


It neared the corner, where it was to hopefully be dropped into my waiting hands.


Almost there….!!



The claw slammed up against the side of the plastic box, dropping the elephant into the box too be grabbed up in my happy arms!





That’s it. 😛


God bless!


~Agent M