4 Jul

I need to do some art dumping.

Art Trade

Art Trade

Art Trade

Request from one of my loyal request-ers!

Meme I did

Meme I did

Meme I did

Doctor Who Drawing

Dalek Drawing. Proud of this one. 🙂

Little Comic-ish Thing I did out of boredom. And humor. 😛

An ID I made for dA. Fun. 🙂

I'm so proud of this. 😀

Goofy little self-portrait of myself being a princess. Used color holds! 🙂

self portrait in the Disney style, a style I have found to like.

My dog. What she does when she gets me up at the crack of eight o' clock. She's going INSANE right now. All she does is squeak squeak squeak...

And they'll have fun fun fun till her Daddy takes her Time Lord away....I don't know. That just popped into my head. Any Whovians/Beach Boy fans will get that. 😛

Slight redesign in Roxanne. My fave is the full body shot.

Nicholas doesn’t like wearing suit and tie stuff. But Roxanne is dragging him to her (unusual) friend’s wedding…thus, cummerbund time. 😀

An alternative outfit for Nicholas. Suspenders and a nice, green striped shirt. I like how this came out.

I need to color this one. It's actually another alternative outfit, because it's gone from vest to waistcoat and the colors are different. Will color later.

Tried a bit of perspective. Turned out nice.


3 Responses to “ART DUMPAGE”

  1. Merlot July 4, 2010 at 5:38 pm #

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OMG YOU R SO GOOD! ❤ :3 lol I love the one of nick in the suit! 😀 I also like the one of him and the watch. :3 the dr who one is funny too (it's bigger on the inside!!!) that was dr who, wasn't it??????

  2. Bluee July 11, 2010 at 9:42 pm #

    Yes! 🙂 Good job. *Pats Agent M on head*

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