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Information Overload

13 Aug

So sorry it’s been practically FOREVER since I posted… Fail on my part. I’ve been busy.


Well, my summer is basically over. On Monday I return to school…….Duhn duhn duhn! I’ll post up my schedule later, once it’s set in stone and whatnot. 😉




Fiat 500 presentation in Turin

Image via Wikipedia


Really, not much all that interesting going on. I’m ready for school and pretty darn excited! Oh, I have found out that I think I want a Fiat 500 for my first car. They’re inexpensive for a car, and they’re super cool. Check ’em out.







I have done a buttload of drawing though…so here’s a little art dump:





Oh, one more thing; I think I’m scrapping the Quorra costume thing. It’d be too much effort. I think I’m going to just buy an original Star Trek dress thing, and then wear some leggings with it and borrow a pair of boots from a friend. Much easier. 😉


Well…That’s all for now! Promise to have a bigger update when I have more news… 😛


God bless,


~Agent M


Human After All

2 Aug




This was my project for a few days. I spent a really long time sketching this for a few days, and then like…four to six hours. On the computer doing the line art, color, and the ‘special effects’ and the background.


I’m pleased with the outcome! 🙂






The Search for WondLa – A Book Review

2 Jun

A book to read while on vacation. The Search f...

Image by justjason via Flickr

Yep! I finished that book I had told you about a few days ago. I finished it…two days ago, I think, but I hadn’t gotten around to posting anything.


The book in question? “The Search for WondLa“, by Tony Diterlizzi.


It was a big book, too. Not huge, but definately big. It’s 477 pages long, but it was filled with lots and lots of illustrations. Tony Diterlizzi is one of my favorite illustrators, and he draws mind-blowing things.


The book’s out-lying premise is rather sci-fi- leaning: a human girl who’s been raised her entire life underground by a robot is running away after her home being attacked and wrecked. But don’t let a short synopsis fool you; this is the book that just keeps on giving.


We start out with a rather confusing first chapter. The entire opening bit of the story is confusing, and you won’t really understand anything until you get into the second part of the book, which is split up into four sections, when things start making more sense. It starts out with a young, twelve-year-old girl named Eva Nine, who’s been raised in a secret, underground facility by her ‘mother’ robot, aptly named Muthr, and has never seen another real human her entire life. Muthr keeps on telling her that she is special and unique. This of course raises the question, is she alone? Or is this some strange experiment, homeschooling gone wild, where she is just totally isolated from the world? Or, could it be that she is somehow different, or belongs to a race of a different kind of human, that is being experimented on or forced into isolation? The questions continue to pile up once Eva is forced to leave her home when a mysterious person (or being) attacks her home, forcing her to leave Muthr behind. She ends up meeting some interesting characters, and the book has a very interesting story arc, which I won’t be giving away. 😉


What I really like about this book is how the plot unfolds. Most plots unfold in the same way, shown in the diagram to the right. This is a plot chart, showing how most every book you’ll read will progress. However, this book doesn’t really do that. Imagine that instead of going down after the climax, it goes up again, and then has another climax. It keeps going and going, have bigger and bigger climaxes as it goes along. It’s quite an enjoyable read, and you won’t want to put it down!


What I like a lot about this book is it isn’t straight up science fiction. DiTerlizzi blends sci-fi and fantasy elements together, creating a very unique read. It’s not like fairies and magic fantasy, but the way he writes, the creatures he has, the plot twists included, all remind you of a story book instead of harsh science. However, there are some moments that are very sci-fi, that are airing on the brutal side, and are a bit scary.


The ending, too, is well executed. I’m not leaking any info here, but this book was made for a sequel. One thing that bugs me with books that have endings that are supposed to make way for sequels, is they are very rarely very good. Often times, they think that endings are ‘all or nothing’ ordeals, as in you have to tie up all the loose ends or none of them. I’ve read several books with complete “Umm…What?” endings, where you’ll have just spent a lot of time reading, only to find out that this was a waste of time and you’ll have to shell out another $9-$20 to find out what all that text was actually getting at. However, this book ends in a very good way; most of the ends are tied up, you understand pretty clearly what was happening, but there is just enough empty space to need a sequel, without being completely left hanging. I though the end could have been drawn out a bit more and could have been a little longer, though. I was very confused at something that they had said, but I’m hoping it will be answered in the next book.

I bought this book at my book fair, but it would probably be found in the ‘middle’ age group, somewhere between 7-9 grade, in my opinion. It’s a fun read and I suggest adding it to your summer reading list, as I did myself!


Overall: 100%



I Spend My Weekends Drawing Spaceships

12 Nov


Because I have nothing better to do than watch Star Trek, draw stuff for Star Trek: Nova (comic me and Merl0ck are doing), and drawing fan art. But it’s fun! 😀


29 Oct

Weird title, I know. 😛


Soo…Went to school today. Some of you are probably going, “Wow. That’s real amazing Agent M!!”

I was out sick yesterday, so yeah, it IS amazing, Mr. Sarcasm.


We were allowed to wear our Halloween costumes today, so I wore my TNG uniform. 😀 It was great.

I had some makey-funy-ofy to me comments, nothing severe, and even though I was sick and hacking I grinned and just said “thanks” and told them to live long and prosper or something like that.


But I’m fine, I don’t care. 😛


So, now I’m on the hunt for what I’ll wear NEXT YEAR! I think I should go as Spock. Everyone thought I was Spock today so why not embrace that? 😛 Of course there aren’t many female Spock outfits (LOL yeah no 😐 ) so maybe I could build one. Kind of like building a cake (Ahh Napoleon Dynamite reference!) but I dunno. The dresses were a bit………Short…in the sixties, to say the least, so I have no clue. But heck, it’s next year, so I have no worries.


What do YOU think I should do for Halloween 2011?




I’ll let you help me out here. 😀


Once my mom gets home and we get settled, we’ll be watching…………….Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home! 😀 We’ve been watching a bunch of the movies so I asked if we could watch that one tonight and Star Trek V on Sunday, and that was accepted. 😉 Very happy little nerd girl on the Internet right now, huh? 🙂


Nimoy as Spock giving the salute.

Live Long and Prosper

So…Gonna go and chillax on the web and maybe work on ideas for the costume thing (And Star Trek Nova, the comic I’m doing with a friend) and maybe even do Geometry homework (GASP! :O)  and have fun till Momma gets home.


Peace and long life,



Agent M

Enlisted in Starfleet

26 Aug

Got my Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform in the mail yesterday. I ordered it off of Amazon…LOVIN’ IT!! It’s yellow and it fits almost perfectly. I set it up just like Data‘s uniform. 😛

I’m getting a haircut today…Yay! Want to see the picture?

Yes…Star Trek screen shot! I’m going to tell the hairdresser that I want that haircut EXACTLY.

So…yep. Going to go and work on my project for Geometry and my Science/English homework now. FUN! 😐

Trek verse War

23 Aug

This started with an argument with two of the kids in my P.E. class and I. We were debating whether tactically the Death Star from Star Wars could take on and defeat the Enterprise. Of course, because Joey (my Star Wars-fan friend) who started the argument knows NOTHING about Star Trek (Not even the Red Shirt Expandability Law! Sheesh!), he did not clarify if it which Enterprise it was. So…I say, Enterprise E.


The Death Star in A New Hope

Image via Wikipedia

-cricket- -cricket-

Now, to be fair and to appease my friend, here are the tech specs:

Enterprise E

(Registration NCC-1707-E)


16 Phaser Arrays
Photon torpedoes
Quantum torpedoes


Deflector shields


Impulse engines
Warp drive
RCS Thrusters

(Note, to the non-Trekki, Warp drive is FASTER THAN LIGHT travel. Light speed. Yeah.)


685.7 meters (about 2,250 feet)


445.9 meters (about 1,463 feet)


131.2 meters (about 430 feet)


3,250,000 metric tons (about 7,165,023,521 pounds or about 3,582,512 US Tons)

Okay, now onto the…

Death Star.

Diameter (It’s a big circle):

160 kilometers (about 524,934 feet)


(Taken from the Wookieepedia’s article on it)

The Death Stars, the Galactic Empire‘s ultimate terror weapons, were battle stations several hundred kilometers in diameter and mounting a directed energy superlaser capable of completely destroying a planet with a single shot along with 15000 lasers, ion, turbolasers batteries, and heavy turbolasers in all plus an additional 768 tractor beam emplacements. However, the first Death Star’s defenses were not tight enough to stop starfighters from penetrating them.

I added the emphasis… 😉


(Another quote…)

Facilitating the Death Star’s realspace propulsion were a network of powerful ion engines that transformed reactor power into needed thrust. In order for the Death Star to be a deadly threat, it needed to be mobile. Using linked banks of 123 hyperdrive field generators tied into a single navigational matrix, the Death Star could travel across the Galaxy at superluminal velocities.

(I couldn’t find anything else; not mass or anything! Hmph.)

So, now’s the poll time.


I am NOT a Star Wars hater. I’ve only seen (don’t kill me please) the original three ONCE. I like Star Trek (and Doctor Who, while I’m in the Sci Fi mode) better, but I do not HATE Star Wars. It was pretty good and I cried at the end (which is a good sign, by the way).

But Kirk would STILL beat Luke’s butt in hand-to-hand combat. HE CAN MAKE A BAZOOKA OUT OF DIAMONDS, BAMBOO, AND SULFUR. BEAT DAT! 😉

And Data is bomb as well. 😀 I like R2D2 but I’d go Data if I had my choice. :3

(Oh, and all the funny linky bits are because of a new thing on WordPress. It’s awesome!! :D)