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Book Review – Death Cloud

28 Jun

Sorry I didn’t post it last night!

Anywho, a mid-length podcast. Sorry it’s so long…There was a lot to talk about.

I’ll try and do another podcast, be it a review or just a normal one, soon. I’m prently reading “Shane”, “The Andromeda Strain”, and “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”. My mom and I also got “TRON: LEGACY” and “Annie Get Your Gun” from the library, so maybe I’ll do a movie review too.

Well, that’s about it! I’m off to the dentist!

~Agent M


Been Busy Again

6 Apr

Yes, it seems that in school, when it rains it pours. I’m using an analogy here (of which my English teacher would probably be proud) because it seems that projects never come one at a time…But rather, which a bunch all at once.


We have to write a persuasive speech for English. I actually enjoy public speaking, (Why else would I do a podcast?) but I don’t really like talking in front of my classmates. Because I know that a lot of them will disagree with me and a lot of people don’t particularly LOVE me, and I’m very nervous because 5% of our grade is based on if over 75% of the class (25 kids out of a class of 33) think you had a good speech. Gulp!


Now, normally, I’d be cool with that. We have a few weeks to do it, and it’d be fine to do some research and then write the actual speech.




I signed up to write a speech for extra credit. They have this big thing at the end of the year with parents and kids and stuff and you can write a speech for it. I love writing, and speeches are fun, so OF COURSE I signed up! It’s due the 23rd, and it’s the 6th now, though, so I have a good bit of time. It only has to be about a page long. Buuut, my persuasive speech is due around the same time! Eeep! That and although writing a persuasive speech has its difficulties, but I want to write a funny speech. And that’s its own problems.


And I’m not done yet! But I’m actually pretty excited for this:


We have a book report coming up! 😀 I LOVE book reports actually. I’m a freak. It actually hasn’t even been assigned yet, but it will be next Monday. I’m going to do the Sherlock Holmes book, “The Valley of Fear”. It sounds interesting, from the synopsis I read on Barnes and Noble.com, but a bit graphic. But I always do love a good Holmes book. 😉

One of the projects we can do is make a movie for it, and I think I’ll be doing that. My birthday is coming up pretty soon, and I really want this Animation program called Anime Studio, so if I do get that and I get good at it, I’d really like to do an animated movie thing of it.


Speaking of which, this program (Anime Studio) looks SUPER cool! You can draw and animate things really easy from what I’ve seen and read, so I really, REALLY want it. I think I might try and do a podcast or something with it. I’d also been thinking about trying to animate a short or something based on one of my (many) story ideas.


Anywho, I have a bit of an interesting story to share:


So, in the auditorium at our school, there’s this tiny little closet with all the the sound stuff, a ladder that goes up into various rooms in the roof, (It’s super creepy from what I’ve seen. I haven’t ever climbed up it, but I’ve looked up there…scary) and some of the lights are up there and there’s even a time-capsule from 1984 in there! The closet, though, has a TON of random stuff in there. Like lizards. And beetles. And a football. And “Man o’ War Marine Varnish.” And old makeup remover. And a buttload of old paint.


So, the choir teacher wanted us to clean out the room a few days ago. So, one of the girls on tech crew went in there, with me shining a flashlight for the majority of the time, and she pulled out things of paint to the other three outside the door. So, I asked the teacher what to do with all this paint, and she says to open them all up, see if they’re still good or not, and then ask the secretary what to do with all of the paint. So after the paint is gone through (With a small mishap or two), I go up to the office and the secretary says to go and put them into this little storage room behind the Drafting/Art/Woodshop classrooms. They were putting all the toxic stuff there, and it was going to be picked up later. I went down there with everybody yesterday towards the end of the school day and the woodshop/drafting teacher (Who is SUPER cool, by the way) let us in. We had to make two trips, but we ran out of time.

So the next day (today), the choir teacher tells me to go down to one of the science teacher’s rooms and get a cart for the paint. I go down there (followed by the posse), and into the scary little storage room with the carts. She says there’s a bunch of jars and stuff on the cart and to put that on the bottom shelf, put the paint on top, and put all of it into the toxic-waste holding room. I go in there with one of the boys on tech crew, and it’s all dead stuff in jars. OH MY GOSH, I could NOT pick that stuff up. It was SO gnarly!! There were dead fish and a snake and little sharks and a frog and pig fetuses and this octopus that almost made me gag. The teacher said they were in this preservative called formaldehyde, and they stopped using it because it’s carcinogenic, which means it causes cancer! So, it was pretty spooky moving all of those creepy dead things with the dangerous preservative AND all of the ancient paint and varnish and whatnot.


Before I go, I’d like to tell you that next week I probably won’t be able to post too much. 😦 My school’s talent show is next Friday, and they have a ton of rehearsals for it that week, and because I’m on tech crew for choir and I’m basically the only person who can do lights, (Well, everyone else on crew can do the lights, but they wouldn’t know how to do as much in-depth stuff as me) I was sort of made to volunteer for it. Which means that 3/5 days I’ll be after-school rehearsing light cues, and on Friday, I have to be at school from 5:00-9:30 for the show. On my birthday.


Well, off to go try and write some stuff for one of my speeches and hopefully the podcast! 😀


God bless,


~Agent M

ESP Episode 2!

11 Mar



ESP: Extra Special Podcast!

4 Mar

You guessed it!



Pretty quick, aye?


I’ll try and get another one up as soon as I can.

What Does Not Kill You Makes You Kim Possible

22 Jul

Splicing two rants together into one…interesting, at best, title.

I am very aggravated with the Walt Disney Apparatus presently. And Kanye “Idiot” West.

First, Kim Possible.

Back when Kim Possible was on, it was my favorite show. I watched that show pretty much through it’s entire run. I really, really liked it. I had a Kim Possible Halloween costume.

You get the picture.

Well, Disney no longer airs it! It’s no longer on the website! No games! No shows! No nothing! 😥

I absolutely LOVE that show. 😦

But, I’m probably going to buy some episodes on YouTube. 😀 Disney is smart enough to do that.

Speaking of intelligence…Kanye West rant time.

Kanye West is a complete and utter, song-butchering, swearing, idiot. He MURDERED “Harder Better Fast Stronger” by Daft Punk, using very bad expletives, and Coldplay’s amazing song, “Lost”, was butchered in “Lost@”  with more unnecessary expletives.

I mean, and what kind of mindless moron does the whole Taylor Swift, “Imma let you finish” stunt?

Idiot. He’s a stupid idiot.

This is why I don’t listen to rap music. Too many curses and sexual content.

There are actual artists and musicians who have brain cells that write songs that are called, “Clean”. Wow! Somebody should tell Mr. West about music WITHOUT swear words! Wow, that’s just mind blowing. You can write a song without dropping swear bombs or talking about sexual themes? 🙄

Almost all of the stuff I listen to is clean. If it’s not, it’s more of the minor swear words, nothing like stuff used in Kanye’s “Stronger”.

Kanye’s not worth the 99¢ they charge for his songs.

Well, end of the rant. I’m probably going to try drawing something now. 🙂


3 Jul

Just read this:

Johnny Depp rumored to star in Doctor Who big-budget film

…Johnny Depp as a Time Lord … that we’re not so sure of….And yet that’s what we might be seeing on the big screen a few years from now if the info uncovered by tor.com is correct….But the trustworthy tor.com did some digging on its own, reaching out to studio sources who said that “the casting of Johnny Depp as the Doctor for a 2012 film is confirmed.”


No. No. Next they’ll be casting Paris Hilton (once she gets out of jail in South Africa for having Marijuana) as Rose! COME ON!

This BETTER not be true. Our good chaps in England are very peeved at the fact that Depp isn’t a Brit; I mean, sure, I can see that. If they’re making an American version and recasting it (Which I don’t think is a good idea.), okay, cast an American, but it’s a BRITISH THING. It would be like having Brad Pitt be James Bond. Ew.

Okay, when I look at bow ties and colored scarves and the like, I think whimsical spacey-timey-wimey-fun. When I look at Johnny Depp, I think Pirate of the Caribbean, which was a good movie, but I also think weirdo. And because Depp and Tim Burton, a freaky person who writes freaky movies, are such Buddies, are we going to have him working on it!? So now Doctor Who will be marketed to the general public as a creepy morbid film. Whoop-dee-do.

There isn’t as much of a Doctor Who craze out here as there is in England. A lot of people watch it, but you couldn’t go running down the streets screaming, “I’M WEARING A VEGETABLE!!” and people actually getting what your saying. So, if they try to market Doctor Who out here by making a movie in 2012, and it turns out awful and weird, what are the people here going to do? Watch it? No. Or, maybe they will. Maybe the people of the U.S. like dark, morbid, weird Sci-Fi, like Battlestar: Galactica, or Stargate: Universe. Have they outgrown the happy-go-lucky Science Fiction we know in the forms of Star Trek and Doctor Who? The 1960s Sci-Fi ideas were some of the better, in my opinion. Not like a running gag, but there is humor in it to lighten it up, and nothing is always so dark and unhumorous.

Don’t do it Russel T. Davies, DON’T DO IT!!

Review: “The Thief Lord”

1 Jul

I’m in the middle of watching “The Thief Lord”. I ADORED that book, but the movie leaves more to be wanted.

Amazingly, they actually stuck to the book…the majority of it anyways. I think Scipio looks like a Jonas brother, and the effects are absolutely awful. They made Bo see magical animals looking at him…that never happened in the book.

The way they did it makes it seems kind of…lame. The book was amazing, but the whole movie is lame-tastical.

They skipped through, in my opinion, the best part of the book, and the majority of it, too, in about 45 minutes. You find out the huge twist literally 45 minutes in.

The Merry-go-Round scene, which I’m watching now, is very lame. All of the worm hole-like effects, however ‘well done’ they may be, are not in context or appicable to the scene.

Auggh…wincing…Scipio just got off the Merry Go Round. And is about 6 foot tall. As my mom said, “WOAH.”


Oh…but now I smile. I remember what happened to Barbarossa.

Gah. Awkward Scipio with stupid hair.

Another thing that bugs me is that it seems that nobody’s voice changes. WITH AGE.

The movie is, like the majority of movie renditions of books, is lacking in the plot development and the wonderment (Which actually IS a word) that the book contained.

Oh no!! The Merry-Go-Round is kaput!

😆 Baborossa is teeny-weeny! LOSER! His voice is impossibly high. It doesn’t even look like it’s the actor’s voice. Augghh…Awkwaaaard…

Another hole in the movie is that they’re all British in Venice. Who’s ever heard of Venetian Brits? 🙄

They sped through the book, so fast you don’t even learn anybody’s name! Especially Hornet. She was a main character who was sadly down-sized.

And on that note, Scipio needs a haircut.

And on that bomb-shell, it’s time to end. And they all lived happily little moppet ever afters. The End.

I’m Baaaack!

22 Jun

Sorry I vanished. I made an account of deviantART and got distracted. 😛

I have a review for you! 🙂

Last night I watched “The Little Mermaid” last night. For the first time since I was five or six.

The Little Mermaid was definitely one of the best Disney movies I’ve seen. I love the Disney styling of art (Will definitely be attempting to do some later today), the plot was good, and the voice-over(s) for Ariel were cast rather well. She had such an awesome singing voice! 😀 And the lighting (Not lightning) was good, too.

I think Disney really struck a cord here; Ariel is a little less of the ‘normal’ princess story. Although she IS a princess, she was much more normal; she forgot the concert, she fell in love with a human (:-O), she’s rebellious and loves adventure, and she’s a wee bit silly. But that’s why we love her! 😀

Ursula is really creepy. I mean, and the “Poor Unfortunate Souls!!” song just brings that to new levels. Me and my mom were laughing when Ursula tells Ariel, in regards to Ursula taking her voice in exchange for becoming a human, “Men up there, they like a girl who holds her tongue. IT’S ALL ABOUT BODY LANGUAGE!!*throws hips around a few times*”


And, who ISN’T screaming at the top of your little voice inside your head’s lungs when you find out that Ursula has come to the surface as a human with Ariel’s voice?! 😡 And, when Eric kisses her JUST as the sun goes down…I yelled out, “DENIED!!!” But still, that was pretty heart-wrenching.

I had forgotten the whole Mega-Ursula-of-Doom bit at the end…that was actually sort of funny. 😆 But then Eric is like BABOOM and runs her through with the big pointy shipwreck. And then of course, Ariel swims him off to land, and King Triton (her dad) points his big magical trident and wawoom, she’s a human. But at least this time he has the decency of giving her a spangly purple dress. (When Ursula made her a human, other than her shell-bikini, “She’s naked!” as my mom pointed out. But, Disney did a good job hiding anything weird; most of it’s in silhouette or she’s sitting in water and the water is opaque.)

A great movie all-in-all. And I am SO going to attempt to draw Ariel in the magical Disney style. 😀

Missile Mouse (Review)

5 Jun

I’m on a review kick! 😀

I recently read the comic “Missile Mouse” by Jake Parker. I give it 4.5/5 stars! A GREAT comic!

I can tear through through comics and mangas in about an hour and a half or so. I have put the book up in my shelf along with Redwall, Watership Down, and Mousegaurd, all favorites of mine. And all about rodents.

The story is like, as I said before, James Bond at Redwall in Space. Missile Mouse, aka MM, is like a super agent who sometimes takes unnecessary risks. But he always gets the job done.

When the RIP, Rogue Imperium of Planets begins to start to show interest in an ancient “Doomsday Machine” called Star Crusher, the GSA, Galactis Security Agent sends in Missile Mouse to save the day!

I won’t go into plot details, so you’ll just have to read it!

I thought it was a very good comic, but there’s one plot thing that I realized and predicted before it happened. I was correct. 😛

Good book, check it out!

It’s Raining.

9 Feb

No, the old man is not in bed. And I’m not in Spain. Just another simple atmospheric disturbance. 😛

My feet are cold and wet. When we got out today the rain reached a climax. And I didn’t have an umbrella. And I wore my canvas Vans today. So my feet are wet, but I’m not too wet all around, ’cause my dad has an umbrella. 😀 But it thundered and lightninged. COOL!!

Ohh…cold feet…

Anyways, a few days ago I got some new Inking Pens, because my old ones were old and getting cruddy.  But these ones are SPECIAL!! They’re Faber Castell (I like their pens) and it came with eight PITT (Whatever that means) pens; three are inking, in small, medium, and brush, and then there’s five gray brushy pens. For coloring and shading and stuff. Because the good markers cost about $1000 for a 72 pack (Owch!!) and I wanted to try it. Looks cool, and my test-runs have came out good!!

I have two editorials (Sorta thing) now. First:

Up: The Movie That Everyone Was Talking About Last Summer But I Never Saw

I got it on Demand last night and me and my mom watched it. GREAT MOVIE!!! We cried three times. The animation was awesome and Pixar amazed me with another brilliant plot. I love that company!! I don’t want to give away details, but just go watch the movie. AWESOME!!!!

In other news, I am going to get a Doctor Who novel. I’m excited and want to read one, after my book report, of course. Blech. Reading “Martin the Warrior” for the third time seems much less exciting now. So I’m searching on amazon and Barnes and Noble and probably my library soon, too. Call me a geek. And obsessed. I’ll agree. 😛

Planet SMLAARRRGGGGGGG is blue and there’s nothing I can do…

(Space Oddity by David Bowie)

–Agent M