1 Jan

Well, it is now 2010, meaning we all have to say the seventies were FOURTY, not THIRTY years ago. Doh. I hate math. I don’t have any new magical art but I am planning a possible T-Shirt design. Any suggestions for custom tee shops?

What are you doing the first day of 2010? I am inviting a friend of mine who is equally (If not more!) obsessed with Doctor Who as me, and she is going to fill my mom and me in on all of the seasons we never saw. WOO!! But I must say I am going to miss David Tennant. 😦 He is really really awesome and stuff. AND HIS HAIR!! COME ON!

This is random but, a friend of mine’s little sister said, “Lady Gaga’s ‘Viva la Vida’  is way better than Coldplay’s.” I shouted back, “I ha- no, I don’t hate her. SHE’S WEIRD!!” She replied something about well she’s weird but her music is good. So I say,

“If Coldplay and Lady GaGa got into a fight, Coldplay would win because number one they’re all boys, number two there’s four of them, and number three, THEY’RE MORE AWESOME!!!

I love Coldplay. I have pins on my vest. I want their shirts. THEY ROCK.

So, in their support, this is my signing off:

“What if there was no SMLAAAARRRRGGGG, nothing awesome, nothing really amazing?” (Spoofed from “What if there was no light, nothing wrong, nothing right?” from “What If” copyright Coldplay)

-Agent M, in TWENTY TEN, BABY!


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