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Are you Ready for Some AIRPLANES?!

11 Jul

Tomorrow, my mom and I are going out to AL! The plane is departing at 7:00am from a nearby airport, then we land in Dallas around 12:00pm (Local time), have a two hour layover, and I think we get to AL around 4:00 or 5:00…I don’t remember which. It’s not the first time I’ve been on a plane, so no worries. 😛


Although, getting to the airport by 6:00am means I’ll have to wake up at 5:00amish… D: Not looking forward to that. But I’ll be hitting the hay probably around 9:30-10 tonight, so I should be able to catch some sleep, and then sleep on the plane as well. I’m bringing my Nook along as well, so I’ll probably make a mid-flight post or something.


I’m also bringing my sketchbook, so I’ll try and do some drawing too. I don’t know if I’ll be able to upload any art though…I don’t remember if the printer my Mammaw has has a scanner in it…But she does have a Mac, so maybe I can post a podcast or something.


What’s weird, though, is the flight we’re taking to Dallas, my mom and I aren’t sitting together! Weird. She’s in the row in front of me, but we’re both in the middle. And we both get nauseous on plane trips. 😐 (We both have some pre-flight Dramamine though, which helps. But it tastes yucky!) Either someone will offer to switch seats (…Which I’m unsure of. Ooh, give up my window seat for a middle seat?? “SIGN ME UP!” in the words of Tom Servo.) or I’ll have to stay. And maybe, I’ll be sitting next to Benedict Cumberbatch and Jeff Bridges! Or a talking cat and a wizard! Or James Bond and Rinzler! (That might be a bit scary.) Or Kermit the Frog and Spock! Or Riker and Mycroft Holmes! …Well maybe not that last one…


Well, I should probably go and finish packing.


See you later! 🙂


God bless,




From the Nook

28 Jun

Yep! I was bored and on the Nook, so I decided to write a post! I’m listening to Owl City on Pandira and just chilling. I’ll probably do some reading in a few minutes. 😉

That was it! Haha.

~Agent M


22 Jun

I’d been looking at it for a while. Is it worth it? Is is cool?? Comment and vote, please. Or just vote at least.


Calling all Sherlockians!

15 Jun

Sherlock Holmes in "The Adventures of She...

Image via Wikipedia

Yeah I’ve been pushing my whole love for Sherlock Holmes recently.




I just discovered this wiki dedicated to all things Holmesian, but it really needs some help. If you like Sherlock Holmes and would be willing to do some easy editing on a Wiki, please go here!

So Sorry!

3 Jun

I didn’t have time for a podcast today! 😦 I officially got up at nine, and was gone from roughly two in the afternoon until now (ten at night), so I didn’t have a chance. I’ll try and do another one soon though!


~Agent M


28 May

So, seeing as it’s summer and I have free time, I’d like some advice on what to post on youtube.


Plugging Some Friends

26 May

So, several friends of mine have youtube channels, and since one of them plugged me (AKA said “Go subscribe to Techn0M0use”), I figured I’d return the favor to all of them.

Cool people you should subscribe to on YouTube:


A buddy of mine who’s in the grade ahead of me. He writes his own comic and has recently started doing stop-motion animation. Very cool stuff!


A friend of mine who’s in my class. He’s a tech genius and has some very funny videos to boot!


A very good friend of mine who’s a year older than me. She has several videos of herself doing covers of songs. She’s really good!


Buddy of mine who makes mini-movies! Very funny.


Friend of mine, he’s pretty new to youtube. He likes cars and minecraft…and posts stuff about it…As of yet…

So, go subscribe to those guys, or if you don’t have a youtube account, just watch their videos!

Well, that’s about it.

God bless,

~Agent M

Bit of a Hiatus

23 Apr

Yeah, I’m super busy. Again.

Book report and math project and two speeches, with CSTs just barely done, finals on the way, a spring concert that I’ll have to be working on soon, and a half-dozen other things that are bound to pop up have gotten in the way of podcasting and posting. So sorry! I’m also in the middle of something else right now that’s frustrating, so I’ve been super-duper busy.

I’m probably going to be a bit inactive for a few weeks. Once I get school done (It ends towards the end of May) I should be back to normal though!

~Agent M

I WILL Do a Podcast Today!

1 Apr

I can’t right now because I’m watching a movie with my dad on Netflix, but I will do one later today! 😀


5 Jan

I always have liked Wednesdays. Why? Because Wednesday’s mark the half way point. I started liking Wednesdays when I was at church camp in 4th grade. It was a week long thing, and I was having fun, but I missed home. Wednesday rolled around, and I realized, “Hey. We’re half way done!”


Wednesdays are particularly nice in the school week, because we’re MORE than half way done. Only two days left before the weekend!


Although Wednesdays are nice and chipper, I still faced my normal regiment of homework. Ahh well. I’m not done yet; I still have to write my Quote of the Week essay for English (each week she gives us a quote, and we have to explain it and give our opinions on how true it is. We have one quote a week, and sometimes they’re REALLY hard!) and finish a drawing of Lewis and Clark getting chased by a bear.


In addition, I need to study for my quiz in science about the elements. Woo!


Well, hoping you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday,


Agent M