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Plugging Some Friends

26 May

So, several friends of mine have youtube channels, and since one of them plugged me (AKA said “Go subscribe to Techn0M0use”), I figured I’d return the favor to all of them.

Cool people you should subscribe to on YouTube:


A buddy of mine who’s in the grade ahead of me. He writes his own comic and has recently started doing stop-motion animation. Very cool stuff!


A friend of mine who’s in my class. He’s a tech genius and has some very funny videos to boot!


A very good friend of mine who’s a year older than me. She has several videos of herself doing covers of songs. She’s really good!


Buddy of mine who makes mini-movies! Very funny.


Friend of mine, he’s pretty new to youtube. He likes cars and minecraft…and posts stuff about it…As of yet…

So, go subscribe to those guys, or if you don’t have a youtube account, just watch their videos!

Well, that’s about it.

God bless,

~Agent M


First Animation!

17 Apr

I got an animation program for my birthday, so after I messed around with it for a while, I got this! Yay!

A YouTubeian!

1 Jun

Yes, I have joined the pit of despair we call “YouTube”.


My username is Techn0M0use (That’s zeroes instead of ‘o’s). I plan on drawing something for it soon. It will now be BLOGROLLED! 😀