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The Best Story EVER

27 Aug

A belgian waffle.

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We had to do an interesting bell work today in English. We wrote the opening sentence to a story,and then passed it to the person behind us. They wrote three sentences, then the person behind them finished it up with two. Here’s mine (first sentence is of my own…the rest is the two funny boys behind me!)

The moon shone down her light upon the darkened town, with a camouflaged young man sprinting stealthily through the streets.

He was sprinting accelerated through the darkness and puddles. Then he saw it. The building. The old abandoned waffle house. He approached it cautiously.

“Aww” he whined. “These are waffles not pancakes. Waffles give me an acute pain in my stomach.” As he beat the waffle machine, a crevice opened in the tub. There was waffle batter everywhere. He was never heard of again.


Hey All You People!

24 May

Hey all you people, hey all you people, hey all you people won’t you listen to me? I just had a sandwich, no ordinary sandwich, a sandwich filled with Jellyfish Jelly!!

–Spongebob Squarepants

Okay. So I post Redwall Villains: On Ice! on here so that I can bring back my glory days…without fear of deletion. And, because I know I am getting a lot of traffic from you Redwall Wiki-ers, I figured you might like to be updated on stuff. Now, there are two easy ways to do it!!

Non-Wordpress Readers

Because the majority of you don’t use WordPress, there is a way to get updates for when I update. If you scroll down and look at the sidebar, you’ll see something sort of like this:

So, just put in your email, and your real email, not mine or a fake one, because when you sign up they email you every time I make a new post. :O Awesome!

For WordPress Users

If anybody who reads this actually has an account on here, just go up to the top at “Blog Info” and click “Follow Blog.”

Pretty easy!!

So, yeah, I posted RV:OI and The Warrior on here. I’ll probably post all my fan fics on here and just have links to them on the Redwall Wiki. I plan to eventually transition all of my stuff from there to here, which means, basically, I am planning on leaving the wiki. I’ll still come on to do commissions and whatnot, but it has gotten too hard to stay within all of the weird rules that seem to be quazi-exist, and quazi-not exist. I will explain all of this in time, in a post that will come soon explaining my leave. I’ll still have this open and will still be active on the internet. I know it’s sort of sad and stuff for all you people on there, but it’s just been too many hoops to jump through.

But, hey, basically that’s why I made this blog! So that I could have my own rules and post whatever the heck I want and not worry about anybody else’s opinion. So…yes.