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Are you Ready for Some AIRPLANES?!

11 Jul

Tomorrow, my mom and I are going out to AL! The plane is departing at 7:00am from a nearby airport, then we land in Dallas around 12:00pm (Local time), have a two hour layover, and I think we get to AL around 4:00 or 5:00…I don’t remember which. It’s not the first time I’ve been on a plane, so no worries. 😛


Although, getting to the airport by 6:00am means I’ll have to wake up at 5:00amish… D: Not looking forward to that. But I’ll be hitting the hay probably around 9:30-10 tonight, so I should be able to catch some sleep, and then sleep on the plane as well. I’m bringing my Nook along as well, so I’ll probably make a mid-flight post or something.


I’m also bringing my sketchbook, so I’ll try and do some drawing too. I don’t know if I’ll be able to upload any art though…I don’t remember if the printer my Mammaw has has a scanner in it…But she does have a Mac, so maybe I can post a podcast or something.


What’s weird, though, is the flight we’re taking to Dallas, my mom and I aren’t sitting together! Weird. She’s in the row in front of me, but we’re both in the middle. And we both get nauseous on plane trips. 😐 (We both have some pre-flight Dramamine though, which helps. But it tastes yucky!) Either someone will offer to switch seats (…Which I’m unsure of. Ooh, give up my window seat for a middle seat?? “SIGN ME UP!” in the words of Tom Servo.) or I’ll have to stay. And maybe, I’ll be sitting next to Benedict Cumberbatch and Jeff Bridges! Or a talking cat and a wizard! Or James Bond and Rinzler! (That might be a bit scary.) Or Kermit the Frog and Spock! Or Riker and Mycroft Holmes! …Well maybe not that last one…


Well, I should probably go and finish packing.


See you later! 🙂


God bless,





29 Oct

Weird title, I know. 😛


Soo…Went to school today. Some of you are probably going, “Wow. That’s real amazing Agent M!!”

I was out sick yesterday, so yeah, it IS amazing, Mr. Sarcasm.


We were allowed to wear our Halloween costumes today, so I wore my TNG uniform. 😀 It was great.

I had some makey-funy-ofy to me comments, nothing severe, and even though I was sick and hacking I grinned and just said “thanks” and told them to live long and prosper or something like that.


But I’m fine, I don’t care. 😛


So, now I’m on the hunt for what I’ll wear NEXT YEAR! I think I should go as Spock. Everyone thought I was Spock today so why not embrace that? 😛 Of course there aren’t many female Spock outfits (LOL yeah no 😐 ) so maybe I could build one. Kind of like building a cake (Ahh Napoleon Dynamite reference!) but I dunno. The dresses were a bit………Short…in the sixties, to say the least, so I have no clue. But heck, it’s next year, so I have no worries.


What do YOU think I should do for Halloween 2011?




I’ll let you help me out here. 😀


Once my mom gets home and we get settled, we’ll be watching…………….Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home! 😀 We’ve been watching a bunch of the movies so I asked if we could watch that one tonight and Star Trek V on Sunday, and that was accepted. 😉 Very happy little nerd girl on the Internet right now, huh? 🙂


Nimoy as Spock giving the salute.

Live Long and Prosper

So…Gonna go and chillax on the web and maybe work on ideas for the costume thing (And Star Trek Nova, the comic I’m doing with a friend) and maybe even do Geometry homework (GASP! :O)  and have fun till Momma gets home.


Peace and long life,



Agent M