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Book Review – Death Cloud

28 Jun

Sorry I didn’t post it last night!

Anywho, a mid-length podcast. Sorry it’s so long…There was a lot to talk about.

I’ll try and do another podcast, be it a review or just a normal one, soon. I’m prently reading “Shane”, “The Andromeda Strain”, and “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”. My mom and I also got “TRON: LEGACY” and “Annie Get Your Gun” from the library, so maybe I’ll do a movie review too.

Well, that’s about it! I’m off to the dentist!

~Agent M


Doctor Who “A Good Man Goes to War” – Review

11 Jun

Shorter review this time, I promise!


So, just finished watching the half-season-finale, “A Good Man Goes to War.”


First off:







The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond











(Spoiler warning now)

Headless monks were FREAKY. Seriously. Ughhh scary. War chant stuff and everything….!!!


I really liked the big series 5/6 reunion though. Usually they don’t bring ANYBODY back. Doctor’s Daughter Jenny, Human!Doctor (10), NO ONE. So the big reunion was nice. I had to think back a bit, though, to remember who people were. A second go-around really helped, too.


Flesh-baby was downright scary though. Really scary. I did NOT see that coming.


That entire episode was confusing, but I must say that the ending was fairly easy to follow. And I say fairly. It was sad and happy and scary, and so good. One of my favorite episodes, definitely. I’ve loved the show even more since Matt Smith and Stephen Moffet got on board.



Melody River Pond Song was just kinda crazy though. I liked it though. Kinda makes sense…I think. I did NOT see it coming though. At all. It was so good…I mean, River was all yelling at him one minute and then BAM! she’s like, “Hey I’m Melody Pond.” And then his face and his reaction! Genius. And giggling. 😛


I actually thought she was his mom at first…But this is a lot better. Didn’t go the easy route.

Rory Williams

Rory! Rory Rocks.


I think, this is just a thought, but I don’t think Rory and Amy will stay much longer. Amy was pretty dang ticked, so I bet that at the season break, pop, they’ll be off. The whole creepy poem thing kind of foreshadowed that.


But I liked Rory! Great writing/acting for him. Rory rocks. Lone Centurion, HECK YEAH! Rory is one of my favorite companions. Pond too, but Rory rocks.


A great episode for a great season!



I’m Baaaack!

22 Jun

Sorry I vanished. I made an account of deviantART and got distracted. 😛

I have a review for you! 🙂

Last night I watched “The Little Mermaid” last night. For the first time since I was five or six.

The Little Mermaid was definitely one of the best Disney movies I’ve seen. I love the Disney styling of art (Will definitely be attempting to do some later today), the plot was good, and the voice-over(s) for Ariel were cast rather well. She had such an awesome singing voice! 😀 And the lighting (Not lightning) was good, too.

I think Disney really struck a cord here; Ariel is a little less of the ‘normal’ princess story. Although she IS a princess, she was much more normal; she forgot the concert, she fell in love with a human (:-O), she’s rebellious and loves adventure, and she’s a wee bit silly. But that’s why we love her! 😀

Ursula is really creepy. I mean, and the “Poor Unfortunate Souls!!” song just brings that to new levels. Me and my mom were laughing when Ursula tells Ariel, in regards to Ursula taking her voice in exchange for becoming a human, “Men up there, they like a girl who holds her tongue. IT’S ALL ABOUT BODY LANGUAGE!!*throws hips around a few times*”


And, who ISN’T screaming at the top of your little voice inside your head’s lungs when you find out that Ursula has come to the surface as a human with Ariel’s voice?! 😡 And, when Eric kisses her JUST as the sun goes down…I yelled out, “DENIED!!!” But still, that was pretty heart-wrenching.

I had forgotten the whole Mega-Ursula-of-Doom bit at the end…that was actually sort of funny. 😆 But then Eric is like BABOOM and runs her through with the big pointy shipwreck. And then of course, Ariel swims him off to land, and King Triton (her dad) points his big magical trident and wawoom, she’s a human. But at least this time he has the decency of giving her a spangly purple dress. (When Ursula made her a human, other than her shell-bikini, “She’s naked!” as my mom pointed out. But, Disney did a good job hiding anything weird; most of it’s in silhouette or she’s sitting in water and the water is opaque.)

A great movie all-in-all. And I am SO going to attempt to draw Ariel in the magical Disney style. 😀

It’s Raining.

9 Feb

No, the old man is not in bed. And I’m not in Spain. Just another simple atmospheric disturbance. 😛

My feet are cold and wet. When we got out today the rain reached a climax. And I didn’t have an umbrella. And I wore my canvas Vans today. So my feet are wet, but I’m not too wet all around, ’cause my dad has an umbrella. 😀 But it thundered and lightninged. COOL!!

Ohh…cold feet…

Anyways, a few days ago I got some new Inking Pens, because my old ones were old and getting cruddy.  But these ones are SPECIAL!! They’re Faber Castell (I like their pens) and it came with eight PITT (Whatever that means) pens; three are inking, in small, medium, and brush, and then there’s five gray brushy pens. For coloring and shading and stuff. Because the good markers cost about $1000 for a 72 pack (Owch!!) and I wanted to try it. Looks cool, and my test-runs have came out good!!

I have two editorials (Sorta thing) now. First:

Up: The Movie That Everyone Was Talking About Last Summer But I Never Saw

I got it on Demand last night and me and my mom watched it. GREAT MOVIE!!! We cried three times. The animation was awesome and Pixar amazed me with another brilliant plot. I love that company!! I don’t want to give away details, but just go watch the movie. AWESOME!!!!

In other news, I am going to get a Doctor Who novel. I’m excited and want to read one, after my book report, of course. Blech. Reading “Martin the Warrior” for the third time seems much less exciting now. So I’m searching on amazon and Barnes and Noble and probably my library soon, too. Call me a geek. And obsessed. I’ll agree. 😛

Planet SMLAARRRGGGGGGG is blue and there’s nothing I can do…

(Space Oddity by David Bowie)

–Agent M