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From the Nook

28 Jun

Yep! I was bored and on the Nook, so I decided to write a post! I’m listening to Owl City on Pandira and just chilling. I’ll probably do some reading in a few minutes. 😉

That was it! Haha.

~Agent M



18 Jun

I got a NookColor! It’s like the coolest thing ever.


I’ve been fiddling around on it. I don’t have many books (Complete Sherlock Holmes and the Bible is all) but it’s still cool! It has Internet access and lets you do Pandora. Pandora is this thing I just discovered. It’s Internet radio, and it tries to give you music that you might like based on what you tell it you like. Cool!


So now I can google pictures and draw at the same time, and I can save paper. I like that. 😉


Well, off to do some drawing and listen to some Electronic music!


~Agent M