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Gonna Be Busy, But I’ll Update

4 Jun

Today will be another busy day, but I figured I’d tell you about why I’m so randomly busy and update you on life to boot!


I had a very busy day yesterday. I actually woke up at around 7:30, and I got up really quickly to jot some stuff down for a request I’m drawing. I then spent 1.5-2 hours drawing it. Usually I can sketch in somewhere under an hour, but that’s because I use boring poses. So, I spent a good while just staring off into space thinking, and then I drew some little rough sketches on the back of a coupon thing I have, and then I picked one and started drawing.


Not only was the pose difficult to recreate, but I drew them rather small and they’re a difficult character that I’ve never drew before! So it took a while. I’ll try and color it on Tuesday and I’ll post it when I’m done.


So, now it’s about 9:00, and I get up and get on the computer. I talked to a friend on the computer for a really long time, and I finally got done probably around 12:00. So, I went and I read some Sherlock Holmes for a bit, and that put it to about 1:00. A little later my mom told me she was going to Target, and so I tagged along and got some weird combination of lunch and dinner at Wendy’s. We then went home, I ate, and we all got into the car and drove to my church.


The church I go to is kind of old, and there’s a kitchen downstairs that really needed cleaning. So from about 4:30-8:30, I was down there with my parents. Eventually my mom put me to work and I scrubbed counters, cabinets, the fridge, two ovens, and the dishwasher (which I think didn’t work). I went up at around then, because we were practically done. The church was having a Men’s Movie Night (Which I kept calling Men’s Movie Monday because that’s an alliteration) and I was standing around, eating trail-mix and a tiny bottle of water that the pastor gave me. 🙂


Close to 9:00, my mom and I left and went to eat. I wasn’t really hungry, but I had a churro and a Vanilla Coke. At around 10:00, we popped back to the church and picked up my dad, and got home at around 10:30.


So, there you have it! And, by the time I’m done writing this, turns out we won’t be having company tonight, but rather tomorrow, so hopefully I can get whatever cleaning I’m going to do done and do a podcast! Yay!


God bless,


~Agent M


Gardening Vlog!

30 May

First off, you’re probably wondering what a ‘vlog’ is.


Well, a vlog is a combination of two words; ‘video’ and ‘blog’.


And since, my family has recently started making a garden/farm of sorts in the backyard, I thought I’d give you a somewhat quick tour of it.


Check it out:


Government Wants to Manipulate Children

12 Oct

I was going about my business and checking up on all my little silly internet things, when I saw on the Breaking News segment on the Toolbar we have “School cafeterias try psychology in lunch line”. I clicked on it to see what it was about.


Hide the chocolate milk behind the plain milk. Get those apples and oranges out of stainless steel bins and into pretty baskets. Cash only for desserts.

These subtle moves can entice kids to make healthier choices in school lunch lines, studies show. Food and restaurant marketers have long used similar tricks. Now the government wants in on the act.
My jaw dropped.
First things first: Restaurants do not do that. Have these people been into a McDonald’s in the last, I don’t know, twenty years? Sure, they have them up on the menu, and sure, maybe they’re in the commercials. But when you get a Happy Meal or whatever, what do they ask. “Fries?”
And why do they ask fries? Because everyone hates fries and nobody ever eats them? No. Because the majority of kids (Trust me on this one; I am not some idiot scientist with a creepy agenda, I am a kid) go to McDonald’s and get a burger or chicken nuggets or whatever and get fries with it. Why? Because most kids don’t have fries readily avaliable at home, so wee, let’s go to McyD’s and get fries.
And don’t even get into that McDonald’s crap. I never saw Supersize Me. That man was an idiot. Yeah, you know what, you’ll die if you eat too much salt. Or water. Or watermelons. Or every other substance known to man. It’s called doing it in moderation.
But back to the story.
So, now, the government is getting into it? Really? Because everything the Government touches just sprouts wings and becomes perfect little beings of magical happiness. Just ask FedEx (No funding), or GM (In the hole), or anything else that they government has gotten it’s sweaty little paws on. It doesn’t work!
Now, I remember the good old days in Elementary, when every so often I would go into the crowded little smelly section of the hall at lunch and get some Chicken Nuggets or get Domino’s on pizza day.
They had a big line of food and apples and oranges and chocolate and normal milk. Boom. For the most part, I don’t ever remember getting hollered at or “nudged” in a way where I was force fed by the nutrition Nazi to eat my orange or be shoved into some creepy little hole to be re-educated on food.
Man am I glad I don’t eat cafeteria food anymore.
I know that they have the Healthy Snacks machine at school, and it’s about $2.50 for a pack of twenty peanuts. When you could go over and get five bags of Doritos for that.
Otherwise, I know nothing about the lunch line.
This segment of the article was particularly creepy:
…Cafeteria workers also got more involved, asking, “Would you rather have green beans or carrots today?” instead of waiting for a kid to request them.

And just asking, “Do you want a salad with that?” on pizza day at one high school raised salad consumption 30 percent, Wansink said.
I would be a bit freaked out if I had people nudging me in a very subliminal way to eat carrots. I like carrots. But do I want a bunch of creepy Nuti-Nazis asking me in a very influential way if I wanted carrots? NO.
They said earlier in the article that schools that forced kids to put fruit on their plates found that most of the fruit ended up in the trash. I remember stuff like that from Elementary school, actually. I did it. I through away the nasty Red Delicious apples that tasted like mushy applesauce inside a waxy paper sack. They were gross and I hate Red Delicious apples. Ew.
But, am I obese? No.I’m not the picture of health, but that’s because I’m weak and am not athletically inclined. Sorry Mr. Food Nazi, if I hadn’t thrown away my apples in third grade, I’d probably still be a little over 5’4″ and still growing and not very athletic. Whoop.
And you know what? You’ll have little kids saying, “Okay, I’ll take a salad.” Then they take a bite and it tastes like cement and they will through it out.
And, these kids that are obese and weigh over 100 pounds in kindergarten, are they going to care that the chocolate milk is four inches farther than the regular? No. Will they care about all those salads? No. Will they still grab seven slices of pizza? You bet.
So, they’re trying to make more Healthy Choices available to us. But, haven’t they become more like Healthy Enforcements than Healthy Choices? How long until we have the Healthy Eating Laws? Or will we seriously have to add on that we have a right to religion, assembly, petition, press, and whatever food we want?