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Tron! Yay!

30 Jun

Guess who watched TRON: LEGACY two nights ago… 😀

The redesigned Light cycle as featured in the ...

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Yep. I liked that movie better the second time around. The music is always awesome (Ask my mom, she’ll tell you how I was getting all excited and stuff.) and visually, oh my gosh it’s amazing! The plot was a little easier to follow this time, and I figured things out that I didn’t the first time (Zeus/Castor wasn’t an ISO! Ohhh.) and I enjoyed it more. It also inspired me to dress up as Quorra for Halloween! Thing is though, most of the costumes are expensive and don’t look that good, so I’m making my own. So I did some research and found that a few ladies had made some very nice costumes by themselves, so I looked around Google images a bit and drew up a quick plan (link to what I drew up) for a simplified costume.


First off, you have to know what Quorra looks like. Here we go:



Image by jeffpiatt via Flickr



So, a basic break-down of her outfit is as follows:


  • A short tunic-thing, looks like leather, with light-strips criss-crossing it. Sleeveless. (This’ll be kinda tricky to find because it’s so odd looking!)
  • An off the shoulder long-sleeved shirt with some light bands and the leathery stuff from the tunic covering some parts. (For this, I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with it yet. It’ll be a bit simplified, but I don’t know how much.)
  • A light disc (Shouldn’t be too hard to find, they have them at lots of places.)
  • Some leathery looking leggings, with a light strip going down one leg. (Finding some black, shiny leggings shouldn’t be hard.)
  • Some calf-high boots with lights on them. (My friend’s sister said she has the boots and would lend them to me.)

That’s a lot! I’ve omitted the saber thing, just because no one will care about it. 😛


So, I went down with my mom and a friend today to the part of town where you can buy just about any kind of abnormal thing you want. Prom dress? Sure. Very inexpensive suits? Of course. Slightly creepy toys? Yep. Pirated movies? Oh yes.


I asked my mom’s friend, who knows much more about downtown (that’s where we were) than we do, and I asked if she knew where I could get some black, shiny leggings. We walked down a few rather long blocks and we looked around for a shop she had seen some in, but we couldn’t find it. We were about to give up hope when we walked into one store and she asked. Sure enough, the lady went, opened up a drawer, and had some! I bought them for $15, and then we went on. (Yeah, no tax. Just $15 flat. It’s cool down there because sometimes you don’t have to pay some random amount of money.)


We were going into some other shops, and I decided to ask her if she had seen any really long gloves. I had been thinking about using some shoulder-length gloves for the sleevey-bits on my costume, and sure enough, she did! And it was right around the corner. So, walked into a shop, and sure enough, they had some long, black gloves. I bought them (with two dollars from my mom) for $6.62. (Hey, some people charge tax too.)


We had been downtown for around four hours, and we were all getting sore and tired of smelling onions and meat and crowded streets, so we left.


I went home and tried on my items; the leggings fit fine (a little loose in a few places, but overall fine), but the gloves had a habit of slipping down further than I wanted to. I think what I’ll do is buy an off-the-shoulders shirt, tuck the sleeves into the gloves, and then the gloves will stay AND my outfit will be more accurate! Yippee!


I’ll keep you posted on all the costume-coming-alongs.


God bless,


~Agent M


I asked my mom if we could go and buy an Identity Disk tomorrow, so hopefully we can and I can get that out of the way.



29 Oct

Weird title, I know. 😛


Soo…Went to school today. Some of you are probably going, “Wow. That’s real amazing Agent M!!”

I was out sick yesterday, so yeah, it IS amazing, Mr. Sarcasm.


We were allowed to wear our Halloween costumes today, so I wore my TNG uniform. 😀 It was great.

I had some makey-funy-ofy to me comments, nothing severe, and even though I was sick and hacking I grinned and just said “thanks” and told them to live long and prosper or something like that.


But I’m fine, I don’t care. 😛


So, now I’m on the hunt for what I’ll wear NEXT YEAR! I think I should go as Spock. Everyone thought I was Spock today so why not embrace that? 😛 Of course there aren’t many female Spock outfits (LOL yeah no 😐 ) so maybe I could build one. Kind of like building a cake (Ahh Napoleon Dynamite reference!) but I dunno. The dresses were a bit………Short…in the sixties, to say the least, so I have no clue. But heck, it’s next year, so I have no worries.


What do YOU think I should do for Halloween 2011?




I’ll let you help me out here. 😀


Once my mom gets home and we get settled, we’ll be watching…………….Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home! 😀 We’ve been watching a bunch of the movies so I asked if we could watch that one tonight and Star Trek V on Sunday, and that was accepted. 😉 Very happy little nerd girl on the Internet right now, huh? 🙂


Nimoy as Spock giving the salute.

Live Long and Prosper

So…Gonna go and chillax on the web and maybe work on ideas for the costume thing (And Star Trek Nova, the comic I’m doing with a friend) and maybe even do Geometry homework (GASP! :O)  and have fun till Momma gets home.


Peace and long life,



Agent M