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Are you Ready for Some AIRPLANES?!

11 Jul

Tomorrow, my mom and I are going out to AL! The plane is departing at 7:00am from a nearby airport, then we land in Dallas around 12:00pm (Local time), have a two hour layover, and I think we get to AL around 4:00 or 5:00…I don’t remember which. It’s not the first time I’ve been on a plane, so no worries. 😛


Although, getting to the airport by 6:00am means I’ll have to wake up at 5:00amish… D: Not looking forward to that. But I’ll be hitting the hay probably around 9:30-10 tonight, so I should be able to catch some sleep, and then sleep on the plane as well. I’m bringing my Nook along as well, so I’ll probably make a mid-flight post or something.


I’m also bringing my sketchbook, so I’ll try and do some drawing too. I don’t know if I’ll be able to upload any art though…I don’t remember if the printer my Mammaw has has a scanner in it…But she does have a Mac, so maybe I can post a podcast or something.


What’s weird, though, is the flight we’re taking to Dallas, my mom and I aren’t sitting together! Weird. She’s in the row in front of me, but we’re both in the middle. And we both get nauseous on plane trips. 😐 (We both have some pre-flight Dramamine though, which helps. But it tastes yucky!) Either someone will offer to switch seats (…Which I’m unsure of. Ooh, give up my window seat for a middle seat?? “SIGN ME UP!” in the words of Tom Servo.) or I’ll have to stay. And maybe, I’ll be sitting next to Benedict Cumberbatch and Jeff Bridges! Or a talking cat and a wizard! Or James Bond and Rinzler! (That might be a bit scary.) Or Kermit the Frog and Spock! Or Riker and Mycroft Holmes! …Well maybe not that last one…


Well, I should probably go and finish packing.


See you later! 🙂


God bless,




Rain Rain

23 Mar

Came today!


It’s been COLD!! And it started raining right at 3:00 when I got out of school. 😛


But I like the rain a lot. It’s supposed to rain until Friday (It’s Friday Friday Friday…Gah have that stuck in my head…) and then stay cold until Monday.


I have a busy rest of the week! Tomorrow I have rehearsal for a play a class of kids is doing on Friday (Kickin’ in the front seat…) and then I’m going over to family friend’s while my parents go somewhere. Then on Friday (…sittin’ in the back seat) I have the play, and running lights for it means I get to miss first period (P.E., where we’d probably be playing dodge ball, so I’m not weeping) and a bit of the next class. After school I have a choir rehearsal. And sometime in the middle I have to write a light cue for a competition the choir’s going to on (Tomorrow it is…) Saturday (…after that comes Sunday, Sunday) which I don’t have to go to.


Hopefully I won’t have to postpone the podcast AGAIN, but I’m gonna be pretty busy… :\ I know what I think I’ll be talking about, but still, it all comes down to finding a quiet moment when I can record.


By the way, the comic I’m writing with Merlock, Star Trek: Nova comes out this Friday (Fun, fun, fun, fun)! Just another thing that’ll eat up my time. 😛 The link to the website’s in the blogroll, so if you could check it out, I’d like that. 😉


Well, gotta jet!


~Agent M


26 Feb

So, it sleeted for about five or ten minutes today in my hometown. And it barely ever RAINS here. So everybody was excited. I got some pictures:




There was a TON of ice on the car


A bit of the TONS of sleet that was on my front lawn

Busy Busy Busy Bee

24 Feb

SOMEONE’s been busy.


And it wasn’t you.



Are cousin Stephen.


It was me.




Yeah, I’ve been kind of busy. Ironically, on probably the most homework-devoid week of my life since Kindergarten. But, busy all the same.


I have two current projects in school right now, a geometry project and an english project. In geometry, we have to build a candy box-thing made out of two of the following: a prism, a pyramid, or a cylinder. It’s due the 11th of March, but it had been assigned for a long time, but I put it off because I had other projects that were closer in due-date. And then I finished all those…And procrastinated. 😐


But luckily, I revived my project-working mindset (briefly) and worked out some potential designs for it. I figured out what I’m doing, and I’ll probably try and draw out the stuff I need to cut out. Did I mention I was going to build a prism and a pyramid? No? Didn’t think so. But yes. I have a cardboard box in my closet (Don’t ask why…I don’t properly remember myself) and am going to disassemble it and cut it and work some magic with some construction paper, rubber cement, and duct tape. Just call me Ms. McGuiver.


The English project is a research paper. I’m not too psyched about it, honestly. I like English and all, but…yeah. It’s not that I don’t like writing (Why the heck would I get a blog if I hated writing!?) but it’s that I don’t like writing reports. I’d rather come in wearing a corset and a six-foot-wide dress to my sixth-period English class and explain to them with a mixture of visuals and witty comments why women’s fashion on the 1700s is nothing like women’s fashion of today. Not via a dry, wordy, long report. I tend to write reports rather dry and wordy.


So, I’ve been putting off the impending doom- I mean projects- by working on yet ANOTHER blog for a comic I’m writing. It’s not quite finished and since I really don’t think anybody wants to read 20 pages of “Coming Soon!”, I’ll post the link once it’s done. So look out for that.


Recently, it’s been a bit chilly in the bit of California I call home. Well, chilly for me anyway. People are like, “Oh, it was warm today. It got up to -17 degrees. Celsius. I got out my bikini and went polar bearing. It was so relaxing.” And then I’m all, “IT WAS SO DANG COLD TODAY. THE HIGH WAS 40. OH MY GOSH. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO TURN INTO A POPSICLE.”


But I guess I’m not even the epitome of hyperbole. Because last night I looked on the dashboard of my computer (It’s a Mac thing) and the Weather app said it was going to snow on Saturday.




When the lowest recorded low on that day was 36. And that’s from the 1980s. The average high on February 26 is 70. Yeah.


I got excited, of course.


But I just checked the app now. It says it’s supposed to rain tomorrow (there’s a 80% chance at noon) and then thunderstorm Saturday. Weather.com says it’ll just rain, and it’ll stop at 3pm. But I hope it thunders. If I can’t get snow, I would like to get a thunderstorm. They’re fairly rare, and are completely harmless out here. So, to quote Elmer Fudd, “Funda! Wighning! Smog!”


I do hope it doesn’t rain at lunch tomorrow, though. We’re going on a field trip. And we NEVER go on field trips. And we’re supposed to eat outside if it doesn’t rain. And I want to eat. Well, we probably will eat even if it rains. I dunno. I just want to eat lunch.


Well…That’s about the end of my critically acclaimed, super-interesting life.


God bless and have a good Thursday,


~Agent M


27 Feb

It’s raining. It’s pouring. My doggie is snoring. She got up, then went to bed again, and probably won’t wake up for a while.

It never rains in California, apparently, is a big fat lie.like, seriously. BIG FAT LIE. RAINING. SERIOUSLY. Gurgle gurgle gurgle.

It’s not lightning/thundering though. So that’s a relief.

I take that back. It will be thundering soon, according to The Weather Man. TRUST THE WEATHER MEN!!!! Hmm…that’d be a good name for a band. Randomness.

In other news: Last night I helped out at a church thing for little kids and painted faces/hands/arms. There were three little boys who I gave sleeves to. (If you don’t know what sleeves are, it’s when you see people with their entire arms covered in tattoos.) I drew a lot of masks on people’s faces, a hand full of butterflies and hearts, too. This is all I drew on these three little boy’s arms:

  • Sharks
  • Jellyfish
  • An octopus
  • A lion
  • A tiger
  • (Not a bear!!) A cheetah
  • A semi
  • A racecar
  • An airplane
  • Dragons
  • Water dragon

And, I gave a little boy a curly mustache and sideburns. xD He looked awesome. I even got to paint my parent’s faces! My dad got a Mark-Twain beard and a curly mustache, and I drew whiskers and a little cat nose on my mom. I was also declared the best artist ever (FINALLY! Just kidding) by the little boys with the ‘tattoos’ on their arms. And listen to this.

Boy: “Why are you wearing a purple watch?”

Me: “Because I like to tell time.”

Boy: “So you’re a girl then…?”

Me: *Laugh* “Yeah; thanks for noticing.”

apparently girls like to tell time. Who’da thunk?



–Agent M