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Book Review – Death Cloud

28 Jun

Sorry I didn’t post it last night!

Anywho, a mid-length podcast. Sorry it’s so long…There was a lot to talk about.

I’ll try and do another podcast, be it a review or just a normal one, soon. I’m prently reading “Shane”, “The Andromeda Strain”, and “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”. My mom and I also got “TRON: LEGACY” and “Annie Get Your Gun” from the library, so maybe I’ll do a movie review too.

Well, that’s about it! I’m off to the dentist!

~Agent M


Podcast on the Way

27 Jun

I just finished reading a book yesterday, and I’m going to try and record a little book-review-podcast thing tonight. Stay tuned!


In the meanwhile, you might want to look into the book, “Death Cloud”!

New Podcast!

27 May

Finally! Sorry for such the long wait.



2 Apr

Sorry, but I had to cancel it.





Okay yes it’s an April Fool’s joke a day late (I guess timing isn’t my strong suit) but I was busy yesterday. I DID record this last night, but it was too late for me to set up all the visual media stuff to go with it. But, better late than never!


Rain Rain

23 Mar

Came today!


It’s been COLD!! And it started raining right at 3:00 when I got out of school. 😛


But I like the rain a lot. It’s supposed to rain until Friday (It’s Friday Friday Friday…Gah have that stuck in my head…) and then stay cold until Monday.


I have a busy rest of the week! Tomorrow I have rehearsal for a play a class of kids is doing on Friday (Kickin’ in the front seat…) and then I’m going over to family friend’s while my parents go somewhere. Then on Friday (…sittin’ in the back seat) I have the play, and running lights for it means I get to miss first period (P.E., where we’d probably be playing dodge ball, so I’m not weeping) and a bit of the next class. After school I have a choir rehearsal. And sometime in the middle I have to write a light cue for a competition the choir’s going to on (Tomorrow it is…) Saturday (…after that comes Sunday, Sunday) which I don’t have to go to.


Hopefully I won’t have to postpone the podcast AGAIN, but I’m gonna be pretty busy… :\ I know what I think I’ll be talking about, but still, it all comes down to finding a quiet moment when I can record.


By the way, the comic I’m writing with Merlock, Star Trek: Nova comes out this Friday (Fun, fun, fun, fun)! Just another thing that’ll eat up my time. 😛 The link to the website’s in the blogroll, so if you could check it out, I’d like that. 😉


Well, gotta jet!


~Agent M

ESP Episode Three!

19 Mar

Check it ouuttt! It’s a day delayed because this one is super-extra-special. 😉


Podcast Delay

18 Mar

The podcast probably won’t get posted today because I’m not done with the audio stuff and I’m doing something special for the video bit. But it’ll be up by Saturday or Sunday. 😉

ESP Episode 2!

11 Mar



ESP: Extra Special Podcast!

4 Mar

You guessed it!



Pretty quick, aye?


I’ll try and get another one up as soon as I can.