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Finally! An Animation!

16 Sep

Yes! Yes I did! Check it out!



Hey Vegeta? What does the scouter say about his (blogger) power level?

28 May

That is all.

(If you’re confused, look at the number of hits.)

This Brightened My Day

28 Mar


Just happened to pop up right after publishing a page on my website for Star Trek: Nova.




(You should go check out that website by the way because it is pretty awesome.)

The Postal Service is My Best Friend

12 Jan

Well, actually, it’s more like a friend-of-a-friend, because babysitting money/Christmas presents are friends with Amazon, and Amazon is friends with the USPS.


BUT, this is besides the point.


My Star Trek: The Original Series Communicator arrived today! I’ll take a picture of a video or something of it once I get around to it and once I’m up to it (I’m getting a bit of a cold).


Woo! Beam me up, Scotty!


~Agent M

There Really IS an App For Everything!

2 Jan


I didn’t know this until a friend of mine with an iPhone (Thanks Tim!) pointed this out to me, but if you subscribe to my blog, there’s a nifty little Smlaarg app-ish thing that comes with it, too! And a nifty little picture as well! (That’ll be a different picture now because I just changed it to a better, more recent drawing)


And seeing as everyone has an iPhone (except my family), now it’s nice and convenient to follow my blog! How nice!


In other news; there’s a new header up.


Enjoy your Sunday and Monday and etc.,


Agent M

The Best Story EVER

27 Aug

A belgian waffle.

Image via Wikipedia

We had to do an interesting bell work today in English. We wrote the opening sentence to a story,and then passed it to the person behind us. They wrote three sentences, then the person behind them finished it up with two. Here’s mine (first sentence is of my own…the rest is the two funny boys behind me!)

The moon shone down her light upon the darkened town, with a camouflaged young man sprinting stealthily through the streets.

He was sprinting accelerated through the darkness and puddles. Then he saw it. The building. The old abandoned waffle house. He approached it cautiously.

“Aww” he whined. “These are waffles not pancakes. Waffles give me an acute pain in my stomach.” As he beat the waffle machine, a crevice opened in the tub. There was waffle batter everywhere. He was never heard of again.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

11 Jun

Yes, very famous song.

I had…four? Yes, four dreams last night. All were pretty good dreams too. I’ll go in order:

I had a dream that I was in a room, like a set or an after party or something. I’m looking around the room, wondering if I’ll see David Tennant (I know, random, right?). And lo! and behold, who do I see? David Tennant. So I run up to him and say, “I LOVE YOU!” And then I got my picture taken with him, but it was on him phone, so I wanted him to text it to my phone and my email. But it was a hassle. And he talked kind of funny; not how he normally talked.

Second dream was that I was in a movie with William Shatner. AKA Captain Kirk. And it was a Star trek movie. That was cool. I like William Shatner. Like I told my mom while watching Star Trek: Generations, “Meet, Captain Kirk! He’s, like, 40 years old and still looking HOT!!!!”

I am weird….

Thirdly, I had a dream that me an a bunch of my classmates (All I remember were my friends Shannon and Joey) were in a sequel to a movie. It was something around the premise of “Cheaper by the Dozen” or some funny, family/kids movie. But…What was weird was, that number one, my friend Joey had been in the original one. So, then, the set burns down. Okay. But, the set was in a residential area, and the movie people are all, “Joey, remember where the other set is? Go show them and find it.” So here me and 15 some odd kids are wandering the streets, having Joey look for a set house. Yeah…

Lastly, I had a dream that I rode my bike to the summit of Everest. IF that’s not enough, I was wheelying the entire way. I was the second fastest bike-wheelie-er-to-the-summit, and that some organization was going to invite me to a little luncheon thing for doing it. And still, the guy who got first place was kind of disputed, because apparently he witnessed somebody attempting suicide, but didn’t stop and help, and that somehow made him faster…? Oh, and at the summit was an Indian village. Meaning India Indian village. Yeah. And there was this girl who was named Elizabeth was was hiding out there and being called Mia. I forget why. And then something happened and I was walking with a bunch of people and there was a tiger in there, and it freaked me out.

So how was your REM cycle?

One of the best quotes ever

8 Mar

The Doctor: Any number that reduces to one when you take the sum of the square of its digits and continue iterating it until it yields 1 is a happy number, any number that doesn’t, isn’t. A happy prime is both happy and prime. Now *type it in*!
The Doctor: I dunno, talk about dumbing down. Don’t they teach recreational mathematics anymore?

“42” – Doctor Who, Series 3

What other shows do you know of that talk about aliens, math, and guys with really awesome hair? And that’s why I like Doctor Who. Ahh, David Tennant, how we will miss you so. 😦


–Agent M

MY Shiny Eye

28 Feb

Anyone who has every read/watched “Redwall” and/or “Mattimeo” MUST watch this. It’s  a video Our Lord Hethrin made. You know, Hethrin? He made the Redwall Abridged Series? Well he is probably one of the most hilariously genius people on earth, and he made this. You will laugh your face off, then it will explode, and then Cluny will sue you for exploding on him.


27 Feb

It’s raining. It’s pouring. My doggie is snoring. She got up, then went to bed again, and probably won’t wake up for a while.

It never rains in California, apparently, is a big fat, seriously. BIG FAT LIE. RAINING. SERIOUSLY. Gurgle gurgle gurgle.

It’s not lightning/thundering though. So that’s a relief.

I take that back. It will be thundering soon, according to The Weather Man. TRUST THE WEATHER MEN!!!! Hmm…that’d be a good name for a band. Randomness.

In other news: Last night I helped out at a church thing for little kids and painted faces/hands/arms. There were three little boys who I gave sleeves to. (If you don’t know what sleeves are, it’s when you see people with their entire arms covered in tattoos.) I drew a lot of masks on people’s faces, a hand full of butterflies and hearts, too. This is all I drew on these three little boy’s arms:

  • Sharks
  • Jellyfish
  • An octopus
  • A lion
  • A tiger
  • (Not a bear!!) A cheetah
  • A semi
  • A racecar
  • An airplane
  • Dragons
  • Water dragon

And, I gave a little boy a curly mustache and sideburns. xD He looked awesome. I even got to paint my parent’s faces! My dad got a Mark-Twain beard and a curly mustache, and I drew whiskers and a little cat nose on my mom. I was also declared the best artist ever (FINALLY! Just kidding) by the little boys with the ‘tattoos’ on their arms. And listen to this.

Boy: “Why are you wearing a purple watch?”

Me: “Because I like to tell time.”

Boy: “So you’re a girl then…?”

Me: *Laugh* “Yeah; thanks for noticing.”

apparently girls like to tell time. Who’da thunk?



–Agent M