Finally DONE

5 Feb

Woo, sorry about not posting for a while. I’ve had a lot of projects and haven’t had the time to write a blog post. But, now that it’s Saturday, I can! Yay!


So, on Thursday of this week, we had at our school, a thing called History Day. Everyday grade has a day after school to come and bring a history project and present them, and you can win medals. I decided to go with my project, “Fashion of the 1700s”. 11 people showed up. In my entire grade level. Yeah.


So, I eventually got to present my little thing, telling the teacher who was ‘interviewing’ me about how fashion of the 1700s changed a lot. By the time I finished with that, they called all the teachers together and then announced the winners. I got second place! 😀 A couple of nice boys from my class got first (they weren’t working together; they tied). The next day, I got up and told my class about it. I don’t think they were quite as interested, but no matter. 😉


I’m going to a party thing tonight! Wee!


Well…That’s about it I guess.


Have a nice day,


Agent M


One Response to “Finally DONE”

  1. Blue February 5, 2011 at 9:17 am #

    Good job! 😀

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