5 Jan

I always have liked Wednesdays. Why? Because Wednesday’s mark the half way point. I started liking Wednesdays when I was at church camp in 4th grade. It was a week long thing, and I was having fun, but I missed home. Wednesday rolled around, and I realized, “Hey. We’re half way done!”


Wednesdays are particularly nice in the school week, because we’re MORE than half way done. Only two days left before the weekend!


Although Wednesdays are nice and chipper, I still faced my normal regiment of homework. Ahh well. I’m not done yet; I still have to write my Quote of the Week essay for English (each week she gives us a quote, and we have to explain it and give our opinions on how true it is. We have one quote a week, and sometimes they’re REALLY hard!) and finish a drawing of Lewis and Clark getting chased by a bear.


In addition, I need to study for my quiz in science about the elements. Woo!


Well, hoping you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday,


Agent M


One Response to “WEDNESDAY!”

  1. Blue January 7, 2011 at 7:05 pm #

    Yeah, I also like Wednesdays. One perk of going to a Christian school is we get no homework on Wed. so we can go to church

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