Some Forced Optomism

2 Jan

Well, tomorrow is the start of the Spring semester at school…!!


Normally, I might be inclined to quibble about how I was tired and wished school wasn’t going back and how I needed to get more things done…





One of my three New Year’s Resolutions was to be a happier, more optimistic person. Normally I am pretty happy, but recently I’ve been a bit grumpy and have been getting angry/sad/depressed easily, and I really hate when I’m like that because I hate when other people are like that, so I’ve decided to have a happy year! So I’ll tell you what I’m excited about!


I got a lot done over my two week break; I got rested up and I had a lot of fun. I saw TRON: LEGACY and I hung out with friends. I got a Wii and have exercised, which is really good, because usually I don’t do any physical activity (other than typing) outside of P.E. I had fun with family and I got some awesome gifts for Christmas, too! I got a lot of writing done (I am writing a comic and have a good chunk of the scripts out of the way!) and I even got some new ideas for a new story.


Today, I’m going to watch some TV and relax a bit. I still need to get at least one (But really need two or three) scripts done for my comic, and I’ll try and get myself to get it out of the way and have fun doing it. Later on I plan on going to the mall and getting a chain for my pocket watch, shopping at Old Navy (I got some gift cards for Christmas, and they always have good t-shirts and jeans that fit there), and maybe selling an old game I don’t play at GameStop. Maybe I’ll get some shirts online that I didn’t get for Christmas with some of the money I have.


Tomorrow when I go back to school, I’ll be sporting some sweet new clothes and plenty of fun stories (Like playing 100-pin Wii bowling with a friend and getting four strikes in a row, and seeing a laser light show, and getting a Captain Kirk ornament for Christmas). I have a few gifts to give to friends at school (One late-Christmas-present-cum-Art-Request, one text-message-inspired-silly-picture). I can tell my P.E. teacher about how I worked out of the break, tell my English teacher that I’m writing a comic (And ask her if she got the email I sent her of a story I won an award for), and ask my History teacher if my dad can chaperon on a field trip.


I’ll give another present to another friend. Who I completely forgot about until about four seconds ago. But I’ll draw something another for him.


I can look forward to Toaster Strudel in the morning and peanut-butter-jelly and silly people at lunch. I can look forward to new seating charts and new people to sit by. I can look forward to being able to schedule days to hang out more easily and probably goign over to a friend’s house to watch Star Trek in the near future.


I can look forward to a happier semester.


And encase you were wondering, my other two New Year’s Resolutions were to be healthier (STRONG CORE BAYBAY) and to write a short story a month, at least.


Oh, forgot one: To post on here once a week, too!


Lookin’ forward to a brand new year,


Agent M


P.S.: What were your New Year’s Resolutions?


One Response to “Some Forced Optomism”

  1. Blue January 7, 2011 at 7:01 pm #

    My New Year’s Resolution was to become stronger in my faith. The other technically ISN’T a resolution, but I can see it as a mini-resolution. That mini-resolution is to be a better person 😀

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