Enlisted in Starfleet

26 Aug

Got my Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform in the mail yesterday. I ordered it off of Amazon…LOVIN’ IT!! It’s yellow and it fits almost perfectly. I set it up just like Data‘s uniform. 😛

I’m getting a haircut today…Yay! Want to see the picture?

Yes…Star Trek screen shot! I’m going to tell the hairdresser that I want that haircut EXACTLY.

So…yep. Going to go and work on my project for Geometry and my Science/English homework now. FUN! 😐


One Response to “Enlisted in Starfleet”

  1. Bloo D00d August 28, 2010 at 1:49 pm #

    LOL My mom said earlier this summer that my hair was starting to look like Spock’s. When I went to the Boy Scout Jamboree back in July, I bought a pair of Spock ears when we were still in DC. My ears, combined with my Spock hair, earned me the nickname “Spock” from a kid in my group.

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