Excuse Me, WordPress?

11 Jul

Hi. It’s me. I have a suggestion.

I have an idea for the blog surfer. For any of you normal people reading this, the blog surfer is a beta tool so that you can see new posts from blogs of your choosing, all in a neat little page. I think that you should be able to view who has you on your blog surfer. I have one email subscriber, but I’d like to know who Blog Surfs me. I add blogs to my Blog Surfer but don’t get email updates, but if I did get email updates, you’d tell the blog owner on the Stats page. I’d like to be able to view my Blog Surfers, if you will, because, if I was an author of one of the blogs I subscribe to, and I saw that nobody was email-subscribed, it would make me sad. 😦 But if I knew that somebody had me on their Blog Surfer it would make me very happy! 😀 Plus, I’m more likely to be on here than checking my email.

Thank You!



One Response to “Excuse Me, WordPress?”

  1. Bluee July 12, 2010 at 5:02 pm #

    That’s a thought.

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