Missile Mouse (Review)

5 Jun

I’m on a review kick! 😀

I recently read the comic “Missile Mouse” by Jake Parker. I give it 4.5/5 stars! A GREAT comic!

I can tear through through comics and mangas in about an hour and a half or so. I have put the book up in my shelf along with Redwall, Watership Down, and Mousegaurd, all favorites of mine. And all about rodents.

The story is like, as I said before, James Bond at Redwall in Space. Missile Mouse, aka MM, is like a super agent who sometimes takes unnecessary risks. But he always gets the job done.

When the RIP, Rogue Imperium of Planets begins to start to show interest in an ancient “Doomsday Machine” called Star Crusher, the GSA, Galactis Security Agent sends in Missile Mouse to save the day!

I won’t go into plot details, so you’ll just have to read it!

I thought it was a very good comic, but there’s one plot thing that I realized and predicted before it happened. I was correct. 😛

Good book, check it out!


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