A Bit of Poetry

9 Apr

I am a part-time poet. For fun. I wrote this poem a long time ago, but I would like to share it with you. 🙂 I’ve edited a bit and added some stuff, too. I added several more stansas (I think that’s what they’re called…Or lines…) to it, and I think it sounds cool.

“This Rose, This Wall”

The necessary evils will hunt while you’re asleep.

Is it outside? Is it in?

Many a creature, many a sin.

Who to trust? Who to fear?

Who to shut out? Who to hold dear?

Abbots fail and walls will crumble,

Who can escape war’s deafening rumble?

The Mountain Lord will lay in slumber,

Martin’s sword will be encumbered.

Contagion, Corruption, and Crusade,

Laid low by Epidemic or Blade?

Ransom, Revenge, and Retribution,

No Compassion or Contribution!

Our values degrade as our bodies grow stronger.

Our gentle nature stands no longer.

A loss of patience, mercy, and love,

Has descended upon us from up above.

They fight to keep values alive,

Yet in us they no longer strive!

Fights reigns with us, distrust flows thick,

Civil war or invaders, we must pick.

They say that the enemy is outside us,

but is it among us?

Friendship and brotherhood

Are not where they once stood;

Our morals slowly away they slither,

This Rose, this Wall, has long since withered.

I loosely based it on an idea I had for a Redwall fan fiction, that, like so many other fan fictions, I never finished. But, it sounded cool and I get bored. Rhyming is FUN!!

Feel free to comment and critique.

Agent M


One Response to “A Bit of Poetry”

  1. Bluee April 11, 2010 at 4:15 pm #

    Great job, Agent M (AKA LPG)!

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