Art Class and Kaelin

30 Mar

So, my buddy Kaelin and I were sitting in art class. I had my sketchbook and we had some free time, so we doodled. It’s pretty funny. 🙂 We talked about what ferrets looked like, and then had an argument about who’s squirrel was more realistic.

The ferret above "KAELIN'S FERRET" is Kaelin, and the squirrel at the bottom left is her's, too. The rest is mine. I wrote all the Rick-Roll-age around her ferret. It's name is Egburt.

Ferretsferretsferretsferretsferrets. Fun!!

And then, we had an art showdown. I drew a line on my sketch book and gave us each a side. I told her to draw whatever she wanted to, but our cartoons were waging war against each other or being funny or something. But my really stupid scanner is being an IDIOT!!! 😡 It won’t upload it. I’ll try again later. 😦

I always feel like, SMLAARRRGGGG is watchin’ me….

(“Somebody’s Watchin’ Me”…Rockwell, I think.)

–Agent M


One Response to “Art Class and Kaelin”

  1. Kaelin March 31, 2010 at 7:26 pm #

    Hey agent M, its Kaelin! I love the pics! I can’t wait until you post the other ones, and don’t forget…don’t talk to strangers! L8r g8r!:)

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