21 Mar

Trying to come up with a new character because I have an evil plan. An evil plan which will be unveiled later. Wanna help? Okay. Criteria:

  • Has to be an anthro-type animal
  • Has to be a girl
  • Has to be a mammal. I don’t do fishes and stuff. Sorry.
  • They’re a good guy

I (personally) am leaning towards a mouse or a cat or something, but I’m open to suggestions. 🙂

I’m having a rather hard time with both aspects of this; the design part and the actual drawing part. So I may go and sit and watch TV and try to draw. :S


One Response to “Trying…”

  1. smlaarg March 21, 2010 at 12:08 pm #

    They’re a good guy, too.

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