3 Mar

I have a short story.

So, I have a KOL account I made when I was like, five or six, and I use it for personal email purposes. Whenever I log out, it takes me to the KOL homepage and there’s games and stuff. I see an ad for some Batman game where you get to find out the identity of Batwoman! Ohh…So, I decide to play. I have nothing better to do…So I try it, forget how to use the grappeling hook, and try another two times and fail. The final time I get to The Penguin, who has Batwoman!! :O I beat him then I get this little video clip of Batman going, “Who are you?” or something, Batwoman trying to slap/kick him, and then telling him, “You’re such the great detective, you find out! Gotta jet.” and then procedes to jump off the building or whatever. I PRACTICALLY GAVE MYSELF CARPAL TUNNEL USING THE ARROW KEYS FOR THE FIRST TIMES IN YEARS, AND I HAVE TO BUY SOME STINKIN’ DVD TO FIND OUT!? Sheez.

My hands hurt. Ow. Ow.


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