22 Feb

LOOK AT THE SIDEBAR!!! I got 1000+ views!!! OH MY GOODINESS!!! I’d like to thank all the little people…just kidding. 😛 Glad you people actually like reading Albi the Racist dragon and my spazz moments. 😀 I could give you all a hug…not really. xD Well I don’t know some of you people!! That’s why you comment… a lot… comments make me haaaappy…

On another note, about schol, I’m busy. 😦 I have to draw 32 pictures symbolizing different events in this book I’m reading (“Martin the Warrior” by Brian Jacwues. By the bye, can’t wait for my pre-order of Sable Quean, comin’ out TOMORROW!!!!! :D). And it’s due the 2nd. Of March. Owchie. Well, only 16 are due, but I want to get them all done. I have 17 or 18, currently. I also have to ink the sketches and color them. Wish me luck!!!

No signing off today; I have to go RIGHT NOW!!! DINNER TIME!!!

–Agent M


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