William FAILS

8 Feb

So, remember my friend “Agent J”? Well, he asked me to draw him a very historical and completely true picture.
So, a long long time ago, in England, there was this guy called William the Conqueror. I think he was from Wales (Correct me if I’m wrong) and something happened and he wanted to invade England. Well, he fought in the big battle with the king of England and it was called the Battle of Hastings. Agent J, my buddy, is doing a report on this. Here’s the story: While stepping out of his boat, William, HIS FIRST STEP ONTO BRITISH SOIL, FALLS FLAT ON HIS FACE. This was viewed as a bad omen by his crew, but he turned it into a good omen by saying he held the Brits in his hands or something. So, I got to draw a very fun, historically accurate, picture. Wow I have too much fun. 😀

And a special thank-you to Agent J for letting me put this on here. Hurray for internet websites!!

–Agent M


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